TV Guide Dream Meaning

TV Guide Dream Meaning

What does it meaning TV Guide in the dream?

To dream of a TV guide represents the deep domain of near possibilities in daily matters as the personal expenses or the figures of the wage monthly. This includes being able to enjoy the meaning of options, facilities or plans that they will be manifested in the next days.

If you observe a TV guide of several pages and with pictures in white and black you will be able to specify with the boss the total volume of the wage of the next month.

Dreaming of a TV guide of few pages and with pictures in colors is omened the possibility of obtaining a road or route that it will allow to make an important decision in your family.In summary, the dream about a TV guide will facilitate to have clearing all the contingencies that will be manifested to you. It is a premonition that it will be able to be very useful to specify what to make and how with ideas or facts prospective or unexpected.

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