Transformation Dream Meaning

Transformation Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Transformation in the dream?

If you dream that you are having a transformation in your life it typically means that something is changing to you in a more metaphysical way. Perhaps you are becoming more self-aware. It could also mean that you have hit and are passing a major milestone in your life. Perhaps you have recently graduated from college. Regardless of what changes are taking place, they almost always represent good tidings. 

Because many people think of the risks of a transformation in their physique this type of dream it denounces a change not wanted or that it causes total dissatisfaction.

To dream of a transformation means the change of the appearance and the physical dignity or of the personal image.

If you dream of a transformation in your face or abdomen you should protect with seriousness and continuously your daily diet.

Dreaming of a transformation in your buttocks or legs is expressed the urgent necessity of maintaining a physical activity permanent.Sometimes, this dream alerts of the importance of watching over the health with the improvement of the quality of life, the consumption of organic foods and of the physical exercise. It is a premonition that it advises moderation in the handling of the physical identity and the age.

Your unconscious mind is letting you know that you will be on a new level spiritually and you will experience new beginnings. What was transforming in your dream? Was the process good or bad?  This would help you understand how you might deal with the new change of birth.

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