Stabbing Dream Meaning

Stabbing Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Stabbing in the dream?

To dream of somebody that is been stabbing represents to see a problem and not to solve in time or to have a problem for an unforgivable forgetfulness.

Maybe it feels invulnerable and worthy of all that possesses but this premonition will always remind you who was and where come.

If you dream of somebody that is been stabbing in a city in the morning of a day you will be able to discover the deceit of somebody that you have trusted during all the life.

Dreaming of somebody that is been stabbing in a very dark forest seeks advice to see your notes or controls to rectify a debt that you have not fulfilled a needy friend.Nowadays, the dream about somebody that is been stabbing it allows identify in advance something serious, a forgetfulness and even a betrayal. It is a premonition that it suggests to take care of your things and being excessively jealous with your life and your family.

Stabbing in a dream could be connected with betrayal and fear.

If you stab someone in your dream, this could refer to your need for survival against the hostility of others. It might be metaphoric for a need to penetrate. Depending the context the meaning can alter if you are being stabbed or doing the stabbing.


Witnessing a stabbing or falling victim to such a crime is normally interpreted as a negative symbol in the dream world. It is tied to the idea that negative experiences would have an impact on your future health and happiness. Someone you know may soon act against you and leave you questioning everything you ever thought you knew about them. This would weigh heavily on your heart and cause you much mental strain for the foreseeable future.


Stabbing someone in a dream vision is an indication of guilt. You are hiding a secret which could tarnish your reputation. The identity of this person is an important clue to the consequences of your lies and deception. For example, stabbing your boyfriend suggest possible infidelity which when discovered will break your relationship. On the other hand, if it is a stranger, then it means you will inevitably hurt someone who loves you very much because of your dishonesty.

Stabbing someone

Witnessing someone being stabbed with a knife or shiv in a dream is often synonymous with negative outcomes in reality. Your subconscious may be perceiving small hints in the world around you that something is amiss, something that would hurt you physically or mentally. For instance, you may be betrayed by someone you thought you could trust, leading to heartache, embarrassment or even shame. Alternatively, you may have noticed a particular uneven step or physical gap and stored its presence in the corner of your mind. Your unconscious may be warning you to be careful or to fix the problem before it causes you unnecessary injury.

Witnessing a stabbing

Envisioning someone is trying to stab you within the context of a dream vision is often associated with power struggles or balancing acts that you are at least currently managing well. The individual coming after you represents the possibility of getting into serious trouble or even failure. In this sense, avoiding being stabbed means successfully coming out ahead of a situation, while getting stabbed could reveal upcoming trouble.

Someone trying to stab me

Stabbing someone in the neck is a highly ominous image to perceive in the dream realm. It suggests that you would cause trouble for someone you know, leading them to experience great pain or difficulty. You would likely not even be aware of the part you played in this tragedy until it is too late. This situation may cause some friction in the relationship you share with this individual, and you may even have to give this man or woman some space to get over things even if you did not intentionally do anything wrong.

Stabbing someone in the neck

Envisioning yourself as a baby means you are entering a period of transition and transformation. This change involves both an ending and a beginning, such as the end of a relationship and the start of a new romance or endeavor. The childhood home where this all takes place implies a need to examine your past before you can forge ahead and enter a new chapter in your personal journey. Stabbing yourself suggests the necessity of facing your fears and acknowledging your weaknesses if you want to emerge stronger and wiser while confronting the challenges you are about to experience.

Being a giant baby and stabbing oneself

Finding drugs in your dreams represents your desire to escape your problems. You are hurting too much and you are not emotionally prepared to face conflicts, especially the one you just had with your mom. Unfortunately, drugs as a dream symbol also allude to a more dangerous message which is the high risk of you turning to lethal ways of escaping your problems. Similarly, wanting to stab your mom or sister means your anger is escalating and you could lash out on others. You could drive yourself to self-destruction, so consider this vision as a warning. You need to control your urges, especially when those urges are leading you to life-threatening situations.

Trying to stab a sister

The rain in your dream represents your cold and closed off attitude. It is hard for you to build relationships because you are so guarded. The ugly, messy alleyway likewise reveals your world of secrecy and being surrounded by people you do not necessarily like. Fortunately, someone will come along who will make you feel safe enough to lower your guard. Specifically, the girl in the white dress represents a person who will bring levity in your life. Together, you will experience being carefree and happy regardless of other people’s opinions. Being forced or urged to stab the girl conveys sexual meanings. You could be uncomfortable about embracing your own sexuality and this person will help you navigate this difficult terrain. In the end, this person will help you accept who you truly are and be brave enough to face the world as your true self.

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