Travel Dream Meaning

Travel Dream Meaning

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What does it meaning Travel in the dream?

Dreaming of a travel to the beach in vacations is omened relaxation, good moments and positive energy for your person and for relative. A travel in a cruise in a dream symbolizes the necessity of freedom to create in these moments a new plane and project for the construction of a building in your municipality.

To dream of a travel of tourism to places of the antiquity commonly means your love for the universal history and your investigation.

If you dream of a travel to a distant mountain to climb it expresses your attraction for the risk, the adrenaline and the danger like time sport in time.It is not fair, to stop to mention a travel to the moon that would mean your bigger dream and your dearer challenge in the existence of your days for the earth. Truly, this interesting dream awake your imagination, doesn’t doubt it.

A dream about travelling is a message about expanding your horizons. Pay close attention to whether what you are doing while travelling is going ‘right’ or going ‘left.’ Often going right suggests habit – while going left can suggest a new way – or that you might explore the ‘road less traveled.’ You are exploring potential and opportunity by visiting places that might be classified as ‘foreign.’ If you are traveling by boat, you are taking stock of your feelings.

If by train, you have a sense that a course can be set that is leading you forward. By plane can symbolize exploring or changing your ambitions in some way. By car – you are getting at the root of your motivation

Traveling far away

Seeing yourself traveling far away in your dream is a good sign of success in your romantic or business-related endeavors.

Traveling far away

Experiencing a dream about traveling through dark unfamiliar terrain portends danger and severe illness.

Traveling through dark unfamiliar terrain

Dreaming about your friends, who are in a good mood and preparing for traveling signifies some pleasant and joyful changes which are about to happen in your life.

Friends preparing for a travel

Dreaming about looking at a traveling ship passing at a distance symbolizes a new man or woman you are about to meet, who will change the course of your life in some unpredictable ways.

Looking at a traveling ship

Experiencing unpleasant feelings in your dream which relate to the way you travel tells you about your subconscious mind taking over your consciousness, thus causing imbalance when you try to assess the way your life goes.

Unpleasant feelings while traveling

Seeing yourself traveling through a rocky terrain covered with vegetation is a sign of unexpected luck, which will soon be replaced by losses and disappointments you may experience.

Traveling through vegetated and rocky terrain

Having a dream about traveling through endless flowering fields, valleys or hills is a good sign of prosperity, wealth and happiness awaiting you in your life.

Traveling through flowering fields

Dreaming about yourself being a traveling missioner is a bad sign of facing difficulties and hardships you will have to struggle for a while in your life.

Being a traveling missioner

Seeing yourself communicating with a traveling missioner in your dream is a sign of getting acquainted with new people, for women this dream can also mean an unexpected but meaningful connection.

Talking with a traveling missioner

Dreaming about meeting a traveler is an unfortunate sign of not only a long and pointless trip, but also a cause of great spending you wouldn’t want to face.

Meeting a traveler

Experiencing a dream about traveling through mountainous area or hills covered with trees and shrubs is a good sign of upcoming prosperity and happiness.

Traveling through mountains

Dreaming about you traveling by car full of people foretells meeting interesting people and exciting adventures.

Traveling by car full of people

Having a dream when you feel sad and disappointed because your friends are gone to travel predicts periods of separation and loneliness because of someone missing in your life.

Missing someone because they are traveling

Dreaming about quickly and unexpectedly returning from your travel, which was originally planned to be long in duration predicts successful completion of enormous amount of work you have in mind.

Returning from a travel unexpectedly

Seeing yourself traveling from a place of departure to your final destination in your dream can be a sign of the need for performing certain mundane tasks. The travel experienced in your dream can be an indication of favorable or unfavorable circumstances you may need to face in order to accomplish these tasks.

Traveling from departure to arrival

Experiencing a dream about meeting strangers during your travel can be a sign of encountering rivals in your business or endeavors, or just friendly and nice people the company of whom you will enjoy immensely.

Meeting with strangers while traveling

Dreaming about encountering mystical or enigmatic things while traveling is a sign of taking advantage of some mysterious but helpful forces aiding you in achieving your goals, it can equally mean losing something you value very much.

Mystical things encountered while traveling

Experiencing a dream about yourself traveling while knowing where you are headed indicates new and exciting things in your life you are about to start doing.

Traveling to a known destination

Dreaming about traveling to an unknown place or uncertain destination is a sign of receiving a new offer or proposition which may dramatically change your life.

Traveling to an unknown destination

Having a dream about yourself traveling with somebody you are not familiar with is a warning that your life is filled with gossip and needless talks behind your back, so pay attention to people who you deal with on your daily basis.

