Weaving Dream Meaning

Weaving Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Weaving in the dream?

To dream of weaving is a reminder of your last life or of nostalgic moments related with the family and the childhood. Weaving symbolizes to look at your life like a picture or a movie that you will enjoy of the way wide and total.

If you dream of weaving a sweater of white wool you will fight to calculate very well the form that you will assist the situation difficult of a relative.

Dreaming of waving a sweater of red cotton is omened an encounter or a party with the whole family very wanted a while ago by you.Of course, a dream of this type moves away difficulties but it attracts memories, sadness and nostalgias for the absentees, for the enjoyed adventures or the tranquility of other times. Everything it distant of the social status, of what was bought or ate in those times, erasing all the negative and sad of the recent past.

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