Tattoo Dream Meaning – 40 Interpretations for dreams about tattoos

Tattoo Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Tattoo in the dream?

Tattoo Dream Meaning: Tattoos, unsurprisingly, have as many meanings as there are tattoos. In order to understand what a specific tattoo means is to either find the symbol of the tattoo in a respectable book on symbology or to understand what it means from the emotion or feeling that it gave you in the dream.

If dream about getting a tattoo it means that there is something in your current life that is going last until you die.

To dream that your body has a tattoo means a topic of your company that requires urgent solution and that it will coordinate with the colleagues to save time and resources. A tattoo symbolizes something that will need immediate attention or a conflict that it could separate you of friends and family.

If you dream of a tattoo that an unknown person has in her right arm you should be very exact when solving a complex responsibility in your work.

Being tattooed in the dream realm often reveals a need to move your physical location in order to accomplish something important to you, such as moving up in your career or attending lessons to advance your education. The toenail, however, suggests that in the process of such moving you would be upsetting the balance in your relationships. For instance, you may have a good support network now, but moving would separate you from those who can help guide and positively influence you. You would need to carefully consider if this sacrifice is worth pursuing your dreams.

Dreaming of a tattoo that a well-known person has in her left arm is omened the execution of important changes in the sport fields of your community.Of course, to see a tattoo in a very near relative to you offers to you a warning, a sign or a premonition of something that will happen around you and of the one that should go away. As you know, a warning is always something educational and oriented that you should interiorize deeply.

Something in your waking life might have left an impression on you will last forever. Tattoos can be seen as something that remains permanent in your life, it can show on your skin meaning exposed to everyone. What image that was found on the body is symbol to what will be seen by others.

Like the label, having a tattoo is clear way of advertising your character. Even if you would not have a tattoo in real life, dreaming of having a tattoo shows how you are ‘wearing something on your shirtsleeve.’ The symbol or design and the part of the body that is tattooed can portray information about the side of you that requires expression and acknowledgement.

Tattoos on your body

Envisioning your body covered in tattoos when you do not have any in wake life suggests you would need to leave your hometown or where you are currently living in order to achieve your dreams. For example, you may need to live in a dorm in order to attend university or you may need to stay abroad for an extended period of time due to business requirements. On the other hand, seeing a new tattoo on your body alongside other tattoos you already have in wake life may predict not thinking about the results of your actions before setting things in motion. You may do something unwise or offensive because of your lack of foresight.

Tattoos on someone’s body

Looking at or admiring the tattoos which adorn another person’s body may actually allude to the fact that others in wake life are being jealous or unnaturally obsessed with you. In a sense, your fascination with the designs reflect what you are experiencing in wake life, even if you are not consciously aware of it. These acquaintances or friends may be justified in their feelings of envy, although it would be unwise to provoke or taunt them. Alternatively, this same symbol can be associated with poor self-esteem and a lack of confidence in both your looks and character, suggesting you desire others to admire you with the same ardor as you show in the vision.

Getting a tattoo

Getting a tattoo during the course of a dream vision, whether it is a short trip for a simple design or an intricate piece that seems to take hours, may reflect your tendency to not think before you act. Your friends, family and loved ones could become frustrated with your behavior and stop associating with you.

If this happens, you would likely feel much regret and loneliness.

Body completely covered by tattoos

Becoming covered from head to toe with various ink designs and tattoos, when you do not have any in wake life, may be the manifestation of your workaholic tendencies. More specifically, this symbol reflects your consistent lack of attention to relationships, your health and other areas of your life in favor of your career. While this may help you get ahead in that field, your lack of care and attention would lead to a growing imbalance and, eventually, a complete collapse of your lifestyle. This vision may be a warning from your subconscious, then, to re-examine what you truly need in your life.

