Yeast Dream Meaning

Yeast Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Yeast in the dream?

Yeast is the active ingredient in bread. Yeast allows the gluten to form strands of wonderful plump and gooey bread. Yeast infections are disgusting and if you dream about having one it indicates poor hygiene. See Hygiene.  Dreaming about yeast when you are a Christian means that you are a narcissist. 

To dream of yeast is a suspicion of something unexpected that is arriving to your labor life and that nobody imagines. The yeast in your dreams can represent the multiplication of yours family quickly in a pleasant and healthy atmosphere.

If you dream of the yeast of beer it symbolizes tradition in your habits, prosperity, creation and independence in your acts.

Dreaming of the yeast that is used to make bread you will be able to stop worrying on complex situations in your work since all they will be solved by you or for your colleagues.Yet, the dream about the yeast constitutes strength, vigor and an acceptable and appropriate health that you won’t deteriorate for a lot of time. You will even be able to eat not very healthy foods without problems.

Yeast serves to help dough rise. Think of yourself as the dough. Your dream means that you are going to grow.

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