Spider Dream Meaning

Spider Dream Meaning

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What does it meaning Spider in the dream?

These are very powerful dream symbols that can either have a both positive or negative omen attached to it.  Spiders since the beginning of mythology have been connected to feminine and creative energy. Spiders are smart insects that have the ability to make a web wait patiently for the prey to fall into the trap.  If the spider bites you than its possible you have been or will be affected by a feminine force or shadow. You may be the one who is stuck in the web or you have the tendencies to trap others in your web of lies. On the flip side the positive aspects of the spider is translated to creative energy that is coming out.

Spiders are similar to Insects in that they can portray the unseen, yet destructive tendency to allow something to bug you without addressing it. Since spiders make webs, they are a clear portrayal of how you weave your own difficulty through insecurity or fear. Lots of tiny spiders can symbolize how whatever is festering below the surface seems out of your ability to control. To see one or a few large spiders can represent a larger issue created by getting caught up in a type of web or the dynamics of others. Spider dreams are a call to acknowledge a sense of hiding or entrapment that is stunting you or your ability to be truthfulness, since the spider is symbolizing your behavior too. Dreams often use symbols that are the most frightening to us simply to wake us to our own self destructive behavior.

Spider in general

Seeing a spider on a spider web is a symbol of harboring some negative experiences from the past which are still haunting you to this day.

Spider on a spider web

Seeing a spider crawling on the wall is a prediction of misfortune and inability to solve issues related to important things in your life.

Spider on the wall

Seeing a spider crawling down its web indicates receiving some exciting news which will take you by surprise.

Spider crawling down its web

Seeing a spider weaving a spider web in your dream is a good sign of receiving money or being financially reimbursed for the work you have been doing and expect to get paid for.

Spider weaving a web

Killing a spider in your dream indicates a successful defeat of enemies or people who tend to disagree with your way of thinking. It can also signify ability to disprove rumors or allegations you may face in the future.

Killing a spider

Dreaming about catching a spider is a sign of addition of a baby boy to your own family or a family of people who are close to you.

Catching a spider

Having a dream about a very small spider signifies having to deal with a lot of minuscule, but annoying and demanding issues you will have to face and eventually solve.

A tiny spider

Dreaming about a spider of a gigantic size is a warning about possible confrontation or conflict with evil, cunning or authoritarian person. This dreams may also be telling you that people surrounding you in your life are intending to offend or humiliate you.

A gigantic spider

Watching a spider devouring its prey caught in the web is a warning that you may be working under or alongside an opportunist who will try to achieve his or her goals by using your abilities or talents. You may either continue putting up with this work relationship or try to find a more respectful working environment.

A spider devouring its prey

Dreaming about whisking a spider together with the spider web reveals that despite you efforts and determination, you will not be successful in solving a complicated situation or circumstance you had gotten yourself into because of mistakes or lack of attention.

Whisking a spider on the web

Having a spider crawling on your body in your dream is a warning that you are about to experience interference or negative influence from someone present in your life and who is close to you.

A spider crawling on your body

Dreaming about spiders in large numbers surrounding you is a bad sign of enemies or adversaries present in your life who may be spreading lies and rumors which negatively affect your social life and the quality of relationships with other people.

Spiders in large numbers

Feeling a spider landing on your face in your dream can be a sign of having a new addition to your family very soon.

A spider landing on your face

Seeing a spider descending on someone in your dream is a sign of receiving a gift or buying new clothing or accessories you have been contemplating to buy for a long time.

A spider descending on someone

Dreaming about swallowing or eating a spider portends misfortune or periods of unhappiness entering your life.

Swallowing a spider

Swiping a spider web with a spider on it is a symbol of your worries and concerns about something that is very important to you or something that needs to be solved.

Swiping a web with a spider

Seeing yourself breaking through a spider web in your dream is a promising sign of overcoming difficulties or obstacles you may be facing in your life.

Breaking through a spider web

Dreaming about being unable to escape a spider web symbolizes your lack of freedom or personal space because of some obligations or duties devoted to someone in your close family.

Unable to escape a spider web

Seeing yourself being entangled in a spider web woven all around your body in your dream can be a sign of a happy marriage, luck and fortune. It can also mean giving too much trust to someone who is trying to take advantage of you based on your spiritual values (a cult, for example).

Spider weaving a web around you

Seeing yourself clearing your room or your house from spider webs, for example with a broom, signifies upcoming lengthy litigation or court proceedings you are about to face.

Clearing spider webs

Experiencing a dream when you see a spider biting you or someone else symbolizes becoming a victim of treachery as well as failures at workplace because of your competitors who are trying to interfere with your work progress.

A spider bite

Seeing yourself surrounded by a lot of spiders in their spider webs can be a sign of unexpected favorable conditions or circumstances, such as improvements in your health, good luck and unexpected support from your friends or people you know.

Many spider webs

Stumbling upon a huge spider in its spider web is a good sign of quickly becoming successful and wealthy in life even though it will have to be achieved by creating questionable relationships or liaisons with people you barely know.

Stumbling upon a large spider

Seeing a lot of large and small spiders together crawling towards you or descending on you is a good sign of succeeding in your business and being satisfied with the way you manage things.