Traveling with somebody you do not know

Having a dream about hiking as a means of travel is a sign that something you hold important has to be postponed for quite some time.

Traveling by hiking

Dreaming about traveling while using a car is a good sign of periods of sustained happiness and joyful existence you are about to face.

Traveling by car

Seeing yourself traveling by plane in your dream indicates short periods of happiness and joyful existence you are about to experience.

Traveling by plane

Experiencing a dream when you have to travel somewhere far away foretells changes in your financial situation.

If this travel was nice and enjoyable, these changes will be favorable, if the travel was difficult and unpleasant, expect some harsh and painful changes you have to go through.

Having to travel somewhere far

Seeing yourself in your dream traveling in time is an indication of your unhappiness with your present situation. You are striving to live in a more happy world but it takes more than a will to get to this point in your life.

Traveling in time

Dreaming about traveling through a jungle is a warning that you need to be wary about potential enemies or take care of your health to avoid possible illnesses which can have a serious impact on you.

Traveling through a jungle

Dreaming about traveling through a desert or mountains signifies a wide array of events and circumstances that can affect future developments in your life.

Traveling in desert or in mountains

Dreaming about yourself traveling alone in your car is a prediction of some interesting and exciting journey you are about to experience.

Traveling alone in your car

Dreaming about traveling far by sea when you are not sure about your final destination indicates a possibility of inheriting wealth from one of your relatives, distant or close.

Traveling far by sea

Dreaming about embarking on a distant travel with no set direction or destination is a symbol of happiness and joyful existence you are about to experience very soon.

Distant travel with no set direction

Dreaming about taking a cruise travel signifies a lack of romance and personal comfort in your daily life because you chose to structure your life to be mundane and monotonous.

Traveling on a cruise

Traveling with specific purpose or goals in your mind is a sign of influence you are about to exert on others which will help you solve your own issues or concerns.

Traveling with specific purpose

Dreaming about reaching a destination of your travel indicates achieving goals and aspirations in your life you have been working on for a long time.

Reaching your travel destination

Dreaming about traveling aimlessly or without any particular destination symbolizes accumulating experience, knowledge and discovering your hidden abilities and talents which will be helpful to you.

Traveling aimlessly

Dreaming about traveling at a slow pace is an indication of calm and long peaceful existence ahead of you.

Traveling slow

Dreaming about traveling fast by car, plane or other means shows your agility and outstanding ability to accomplish your goals, which will lead to success and admiration from others.

Traveling fast

Having a dream about your travel being interrupted predicts changes for the better in your life and great improvements in things that you are concerned with.

Travel interrupted

Dreaming about going back and traveling through the place where you were born or your native land is a sign of some disturbing and sad things that keep haunting you for quite some time.

Traveling to your motherland

Dreaming about yourself traveling through distant and foreign lands means that you are about to become a very important and irreplaceable part of someone’s life.

Traveling in foreign lands

Having a dream about being poor and unable to afford certain things while traveling is a prediction of great wealth and richness you will be blessed with soon.

Being poor while traveling

Having a dream about planning your travel symbolizes changes in your life that will change your career path or lifestyle either to your advantage, or to your disappointment.

Planning a travel

Seeing yourself returning from a distant travel can be an indication of your repentance towards sins and things you may be doing wrong in order to accomplish desires and needs you have in your life.

Returning from a travel

Seeing yourself traveling to a remote and unfamiliar area in your dream when you are afflicted with a serious illness may be a sign of death.

Traveling to a remote area if you are affected by illness

Experiencing a dream about traveling by boat signifies your search for answers affecting your existence by learning more about your subconscious being.

Traveling by boat

Seeing yourself starting your travel by leaving a seashore in your dream is a sign of disconnect and misunderstanding with the members of your family.

Starting to travel by leaving seashore

Experiencing a dream about ending your travel by leaving a ship foretells the end of some heavy ordeals or hardships you have been experiencing for quite a while.

Ending your travel by leaving a ship

Dreaming about traveling by ship and getting stuck in rocks or shallow waters or letting the ship drift in the open water symbolizes a period of stagnation, which may be a result of your laziness and indifference.

Traveling by ship and getting stuck

Having a dream about crossing a narrow channel while traveling by water is a sign of coming to your senses and selecting a better way to deal with your life, so it can fully benefit you.

Crossing a channel while traveling

Dreaming about night travel by sea signifies your internal fear of death and losing hope when you try to achieve your goals in life.

Night travel by sea

Seeing yourself being late to a bus or a train you are traveling on is a sign of unanticipated fatigue and tiredness, inability to keep up with the things going on around you.

Being late while traveling by bus or train

Seeing yourself in your dream traveling on a crowded bus indicates rising competition in your workplace and your fear of losing your current position because of this situation.

