Venus Dream Meaning

Venus Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Venus in the dream?

 When Venus visits your dreams she brings love and romance to your life. This can be a dream about your future romance and your relationships. Or, about the relationships currently in your life. Positive dreams of Venus bring positive messages for your love life and relationships. It is a message this is a good time to commit more deeply to the love of your life. Grow your relationship. It may even be time to create a new life with your partner. Is there someone in your life you dream of building a life with? This could be the right time to try.
If your dream is about arguing with Venus, this is a sign that you need to right the romantic wrongs to attract love back into your life. What have you done to another that could put your love life out of balance? You need to find new balance. You may need to make amends for the things you did wrong.

Maybe you cheated on your partner?
Dreaming of Venus can also be about close friendships and connections. Not everything is about romantic love. But, remember, when you ask Venus for help there will always be a price. Nothing in this world comes for free. What price are you prepared to pay?
Venus, along with being the planet from which women supposedly come, is also the planet that dictates matters of love and romance.

If you dream of the planet Venus or the goddess, it means that a femininity is about to enter into your life that will bring with it love and romance of the sort that will bring you very heady feelings that you might not be able to trust.
This does not mean that you will be wrong to follow them. Just be careful to pledge your undying devotion because this will likely be one of those times that the love is not long lasting. This is the type of love that burns bright, but for a short period of time.

Dreaming of the planet Venus represents feminine energies and attributes. Venus connects you to the highest point of love. In Astrology, Venus represents two main areas of our life, love and money.

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