A stranger with tattoos

Dreaming about a stranger with tattoos, whether you meet this person in passing or have a lengthy conversation with them, may predict a budding romance between you and someone in your group of friends. While this person could have expressed their emotions fairly clearly, it is possible you have yet to give them a straightforward response to confirm or deny your interest. It is likely that your noncommital words and actions are due to traditional values or current responsibilites which you feel may cause more trouble later. However, these ideas may need to be re-examined if you would like to pursue a relationship with this individual.

Tattoos as artwork

Envisioning tattoos as art or admiring a tattoo as though it was artwork could represent how boring you find a particular friendship or how tedious it is interacting with certain individual you see on a daily basis. Through this unusual perception of beauty and skill, your mind may be telling you that it is time to find a way to improve your interactions, either by incorporating flirtation or trying to broaden the topics discussed. An alternative meaning for the symbol could predict meeting a famous celebrity or other well-known figure in society. This interaction could leave a big impression on you and change the way you think about this individual.

A tattoo in general

In some cases, a tattoo by itself may portend being involved in a trial or put in jail, whether or not you are actually at fault. On the other hand, persistent dreams centered around the idea of tattoos may simply point toward an interest in the idea of prisons and life on the inside in an academic or cultural sense, for example, like how they are potrayed in media and how inmates negotiate power. This symbol is also sometimes thought to reflect being open-minded and extremely tolerant of diverse ideas and expressions.

Someone getting a tattoo dream meaning

Imagining a friend or a stranger in the process of getting a tattoo inked may represent some misgivings you have about the way you conduct yourself. You may be disappointed in your own behavior, particularly by your lack of care or attention to detail. Despite this, you recognize, at least subconsciously, that you possess some latent skills or traits.

If utilized, these abilities may improve your self-image and self-confidence.

Someone completely covered by tattoos

Meeting or crossing paths with an individual who is covered from head to toe in tattoos is an ominous symbol to perceive in a dream vision. It alludes to getting into some sort of serious trouble. In many cases, it would be your fault for getting involved with the wrong crowd, but occasionally this could have been brought about by some freak accident. This series of events may cause your life to spiral out of control and lead to other terrible problems.

Getting a tattoo while asleep

Tattoos in dreams, especially if you do not have one in reality, typically mean you need to get out of your comfort zone in order to achieve your dreams. This could mean leaving your hometown or exploring other opportunities.

If you already have tattoos, then this fresh tattoo portends reckless actions and unwise decisions. Meanwhile, the black and white flower design alludes to discontent and possible depression. You may be losing interest in your current preoccupations, hence your mind is looking for fresh places and possibilities to pursue in order to reignite your passion. The discontent could also be related to personal relations which is why you were afraid of your boyfriend’s possible reaction in the dream.

Deciding to get a tattoo dream meaning

Tattoos are normally interpreted as a symbol of permanence or the manifestation of the weight of responsibility. In a sense, they are regarded as permanent changes to the body in reality, so such as sign has great significance in the realm of dream visions. A navy tattoo in particular could refer to a change of careers, but it seems more likely to be a metaphor for a different type of lifestyle. Perhaps you are considering making a change to your way of life, such as entering a new or different phase of a relationship or moving to a new place. This vision, then, is a reminder from your subconscious to carefully consider all your options before moving forward.

Rings and a blue tattoo dream meaning

A silver ring reveals depression and inner turmoil which you are trying to hide from your loved ones. On the other hand, onyx represents peace and harmony, so the combination of silver and onyx suggests ambiguity and struggle between sadness and tranquility. Your emotional instability is keeping you from realizing your full potential. In fact, the blue frog represents a dream or a goal of yours that is out of reach. To gain fulfillment and happiness, you need to gain emotional and mental stability. You have to seek professional help and guidance to minimize internal turbulence so you can focus on your personal goals.