Traveling on a crowded bus

Seeing yourself being unable to pay for your travel expenses and arguing with your creditors predicts some issues in the practical sides of your life, which, although may seem trivial, may bring a lot of headaches and disappointments if you do not pay attention to them.

Being unable to pay for travel

Dreaming about taking a sharp right turn when you travel predicts some positive changes in your everyday life, such as getting a better job offer or getting back on track overall.

Taking a sharp right turn when traveling

Dreaming about traveling and ending up with a broken-down car symbolizes mental and physical inadequacies, such as unrealized sexual desires or strives to behave in an appropriate way.

Broken-down car while traveling

Dreaming about running out of fuel while traveling by a car is a sign of experiencing a misfortune or meeting with people who may bring you down for whatever reason.

Running out of fuel while traveling

Having a dream about traveling by car and realizing that the brakes are not working is a sign of absence of self-control and discipline in your life, which may cause you great troubles if not taken care of.

Traveling by car with no brakes

Dreaming about traveling with a crowd of people, for example in the car or train may be an indication that you are take on and try to accomplish a lot more than you can really handle.

Traveling with a crowd of people

Seeing yourself traveling with someone signifies you being preoccupied with getting married or starting a new romantic relationship or affair. The person you’re traveling with can signify the one you have a need to communicate with or resolve some long-standing issues with.

Traveling with someone

Dreaming about accidents while traveling can be an indication of your fear for something you did in the past, including some backfire resulting from romantic or sexual activities you were involved in.

Accidents while traveling

Seeing the time of your travel departure displayed right in front of your eyes is a sign of death within your close circles, such as family or friends.

Time of travel departure displayed

Seeing yourself traveling westward in your dream is an omen of death-related losses in your family or among your closest friends.

Traveling westward

Dreaming about yourself managing someone’s travel indicates your secret desires and longings to project your individuality and to be able to control your destiny by engaging the talents and abilities you were endowed with.

Managing travel for someone

Dreaming about somebody managing your travel or telling you where to travel signifies your dependence and submissive nature to what people around you tell you to do or to comply with.

Someone managing your travel

Dreaming about someone chasing or being after you while you travel symbolizes people in your life who take advantage of you by controlling your life and feeding on your energy to achieve their own goals at your expense.

Someone following you while you travel

Dreaming about yourself traveling far distances signifies upcoming periods in your life which you will experience as lived through in a short period of time, even though they may be lengthy, leading to some major changes you are about to experience.

Traveling far distances

Having a dream about selecting ways to travel when you are planning it is a sign of alternative strategies or actions you are about to adopt in order to deal with situations and circumstances facing you at the moment.

Choosing a way to travel

Experiencing a dream about you traveling on high or low roads symbolizes idealistic or egotistic ways you will be trying to adopt in order to cope with the reality, respectively.

Traveling on high or low roads

Seeing yourself standing before separating ways while you traveling signifies leaving someone who used to be a big part of your life or saying goodbye to your old habits.

Faced with separating ways during travel

Seeing yourself standing at crossroads while you travel in your dream signifies being able to deal successfully with opposing sides or make two conflicting situations come together to resolve themselves in a way that is beneficial to you.

Crossroad during travel

Experiencing a dream when you are returning back to your travel from a temporary rest or a break means that new events are about to occur in your life.

Getting back to your travel

Dreaming about a deadlock or a complete halt while traveling is a warning that the way you live your life can be a road to nowhere with nothing serious to accomplish or to look for.

Coming to a deadlock during your travel

Having a dream about traveling on the road that goes uphill indicates tensions in communicating with other people or in your sexual life, which can cause a lot of distress or discomfort for you.

Traveling up the hill

Dreaming about traveling using a bike or a scooter is a symbol of your virility, youthfulness and predominance of instincts, rather than emotions, guiding your life.

Traveling by bike or scooter

Dreaming about yourself watching someone traveling by train from the side signifies your tendency to be very passionate in sexual activities and placing a great emphasis on sex in your life.

Watching someone traveling by train

Experiencing a dream about missing your train when you are traveling reveals your fear toward some changes in your life, which can be very important and meaningful to you.

Missing the train while traveling

Seeing yourself trying to leave the train while you travel in your dream is a sign of being fearful and uncertain when you set your goals, it is a symbol of trying to evaluate trade-offs or back out from dreams and aspirations you previously established for yourself.

Trying to leave the train while traveling

Seeing yourself leaving the train during your travel in your dream can equally mean regressive traits you have or some positive progress you are making in your life.

Leaving the train during travel

Being faced with one way traffic or a path while traveling signifies monotonous existence and routine behavior present in your life.

