Video Game Dream Meaning

Video Game Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Video Game in the dream?

Video games are representative of social endeavors that result not only in pleasure and fun, but also in great team work.

If you dream that you are playing or are a character in a video game it could very well mean that you are a great team member or will need to work with a team in order to accomplish something. Interestingly, dreaming about video games is very common when you have recently been playing them a lot.
If you have been playing a lot of video games recently it could mean that you are playing too much or are simply working out a solution to a game that you have been playing. In a scientific study several years ago a group of people hung out together and played tetris. They were all then sent to sleep in a common area. Sixty percent of them dreamed about tetris that night. 

To dream of a video game is a sign that means to convince or to achieve something in other people. A video game symbolizes to have the singular ability that near people make what you want or guide.

If you dream of a video game of war or of martial arts you will be very difficult that the colleagues support in something that needs.

Dreaming of a video game of questions and answers seeks advice wisdom when requesting something to your relatives the next month.Frequently, the dream about a video game allows that difficult many things are easy to you, even in the financial matters. This doesn’t exclude all the opposite being appreciated the development of a video game strange, not common or incomprehensible in a dream.

If you dream that you are part of the game symbolizes that you are powerless and others have command over your actions in life. Having a dream where you are engulfed in a video games signifies how you handle things in your waking life. Are you winning or losing? What type of game are you playing? If you are winning the game it suggests that you are capable of easily getting out of a situation; instead of going face to face with it. These dreams could be significant for you to control others for your own personal gain.

A video game

Video games in the dream world tend to represent certain aspects of your reality but either skewed or blown out of proportion. For example, a video game about war could point toward tension and stress caused by multiple battles you are fighting in wake life. Alternatively, a strategy or puzzle game may reveal your conscious mind’s attempts to solve a problem that has been bothering you for awhile.

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