A butterfly and giraffe tattoo dream meaning

The butterfly tattoo is an ominous sign of a developing health issue. Scrutinizing a part of your body to get a good look at the tattoo means you need to undergo a thorough physical examination or health evaluation to check for cancer or other serious conditions. Similarly, the giraffe head signifies danger. Though you may feel fine, your body may be in bad shape because of your tendency to indulge in unhealthy foods and a sedentary lifestyle. It is best to check in with your physician on a regular basis so you will know the state of your health and be proactive when it comes to your well-being.

Dream of getting a tattoo

When you dream of getting a tattoo, this can have a proper meaning if you think it is beautiful. It means you have a strong desire to change, to get out of your routine, to do something new with your life, and that can happen immediately.

But if you don’t like tattoos or if it makes you feel bad or weird, that’s a bad sign. That can mean that someone is trying to tarnish your reputation. Someone is lying about you to the people who live with you. You have to be very careful with fake people who might be close to you. Look carefully at people who ask a lot about your life or who only show up when they need something.

Dream of tattooing someone

When you dream of tattooing someone, this has a surprising meaning. It can mean you will leave your friends, but you will have a legitimate reason even if these reasons are not initially apparent. It shows new experiences and great opportunities for you to achieve happiness. The predicted distance in dreams is usually related to the trajectory of self-knowledge — difficult decisions, but decisions that will bring you to new experiences and maturity.

Dream of removing a tattoo

The dream of removing a tattoo that you don’t like is a good sign. It means you will overcome complexity, anxiety, and everything that disturbs your life. Sometimes we go through situations that we cannot overcome. Wounds, broken relationships, fear. This dream shows that you will overcome everything and enter a much happier phase.

Tattoo Dream Meaning
Tattoo Dream Meaning

Depending on the context of your dreams, it might also mean that some aspects of your personality will change because you will learn the value of achieving and realizing your dreams. All of this will bring you so much excitement for you and the people around you.

Dream of a tattoo on the arm

It will depend on the area of the arm where the tattoo is located. If the tattoo is on your biceps, it means you want to look stronger than other people around you. It is directly related to your personality and serves to show your strength.

If the tattoo is on the forearm, it shows that you want better control over everyday situations that you don’t like.

Dream of a tattoo on the leg

Dreaming of tattoos on the feet can be associated with travel, new worlds, new experiences, exploring various things, and showing transformation. It can be related to a physical or spiritual journey.

It also will depend on the design represented in tattoos. For example, the dream of a rose tattoo on our feet can imply that we need to embark on a journey to find new love or reclaim lost love. The symbolism of the tattoo on foot indicates that something will move us forward.

Dream about a tattoo on the hand

Dreaming of a tattoo on your hand represents an essential and vital friendship meeting in your life. Friendship will make your life better and easier. You may experience hard times when you miss a friend to share difficulties and support, and this dream means that you will find someone you can count on.

Dream of a dragon tattoo

The dragon image symbolizes freedom, passion, and sensuality, so dreaming of a dragon tattoo shows that something will happen in your love life. Prepare yourself because this love so strong will bring you a lot of happiness. If you are already involved with someone, this tattoo indicates that there will be a change in the relationship.

If the dragon tattoo is on your wrist, this is a sign that you want people to get to know you because of your efforts and continue to act all the time.

Dream tattoos on the chest

Dreaming of a tattoo on your chest shows that you want to show yourself as an active person fighting for what you want. On the other hand, depending on the context of your life at the time, dreaming about tattoos on the chest can mean that you have an impulse to dominate or even frighten people into thinking that you are superior. Think about whether the power you have is high because it might be much smaller than you think.

Dream of a tattoo on the butt

Dreaming of tattooing your butt usually says a lot about how you see your love life and sensuality. The meaning of this dream often represents that you are trying to show your feelings and intentions to your partner or anyone you are interested in. If this person is not your partner, maybe it’s time to explain your plans.

Dream of a tattoo on the neck

When a tattoo on the neck is present in your dreams, usually, this shows the opinion of others towards you. When you have a tattoo on your neck, people will easily see the picture that adorns your neck. It indicates that people will give an assessment of you. It depends on others how they judge it because not everyone wants to see a tattoo on the neck.