One-way traffic or path during travel

Preparing for a trip, such as packing your bags or organizing your itinerary, means you are headed for success. The travel preparation refers to your skills and experience which will help you achieve your goals. This favorable prophecy of prosperity is typically associated with career advancement as well as financial prosperity. However, if your destination is clearly defined in your REM sleep as a resort or vacation place, then it means you are getting ready to settle down and commit to your current significant other.

Preparing to travel

Dreaming about embarking on a distant travel with no set direction or destination is a symbol of happiness and joyful existence you are about to experience very soon.

If you found yourself traveling across distant foreign lands or countries in a dream, this could mean that you are about to become a very important and irreplaceable part of someone’s life.

Traveling to other countries

Although in-flight problems did not occur during the dream, their possibility was present in the dream as the emergency sign suggests. Having technical problems on an airplane or anticipating a malfunction during a flight could symbolize dispersion. You could be spreading yourself thin over an excessive multiplicity of simultaneous plans and projects. This would cause a lot of disorganization and distress in your life and hinder the accomplishment of your objectives. Urination is a very intimate and personal process. Visions related to public urination, as with the signs displayed on the plane seats, could represent some potential feelings of shame or fear. You could be feeling ashamed for not being able to finish your projects on time or fear potential negative consequences. Although you would think that it would not happen to you, you could be prone to such experiences. These would be natural and ordinary reactions to your situation. Anyone could experience these emotions. Alternatively, someone could be trying to exert control over you, interfere with your life or demand your undivided attention. You would feel you wanted to flee. Urination would be the failed attempt to escape existing danger. The dream could be alerting you about this possibility. In the context of the entire dream, you could be going through a phase in life when you (and your peers, as the last part of this dream suggests) are under a lot of pressure. This pressure might be caused by someone who has a lot of power and authority over you.

Concerned about safety while on airplane and notes about urinating written on seats

This dream vision by your friend about inviting you to travel to a conference together with them can be interpreted in two possible ways. One of them speaks of the possibility that you are about to experience a noticeable spike in productivity related to your workplace performance or for an activity you are currently working on by yourself, independent of others. In a sense, you could say that the vision of a conference for your friend serves as a signal for them to be wondering why you would be performing so well. The second possibility could be represented by a serious step or major decision you are about to make, which may surprise your friends, it could be the announcement you would soon share with them regarding your love life, your current partner or someone you have in your life as a companion.

Going to a conference with a friend

Dreaming about seeing yourself getting off the train at a train station could be a sign of upcoming major changes in your life. You may receive offer for a new job which could involve serious challenges and new duties which you have not had before. The vision of your loved one who did not follow you could mean that your current family life or relationship with the person you loved could be impacted in a way that could prevent you from seeing each other as often or even start living separately for some time, for example because of the need to relocate or move away.

Getting off the train and leaving loved one behind

Having a dream about crying together with other people who were wearing black funeral clothes or mourning about someone passing away predicts bad news, which you are about to hear, and which may greatly disappoint you.

If you perceived being in the Dominican Republic in this dream as exotic travel or something you do not do on a regular basis, this vision suggests that you should not take too much responsibility or undertake too many tasks all at once. Your skills and abilities may allow you to handle the challenges, but you may be spreading yourself too thin in the process or perform poorly. Just take on what you can handle well. This interpretation does not reveal whether these two possible meanings are interconnected.

Mourning about someone while traveling

Having problems with your luggage such as losing it inside an airport or leaving it behind somewhere refers to existing or emerging issues among your family members. You could be distressed with concerns involving loved ones, maybe due to misunderstanding, disagreements about money matters or long absences from home due to work overload. The notion of leaving your luggage at home in another dream has strong indications that these issues are either gradually becoming persistent and more difficult to solve, or that you are intending to address them soon in order to improve this situation.

Leaving luggage behind

Dreaming about being in school suggests there may be some negative circumstances in your life that are dragging you down, and you probably feel tired, stressed, or disappointed. The other major sign in this dream, ordering and drinking whiskey, represents some darker aspects of your personality, namely being selfish and taking advantage of others. This means that, if it suits you, you tend to use others for your own gain and do not consider their feelings.

If you have not been able to successfully do this (and, as a result, have been unable to meet your personal goals), it may be the cause of your frustrations. The desert and island imagery indicates you have been considering making a change in your life. This could be related to your behavior towards others, but, more likely, is related to your daily routine and schedule.

If you do plan to move forward with this change, you should consider doing so in a way that does not put others in a tight place and does not require them to cater to unreasonable expectations.

