The dream test

Dream Interpretation of Test

What is your level of oneiric lucidity? Are you a distant, realist, or lucid dreamer? With this test you can discover how you relate with your dreams and the degree of importance you place in them.

  1. Do you usually remember your dreams?
    a) Almost never.
    b) Only when one makes a strong impression.
    c) Pretty frequently.
  2. What do you remember from these episodes?
    a) An isolated image.
    b) Concrete scenes, not always defined.
    c) I remember quite a few details of what happened.
  3. What are the images like?
    a) Always in black and white.
    b) Sometimes black and white, sometimes in color.
    c) Always in color.
  4. Who is the protagonist?
    a) A third person.
    b) Sometimes I’m the observer, sometimes the protagonist.
    c) I’m almost always the protagonist.
  5. Are you conscious of what you’re doing?
    a) No, the dream dictates my movements.
    b) Only in certain moments.
    c) Yes, I’m conscious of my actions.
  6. Are the settings of the episodes very detailed?
    a) No, they are vague and undefined.
    b) I recognize the places but don’t notice much detail.
    c) Yes, exactly like real life.
  7. Do you notice strange or incoherent elements?
    a) No, while I’m dreaming everything seems normal.
    b) I notice some incoherencies: doors or windows where they shouldn’t be, people who change roles, distortion of measurements and perspective, etc.
    c) Yes, that’s how I realize I’m dreaming.
  8. Do you have the power to change the course of the dream?
    a) Never.
    b) In certain moments—for example, at the critical point of a nightmare—I can interrupt the episode.
    c) Yes, sometimes I have autonomy to decide my movements inside the dream.
  9. Do you sometimes dream that you wake up, only to realize later you were still asleep?
    a) Never.
    b) Sometimes.
    c) Often.
  10. Can you determine the theme of the dream?
    a) Never
    b) Very rarely.
    c) Yes, if I’m very interested in something concrete.

Points: A: 0 points B: 1 point C: 2 points

Less than 10 points

Your relationship with dreams is distant. You experience the episodes as if they were blurry images or sensations. In order to deepen your oneiric journeys it may be very helpful to write a journal.

From 10 to 20 points

You are a “realist” dreamer. The scenes in your dreams are pretty solid, although not lucid. If you want to improve the quality of your dreams, you can practice meditation before sleeping.

More than 20 points

You may be a lucid dreamer. You have an advanced level of consciousness during the episodes, so you can travel through them almost at will. You are prone to have premonitory dreams or communicate with other people in dreams.