Umbilical Cord Dream Meaning

Umbilical Cord Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Umbilical Cord in the dream?

The umbilical cord is the crucial organ through which an unborn baby receives all its nutrition during pregnancy. It is the vital and life-giving connection between the mother and the baby.

Dreaming of the umbilical cord indicates a deep connection with the person indicated in the dream, and a sense of dependency.
As the unborn baby is completely dependent on its mother through the umbilical cord for its very life, you feel completely dependent on the person you dream of being connected to via an umbilical cord. This dream symbol may also be indicative of an unhealthy level of dependency, especially if you dream of being your current age and having an umbilical cord. This throws into sharp relief the fact that you are not an unborn baby, and ought to be taking care of yourself rather than depending so much on others. For fetus, see Fetus. For uterus, see Uterus. 

To dream of an umbilical cord means the way to the life, the route of your personal aspirations or the purposes drifted by you per years. An umbilical cord symbolizes the conductive thread from your arrival to the life or the stamp of your own singularity.

If you dream of the umbilical cord of a baby in an ultrasonic image you will be able to plan very soon with comfort a personal change.

Dreaming of the umbilical cord of a baby that is cut by a midwife is omened a great step in your life that it will go to you to places unknown and incredible.In fact, the dream about the umbilical cord articulates and organizes the development of the dharma of a person in spite of setbacks and conflicts. All kinds of concern disappear with this premonition of strong content spiritual or mystic.

Dreaming of an umbilical cord symbolizes that problems with independency and attachment. You are worried about doing things on your own and so reply on others to help you out.

If the baby represents new growth and transition the cord is letting you know you are attached to something that belonged in the past or should have been let go.

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