Being on an island and offered a drink

The two biggest symbols in this dream are the railroad tracks and the large body of water. Seeing a lot of water indicates increasing opportunities. You may find that more doors are opening up for you or that you are on the verge of getting your lucky break. Railroad tracks are also a positive sign indicating achieving success, meeting your goals, and becoming prosperous. Taking full advantage of the options available to you could allow you to lead a happy, fulfilled life.

Driving and seeing strange holes filled with water

The symbolic visions of a traveling by plane and being under the sea surface in the same dream speak of lost opportunities or failed expectations. You could be pursuing something at the moment which you think is worth doing or deserves your time and effort. However, most likely, this endeavor is going leave you flabbergasted and wishing you could have spent time on more productive and rewarding outcomes or experiences. You subconsciously anticipate that people will not be happy with what you set as your goal, this is why you perceived the members of your family laughing at you.

Ending up in the sea while traveling by plane

Symbolically, the images of having to choose a road to travel by is a reflection of your recent mistakes you may have made in regards to some important decision or choice. A Titan truck, regardless whether you own and drive it or not, is an indication of your forceful and straightforward approaches to tackle issues. However, burning bridges behind and leaving those who once mattered in your life unhappy is making a tremendous negative imprint on your psyche, which may soon bring you to a state when you would feel regretful, ostracized by and difficult to be around with those you placed in this situation.

Choosing the wrong road to follow

This is a very complicated dream with a number of interesting symbols. The first challenge you faced during the course of your dream adventure was a wild horse, which predicts being in an uncontrollable or precarious place in your life. This means there are issues that have yet to be settled, and home and work life are likely to become unpredictable at best. The fire which spreads despite your efforts to put it out represents news that travels quickly. By the time it gets to you, it has probably been shared by many, suggesting that you may be the last to learn about some critical but unexpected information. Finally, lost keys symbolize involvement in less than legal undertakings, so it seems someone you know may be getting into trouble without you knowing about this. Whatever this person has been engaged in, it may seriously affect your life. However, you may only learn of what has happened after it is too late to do anything. It would be wise, if things have not already come to a head, to do what you can to mitigate potential damage and protect yourself.

Mishaps and strange occurrences while traveling

Riding in a car is often symbolic of your journey in life. In this case, finding yourself close to where you started may be a manifestation of your feelings about your life at the moment, namely that you have not gone as far as your expected or hoped. While this may seem a bit negative, the rest of the dream has a rather positive meaning. Water usually represents opportunity and growth, indicating your big chance to get ahead may be just around the corner. Additionally, the image of the dragonfly is an auspicious sign associated with wealth and a beneficial marriage.

If you are not in a relationship, you may find an ideal partner soon, but if you are already married, your partner may suddenly come into some extra money which an alleviate some of your stress and worry.

Driving in a wrong direction and ending up at a lake

Images of being on a train which is moving at a great speed in a dream are reflective of enormous progress you have been making on something important to you, most likely work-related. You could be heading to a period of time in your life characterized by head-spinning success because of your outstanding performance and determination. However, the images of other people and you going through painful experiences while riding the train signify your tendency to achieve your goals by laying your established relationships with others on the line and making them feel uncomfortable. This could be equally true for your coworkers, teammates or even members of your family.

Traveling very fast on a train with others

Planning to travel by bus and waiting for it to arrive symbolically represent your desire to meet someone who truly gets you. This could be a soulmate or a good friend you can rely on even in the darkest of times. However, forgetting or losing the ticket for one of your children suggests you may not be in the right time or place for this to occur.

Losing a ticket to travel by bus

This dream of flying in an airplane means that you are about to pursue a long-standing dream. You may soon take those first steps in realizing this dream. This flight to the United States reflects your aspirations and desire for a change of pace. It is possible that you feel the need to leave behind your past in order to move forward. Your fellow passengers in the dream may be symbolic of parts of yourself. For instance, the housewife could be your domesticated side and the young girls refer to your youth. While leaving certain things behind, some parts of yourself will be carried on to this new phase or your journey. There are risks involved in every journey, but based on the tone of your dream, this one is more hopeful than daunting.

Traveling on a plane and enjoying the view of Paris

Dreaming that you are trying to get on a plane so you can go back home but are ultimately unable to do so portends certain problems that may cause you to lose faith in the people around you. Such trust issues could be a result of being deceived by someone whom you would have considered a friend under normal circumstances. This distrust could become a permanent part of your personality if you let it dominate, which would, in turn, make others less likely to seek your company.

