Tulips Dream Meaning

Tulips Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Tulips in the dream?

To dream of tulips means a new principle, to begin a change to improve things or to be very creative when transforming things.

If you dream of tulips of yellow color you will have a new work that will allow you to prosper quickly in only two years.

Dreaming of tulips of red intense color is omened the arrival to you of a boss that will make feel phenomenal and grateful of who will locate to you in the work. The tulips symbolize the honesty, the purity and the identification of your customs and of the education that you have received.However, this dream needs of a lot of observation to define the details very well as dream. Of being fresh and brilliant the tulips everything will be to your favor and if the tulips are withered they will point out just the opposite: losses, forgetfulness and sadness.

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