Waffle Dream Meaning

Waffle Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Waffle in the dream?

Waffles can mean one of two things. Either the dream pertains to something that is completely ridiculous or it has something to do with a tasty breakfast food. Neither one of these things means anything in dreams, but they are both fun to dream about. 

To dream of a waffle represents a desire or a necessity of your identity and family formation in a natural and cheerful way. A waffle symbolizes the satisfaction of receiving a kiss, a hug or a hot coffee to your bed every morning, more or less.

If you dream of a waffle hot with honey and butter you should be more loving and friendly with all your relatives.

Dreaming of a waffle cold with cream of milk seeks advice to be careful in the treatment with your couple in spite of the years of relationships and the daily problems.In such a manner, the dream about a waffle could advise or to guide routes, roads or behaviors mistaken that you should make how to judge or to rectify. To be friendly is universal and so necessary action as the salt of the earth and the light of the sun.

Dreaming about waffles shows you have to be more realistic with your thoughts in your waking life. It could also mean that you cannot make up your mind in important decisions. Furthermore it could signify that you need to be more confident and assertive with your ideas and thoughts.

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