Having difficulty returning from some unknown place

Getting off at the wrong stop could mean a wrong decision or a mistake. The train ride reflects your personal journey and repeatedly stopping at the wrong station, prompting you to go back to the initial platform, seems to suggest a lesson that needs to be learned. Perhaps the dream is telling you not to make the same mistakes over and over, otherwise you may end up in a pattern that hinders your path to any semblance of success. Alternatively, the wrong stop may not necessarily be a mistake but it could be a choice that would lead you to stagnation or a career that does not suit you. Your choices would end up defining your future, so circumspection is paramount in your decision.

Being confused with the train stations

Riding a bicycle during the course of a dream vision is often thought to represent the dreamer’s personality. In this case, it suggests you are still a kid at heart despite some of the trials you may have been through. On the one hand, it shows vivacity and youthfulness. On the other hand, however, it can point towards episodes of childishness and selfishness. Gold rings, by themselves, are usually considered the manifestation of help in time of need, so taking the rings without permission could show that you rely on others too much, possibly during situations which you could easily handle on your own. The sudden flood, then, predicts that you could find yourself in hot water if you do not learn to take care of things on your own.

On a bicycle and seeing flood

Trains in dreams represent the movement of your personal journey. Those who dream of trains are typically organized and systematic in their day-to-day lives. In the same way, you may have a tendency to be a control freak in all aspects of your personal and professional endeavors. To find out in the dream that the train is going in the wrong direction suggests that your reality may be headed for the wrong turn. You need to pause, look back, reassess and review your aims, goals and priorities in order to appropriately set them right towards a correct direction. Failing to do so now may become a major issue down the road.

Going in a wrong direction while on a train

Dreaming about taking a ride on a ferry and feeling uncomfortable could be the manifestation of your character, namely that you become bored easily or need constant mental stimulation. This is especially apparent in your love interests. You may not like to stay in the same relationship too long or dislike being in a relationship altogether. Your worries in the vision represent much the same in wake life. You could fear ending up alone or that you may never find “that special one”. While you may not be interested in what life has to offer as far as your current prospects are concerned, the future is sure to hold new and interesting experiences for you.

Being concerned about riding on a ferry

This dream reveals your ambitious nature. The airplane alludes to the kind of heights of success you wan to reach. Having an assistant in the dream is a kind of wish fulfillment of being able to attain a position of power. Going somewhere hints at going places in the real world: places of privilege, power and high-flying ambitions. Similarly, the Mercedes dream sequence further solidifies your optimism to become successful and self-confident. You are focusing on your career goals and that looks to be your main priority at the moment.

Leaving an airport in a luxury car

The bus trip in your dream reflects your personal journey in reality. The rough road signals the beginning of new projects or getting involved with new endeavors. This likely alludes to career development or financial issues. Achieving stability from your jobs or new ventures would take up a lot of your time and energy, but it would be worth all the stress and irritation they may cause while pursuing them. Meanwhile, the formal shoes you find while waiting for the bus to be repaired hint at another new direction or new path you would be taking. The waiting time in the dream means going down this new path requires careful considerations because it would involve a major commitment, possibly referring to marriage in your future.

Traveling by bus and finding shoes

A road trip in dreams often reflects your journey in the waking world. As such, being asleep during the duration of this road trip reflects your tendency to let others steer the direction of your everyday existence. You may be inclined to let your parents or peers decide for you. This passive and people-pleasing attitude may lead you to the kind of existence which could soon make you unhappy or feeling unfulfilled. So, your anger and frustration towards the end of the vision reveals your realization that you need to start taking charge of your fate and be more proactive and independent.

Being asleep during a road trip

Dreaming about flying on a plane has negative connotations. It points towards some rash decisions you may have made in your waking life which could negatively affect you financially. This negativity is further reinforced by the image of you descending using the steps. It could be considered a warning that you need to tread with caution because going down the steps generally represents slow progression towards misfortune. However, the powerful symbolism of the sapphire ring points to endeavors in the future which would bear fruit. Thus it would be in your best interest to take baby steps regarding any financial decisions and to postpone any major changes whatever they may be in the time to follow this dream vision.

Exiting an airplane with daughter

Plans of travels unraveling in the dream world are likely a reflection of your desire for a change of pace and new experiences. In that sense, the man represents fresh perspectives and innovative ideas for your upcoming projects. You are fully prepared to step out of your comfort zone. And because a German Shepherd dog is often associated with loyalty and protection, you may have someone in your life right now, whether a colleague or a partner, who has always been reliable and a source of comfort. This person would support you in exploring new opportunities and expanding your worldview.

Being convinced to travel to Africa

Traveling happily in a vehicle together with your wife suggests domestic bliss. You are in it for the long haul with her and looking forward to your journey together. It is also an optimistic dream vision as the movement indicates your desire to move forward towards your goals as individuals and as life partners.

