Strawberry Dream Meaning

Strawberry Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Strawberry in the dream?

Dreaming of strawberries is connected with womanliness, sexuality and ladylike qualities. Then again, see strawberries may imply that their thoughts and objectives will be made soon. Strawberry dream, symbolizes stifled sexuality and wishes you have. In the sentimental note, strawberries are connected with adoration and friendship towards specific individual. Then again, strawberries are a sign of propelling thoughts that are addressing their needs.Strawberries dreams normally are identified with erotic nature, therefore the dream in which this natural product shows up, and on the off chance that we consume, recommend the craving or the need to attempt an enduring adoring relationship.

Strawberries in general

The interpretation of a dream about strawberries depends on the context you envisioned. Fresh and ripe strawberries mean falling in love head over heals, but if they were rotten or moldy it indicates negative consequences of a love affair, like breakup, an STD or even abortion.

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