Dreams about tattoos show your wish to stand out in public, be popular among other people, or get recognition for the effort that you have invested in something. They also suggest that you are someone who loves to be the center of attention and hear other people talk about you, even if it is in a negative context. A dream about tattoos can sometimes symbolize an event that left an unerasable trace in your life or that affected your personality in some way.

If you are dreaming of doing a tattoo on someone, it means that you want your loved one to prove their love to you. Younger people that are planning on getting married or starting a family often have these dreams.

If you are dreaming of tattooing yourself, it means that you can change if you want to only. There are some things that you don’t like about yourself, but you don’t have the courage to start working on them. Prove to yourself and others that you are capable of changing.

Face tattoos

If you are dreaming of having a tattoo on your face or tattooing your face, it means that you are hiding your flaws, skillfully. You have learned to turn the bad into the good and even have some gain from it. You can’t say that you are a good actor or actress, but you are charming and can make other people fall in love with you because of the traits that you possess.

A palm tattoo dream meaning

Even though people rarely tattoo their palms, these motifs are present in dreams. If you have seen a tattoo on your palm, it means that you will have to invest a lot of effort, time, and nerves into one job so that the outcome would be positive. Get ready for numerous obstacles and challenges. If you have seen a tattoo on someone else’s palm, it means that someone will reveal a long-kept secret to you.

A finger tattoo dream meaning

When you are dreaming of a finger tattoo, it means that you invest a lot in a job that you do, but you are not paid for it well enough. It might be time for changes. If you see a tattoo on someone else’s finger, it means that you will receive orders from someone whose authority you don’t respect.

Dream meaning of hand tattoo

This dream can have multiple meanings, depending on whether a woman or man has it. If a man dreams of a hand tattoo, that symbolizes disappointment in love. Someone will hurt you, which is why you will be suspicious of other women for the rest of your life. If a woman dreams of a hand tattoo, it means that a person that you like for a long time will finally notice you. That can be an old love that you suffered for, so there is a chance that you will not want to go through hell again.

To see a tattoo on the wrist

A wrist tattoo symbolizes the need to enrich your life with new people. You have realized that you don’t have anyone to talk to about the topics that interest you, so you want a more quality conversation with someone who shares similar interests with you. If you have seen a tattoo on someone else’s wrist, it means that you will start a course to gain knowledge from a certain field that has interested you for a long time.

Shoulder tattoo dream meaning

When you are dreaming of a shoulder tattoo, it means that you need support or that you will offer it to someone soon. Another meaning is that you insist on equality when it comes to relationships. You are someone who believes that both partners should participate in building a good and quality relationships equally. You don’t believe that women are the more sensitive sex and that they should be more spoiled or taken care of than men.

Chest tattoo dream meaning

If you are dreaming of a tattoo on your chest, it means that you shouldn’t take everything so personally. The criticism you get is often good-intentioned, so you shouldn’t get mad with those that want to help you. If you are dreaming of a tattoo on someone else’s chest, that symbolizes big expenses, unfortunately.

Collarbone tattoo dream meaning

When you are dreaming of having a collarbone tattoo, it means that you will do something bad and try to hide your mistake. If you see a tattoo on someone else’s collarbone, it means that you will accidentally reveal someone’s secret.

Neck tattoo dream meaning

If you are dreaming of having a tattoo on your neck, it means that you are powerless and that you can’t solve one problem. You will have to let time do its thing but make sure to preserve your mental and physical health in the meantime. If you dream of a tattoo on someone else’s neck, it means that you have wronged a loved one and that it is time to beg them for forgiveness.

Back tattoo dream meaning

A dream in which you see a tattoo on your back means that you have to confide in a family member or friend regarding a problem that has been bothering you. They will give you a useful piece of advice for sure. If you see a tattoo on someone else’s back in a dream, it means that you have a reliable friend who is always ready to help you.