Traveling with wife

Leaving a hotel may represent a current physical or mental state that you are in. It can indicate that you have physically moved locations or that you have moved on from some event or emotion that was bothering you. The destination of the temple is very telling, as it reveals you have not fully made peace with your decision to move on yet. While you are going through the process and believing everything is for the better, deep in your heart not all is well. Therefore, by seeking the temple your subconscious is trying to find clarity and assurance. Being splashed with mud may show that not everyone you know is on your side. There are probably some enemies in existence causing you problems behind your back or spreading nasty rumors. Your inability to wash the mud off suggests their efforts would be effective, and you could suffer at their hands. Being refused to sail in the boat at the end of the vision may predict that you cannot yet be free of the troubles that plagued your past. You would have to go back and face the problems head on before any real progress can be made.

Searching for a temple and no one helping

Not being able to reach the desired destination in a dream is highly symbolic. It suggests your friend is having great difficulties bringing his plans to fruition. The destination is the manifestation of whatever goal he is hoping to achieve, so this vision represents his futile efforts in making those dreams a reality. He may need to change his method for achieving those goals or abandon them in favor of more attainable ones.

Unable to reach desired destination

Rushing to get to your flight and running up and down stairs and ladders to get there has two meanings. First, it reveals some difficulty fitting in with friends or colleagues, suggesting you have trouble forming deep bonds on relying on those around you. Second, it also portends difficulty reaching your goals or making dreams come true. In this case, it seems your desire is to form those deeper bonds with friends or to establish and maintain a romantic relationship with someone. Furthermore, being asked on a date by a band member shows how necessary physical and emotional connections are for you. It may take time to develop strong relationships, but it would be worth the extra effort.

Trying to get on a flight

Dreaming of places from your childhood reveals nostalgia. Perhaps the road represents a period in your life which was free from worries and responsibilities. The state of your current existence, characterized by various duties and commitments, may be becoming overwhelming and your desire to escape is taking you back to that idealized time in your mind.

Maybe you are also trying to reconnect with your past as a way of coming to terms with loose ends and childhood issues.

Driving on a road from childhood

The anticipated cruise trip in your dream represents a relaxing and worry-free existence for you and your family, especially with your two daughters. This could also be a goal that you are aiming for in order to provide for your loved ones. However, being indebted to somebody and worried that you would not be able to pay back points to your apprehensions regarding your obligations to your parents and the rest of the family. They may have helped you out during rough and uncertain periods in your existence, hence you feel the need to pay them back.

Maybe you still struggle sometimes and those are the times when you doubt yourself and you fear that you would disappoint your family.

Worried about being late for the trip

Traveling in dreams alludes to success and progress. Therefore, dreaming that your father is traveling could symbolize a promotion or a successful undertaking in his future. On the other hand, travel can also be interpreted as distance and departure. Perhaps you are afraid of losing bond or connection with your father because of his busy schedule and other commitments.

Father traveling

Traveling to another country in this dream suggests there would be an improvement in the work-related aspect of your life. You may soon experience much more favorable developments and respect at your job, which would cause coworkers and superiors to seek your input on business decisions or any other important projects. Your ideas and plans would also be received very well and appreciated. However, this happy period is not likely to last long. The specific dates remembered from this vision could mean that something less fortunate is about to happen, most likely on the days you focused your attention on.

Receiving an invitation to travel

The bus trip in your dream reflects your personal journey in reality. It is likely that you feel that others have more control over the direction you are headed than you do. Your nakedness, in this case, seems to reference a relationship of an unsavory nature. It is possible that your involvement with this individual is the reason why you do not have as much control as you should. You are at their mercy either because they are holding something over you or because you are not yet ready to admit there is a problem. However, covering yourself with the newspapers at the end of the vision may mean you are ready to move on and take charge of your life.

Being naked on the bus

Your presence at the airport in this vision suggests your current life and day to day affairs are rather busy compared to before. You probably are feeling a bit stressed and under pressure to get things done. This is supported by the image of the rugged, rundown luggage, a sign associated with being mentally preoccupied due to a busy lifestyle. This may be the result of work or social engagements, however, traveling with a third party may mean the source of your troubles is related to gossip or difficult relations. This is also seen in your focusing on the smeared red lipstick you wore, representing words that smear a reputation or start hurtful rumors. It is possible you are not only a victim but perhaps a participant as well. The end of the vision contains a bit of a warning, as being taken to a nursing home implies that continuing to take part in this could lead to more unfortunate circumstances as time passes.

