Traffic Dream Meaning

Traffic Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Traffic in the dream?

To dream of the traffic is something fascinating since it is related with the history, with moments of last times or with very exciting trips. The traffic symbolizes adventure, change, challenge or to follow a route or road until arriving to the destination.

If you dream of the traffic of a freeway you will solve the interpretation of a map of your community.

Dreaming of the traffic of a street of a great city is alerted to maintain all their attention when opening a box of your grandparents kept a while ago.Just so, this type of dream will solve some doubt or he/she will narrate a matter linked to the history of the family or of its origins. This way, it stimulates the cooperation to know more about your people dearer and their adventures in the life.

Saving children while in street traffic

The abundance of symbols in your dream reflects your confused state of mind. There may be a lot going on right now and you cannot quite process everything at the same time. The most salient symbols seem to reveal your altruistic nature. For instance, the traffic lights denote delay, while saving the kids from a cesspit suggests selflessness and generosity. In a sense, while you like helping your loved ones overcome their problems, this tendency to put other people’s needs ahead of your own may be resulting in your lack of personal and professional development.

Maybe you are at a point in your existence when you want to prioritize your needs for a change you subconsciously long for.

Saving children while in street traffic

Big and heavy-duty vehicles like trucks are metaphors for being overworked. This may be a recurring theme in your dream visions because you have a tendency to take on a lot of tasks and responsibilities even when you can no longer handle more workload. Furthermore, the road refers to your life path and how you navigate your way around problems that arise. As such, the wider road in the previous dream could mean that you had more control over your problems, possibly because you still had enough mental and physical energy to tackle them. Unfortunately, you cannot keep carrying such heavy burdens all on your own because as your second dream suggests, it would eventually wear you down. There is nothing wrong with asking for help, especially if you know that forcing yourself to perform when you are not in tip-top shape could cause irreversible damage to your overall well-being.

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