Lower back tattoo dream meaning

Tattoos on your lower back mean that excessive spending could get you in serious trouble. Organize your budget carefully so that you wouldn’t fall into bankruptcy. If you see a lower back tattoo on someone else, it means that your loved one will ask you to lend them some money.

Butt tattoo dream meaning

A tattoo on your butt can symbolize mistakes from the past that will backfire at you now. You will probably experience or feel the consequences of some bad decisions or actions only now. If you see a tattoo on someone else’s butt in a dream, there is a chance that you will misinterpret someone’s moves. You might believe that someone was flirting with you, even though they just wanted to be polite.

Leg tattoo dream meaning

When you are dreaming of a leg tattoo, it means that someone will have a lot of understanding of your actions. You have been afraid that something that you have done will cause outrage and criticism from other people, but you were wrong. If you see a tattoo on someone else’s leg, it means that you will face numerous obstacles when it comes to your business life.

Knee tattoo dream meaning

Even though people don’t get tattoos on their knees too often, there is a chance that you will have a dream with such a motif. It usually suggests that you want to be different and stand out from the crowd because of something. If you see someone else with a knee tattoo in your dream, it means that you will meet an extremely influential person that can help you solve some problems.

Stomach tattoo dream meaning

A dream in which you have a tattoo on your stomach symbolizes danger. Be careful when signing any kind of documents, especially if they are related to your obligations more than rights. When you see a tattoo on someone else’s stomach in a dream, it means that you have an extremely serious enemy. That can be a business rival that will do everything to harm you.

A tattoo on your private parts

If you are dreaming of tattooing your intimate parts, it means that you will have to sell something to fix your financial situation. If you see that kind of tattoo on someone else, it means that you will fall for someone unavailable.

Meanings of dreams can differ based on the main motif of the tattoo you have dreamt about. A tattoo of flowers symbolizes love and beauty, while roses, specifically, symbolize freedom.

A wolf as the main motif on a tattoo symbolizes loneliness. If you are dreaming of a dragon tattoo, it means that an incredible strength is in you, waiting for the right moment to come out.

Cat tattoos, like those of lions, tigers, or any other kind of a cat, symbolize craftiness and your wish to be the best at everything. Bird tattoos symbolize wisdom, while dolphins are the symbol of the strengthening of your self-confidence.

Tattoos of snakes symbolize power and wisdom, while those of a cobra, specifically, suggest bad relationships with your loved ones, unfortunately. A crocodile as the main tattoo motif suggests that someone is jealous of you.

Tattoos of spiders warn of a difficult situation that will ask for a lot of patience. The crisis will last for a long time, but you will get out of it a lot stronger than before. Scorpios, as the main motif, symbolize a big challenge. Whether you will get out of it as a winner or loser will depend on your mental strength.

Geometric shapes symbolize the simplicity, while tattoos of stars mean that you will get rid of a big burden. Tattoos of hieroglyphs symbolize your need to travel or change the scenery.

Tattoos of icons symbolize success in creative projects, good inspiration, and the will to work.

When you are dreaming of the name of your loved one tattooed on you, it means that you will soon have a chance to encounter people dear to you that you haven’t seen in a while.

A ship is also a common choice of those that love tattoos, and it symbolizes peace and serenity that the future holds.

If you are dreaming of tattooing someone’s face or portrait, it means that you will soon have a serious conversation with someone or about someone.

If you are dreaming of a quote tattooed on you, it means that you will make progress in your career. There is a chance that you will soon get promoted. If you are dreaming of a tattoo with numbers, it means that you might find the answers to a question that is bothering you. Various symbols, like Chinese letters, can mean that you have become reckless, which could get you in trouble.

A feather tattoo suggests arguments with your loved one, while wings symbolize exhaustion and tiredness.

When you see a tattoo of a heart, that symbolizes problems in your private life. You are not satisfied with something and want to change it.

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