Traveling and ending up at the old folks home

Being at an airport and about to board a plane in the dream world refers to exciting adventures on the horizon. You may soon be offered a new opportunity or the chance to try something really interesting and different from your day to day existence. However, by trying something new, you may find that you are not the same person you were before. In a sense, by exploring new cities or trying new tasks, you may go through a bit of an identity crisis. This is seen both in the idea of the fake passport and the similar face therein. You may be able to reconcile these differences through self-reflection and meditation, but it would take time to come to terms with the new you.

Having a fake passport

The funeral of a former lover represents your willingness to make peace with your past, tie loose ends and get rid of personal baggage. You are now ready to put your fondness and feelings for her to rest. The hostel represents a transition or a new phase in your life which you are about to enter. This is likely the reason for reminiscing and confronting past regrets as well as coming to terms with missed opportunities. You finally realize these are the things that are holding you back from living a fuller life with your wife. This also means that you are mourning the end of a chapter in your life.

Traveling to a funeral of someone from the past

Reunions, such as a family reunion, represent unresolved issues and past events that are haunting you until now. Your subconscious is telling you to look to your past for valuable lessons because these insights would help you navigate the tumultuous time ahead. In particular, the lion you saw from the cliff means your ambitions are threatening to destroy you. In your desire to achieve your goals, you risk losing your way and losing yourself in the process. So the only way for you to remain grounded and in control of your situation is to flee from worldly temptations and renew your faith. Staying connected to your family and the important people in your life would help you prioritize and keep things in perspective.

Traveling to a family reunion and a lion

A runaway train, such as a train that is off-track or when it is out of control, is actually a very positive dream symbol often referring to head-spinning success. You are going to enter a period of high energy and movement during which your undertakings would take off or be completed in record time. Your focus and determination would be in an all-time high, so take advantage of this fortuitous period to make a lot of headway in your personal and professional obligations. Since the train runs out of steam in your dream, then it means this fast-paced stretch would eventually come to an end.

If you make the right choices and take advantage of the opportunities, then the seeds you sow during this time would pay off even after this favorable phase ends.

Being inside a runaway train

The dog in the dream reveals your fondness for your family. You want them to be comfortable and secure. The hammock also suggests you want you and your family to relax. Fortunately, the empty house actually alludes to financial gain as well as a fresh start. Something is about to happen that would shake up your household for the better. Whether it is financial gain or brand new opportunity, the suitcases on the floor refer to travel. With this opportunity, you can take your family to new places for a vacation or a change of scenery which would help all of you recover from the stresses of the daily grind.

Daughter’s dog and people traveling

Seeing a homeless man in dreams is a personal reminder to appreciate what you have, especially the people who are closest to you. You are focusing on other matters, like work and selfish interests, that you tend to forget to show your love and appreciation to your loved ones. So the search for a map actually symbolizes your plan to make it up to your friends and family. You want them to know how much you value them, but you do not know where to start. You could start with thoughtful gifts to let them know you are paying attention. Similarly, being naked during this journey reveals your ineptitude when it comes to affection. You need to find your soft spot and learn how to show some vulnerability to bring your loved ones closer to you. This way, the people who love and support you will also feel like they can get the same unconditional love from you.

Traveling with a homeless person

A dream imagery in which numerous kittens appear to cover your body could be an indication of surrounding annoyance due to a range of unfavorable circumstances or negative events. It can also refer to a situation in which you would have to handle people who would be exceedingly difficult to be with until you find a way to distance them from your life. However, seeing yourself happy in this situation predicts that you will receive relief and pleasurable moments in the future. These two signs combined indicate that you would solve the issues brought about by events or people bothering you and find great relief and peace of mind after all.

Kittens on the train

Dreaming of being on a flight with strangers depicts an upcoming struggle. This imagery usually portends possible loss or failure. You may have to postpone projects instead of delivering something half-baked or wait for more favorable conditions to implement your plans. Going into the tunnel indicates dissatisfaction with your job. You could be feeling unmotivated and this is contributing to the lack of developments or growth in certain aspects of your life. Fortunately, the lamps symbolize hope and enlightenment. Despite the struggle to stay afloat and stay focused on your goals, you will find reasons to remain steadfast no matter how hard it can get. Slow and steady movement is better than not trying at all.

Going into a tunnel while on a plane

To understand this vision, we should consider the symbols in reverse of their appearance in the dream. Missing your flight represents some major impediments to your plans in reality. This could be due to any number of issues, but other signs in your vision suggest the difficulties you face are financially related. Your rush to pack your bags suggests transition or change. The nice hotels you stayed at represent prosperity, while having to travel with your family represents loss. Perhaps you have enough money for your daily needs but lack funds for some extra project or possession. There are a number of ways for this to be resolved. Coming to terms with your situation and putting your plans on hold could alleviate some of the pressure you feel. Alternatively, you may be lucky and earn some extra money that allows you to do as you wish.

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