Large and small spiders together

Experiencing a bite from a huge spider in your dream is a bad sign of losing the grip on your business and unable to manage it properly because of interference from your competitors.

Huge spider biting you

Experiencing a bite from a small spider in your dream is an indication of minor interference from people who are trying to compete with or envy you and their inability to cause any significant damage no matter how hard they try.

Small spider biting you

Dreaming about trying to run away from a big spider portends losing luck and fortune which will escape you leaving you in some humiliating state or circumstance.

Trying to escape a big spider

Being able to kill a huge spider chasing you while you were trying to escape is a good sign of getting on the right path and making decisions that will greatly benefit you.

Killing a huge spider

Experiencing a dream when you are unable to kill a huge spider chasing you or when it came back to life after you killed it is a prediction of being afflicted by some kind of illness or inability to realize your plans or projects.

Unable to kill a huge spider

Seeing spiders golden in color in your dream is a good sign of attaining happiness and peace of mind and being surrounded by true and reliable friends.

Golden spiders

Experiencing a dream about a long fight with a huge spider is a sign of possible conflicts or disagreements with bosses or supervisors, it can also be an indication of your resistance and opposition to the guardianship of a mother figure.

Long fight with a huge spider

Dreaming about holding a spider in your hands foretells receiving a gift or acquiring something you wanted to have for a long time.

Holding a spider in hands

Seeing a lot of spiders weaving one spider web in your dream is a good sign of fortune, good health and reliable and trustworthy friends who will be an important part of your life.

Many spiders weaving a spider web

Seeing yourself being surrounded or attacked by an army of big spiders is a prediction of a head-spinning career growth.

Attack by big spiders

Dreaming about being caught in a spider web of a huge spider signifies circumstances or events, which will result in acquiring new friends or positive prospects in life. This dream can also reflect your concerns about possible health problems related to someone you love.

Being caught in a big spider web

Seeing a tarantula spider in your dream is an indication of upcoming serious conversation with someone which you have been avoiding for quite a while.

Tarantula spider

Seeing various types of spiders mixed together is an indication of fears related to being left alone or separated from someone who is about to move away due to life circumstances. Try to rely on your strength and establish new relationships to fill the void.

Many types of spiders

Dreaming about a tarantula spider biting you and feeling the pain from the bite is a warning to avoid excessive gossips or criticism, especially at workplace, otherwise you may damage your career or acquire new enemies.

Tarantula spider bite

Dreaming about being attacked by a large, black and woolly tarantula spider is a warning about some plot or plan being devised by an influential and powerful person who is intending to hurt your self-esteem or even damage or ruin your career.

Attack by tarantula spider

Experiencing a dream about spiders in a jar slowly devouring each other is a promising sign of improvements in your current situation when you try to compete with others, especially if this is related to business or workplace.

Spiders in a jar

Dreaming about a human head on the body of a spider is suggestive of dark, controlling tendencies in someone’s personality.

If you saw your own head in this position, it indicates that you often force your perspective, opinion, or will on others without considering their feelings. This is because spiders are usually associated with control and influence in the negative sense. While those around you may put up with your behavior for some time, they may turn away from you over time if you do not address your ways.

A human head on a spider body

Multiple spiders, as a general dream symbol, could mean that others are using you. While you may consider these individuals as friends or confidants, they probably are only spending time with you to get something from you. It is possible they borrow money or like using your family’s resources, or maybe you have some special knowledge or connections they find valuable. In any case, make sure those you are showering with gifts are truly deserving of your affection and aid.

Spiders in general

Feeling threatened by a spider suggests someone in wake life is making you feel uncomfortable. Perhaps this was a one-time friend who is putting pressure on you to behave in a certain way. Alternatively, it could mean someone in your household is saying things that grind your gears and raise your hackles. Some time away from this individual may give you the time you need to come up with a solution that would make their presence bearable.

Threatened by a spider

Seeing a spider bite someone you are with in the dream realm may reveal that you or a close friend is about the become the victim of some terrible attack. This treachery could take shape in many forms. For example, you may become the target of online bullying due to unpopular political views, especially those on war, gay rights or abortion. Alternatively, someone you have been competing against for some time may use your slip in popularity to gain the upper hand in your rivalry.

Spider biting someone else

Spiders coming out of the walls in your dream vision could reflect a feeling of constantly being pressured by society, your family or your peers to behave a certain way. It is possible this great, unending pressure is restricting your personal freedom or your ability to express your thoughts and opinions when and how you want to. Perhaps you need to set some reasonable boundaries with those around you so that you have the space necessary to express who you are without censure.

Spiders coming out of my walls

Being bitten by multiple spiders during the throes of REM sleep may symbolically represent some upcoming difficulty you are about to face. This vision carries a prediction that you would soon become the victim of someone’s evil plots against you. You may want to tie up any loose ends in your projects lest someone tries to interfere or destroy any progress you have made so far.

Spiders biting

Jungian sources suggest that a dream that contains both the image of snakes and spiders is a prophecy of major complications to come. It means that there are individuals hiding in the shadows who are attempting to take advantage of you or harm your future success. You should be especially cautious of those who would benefit from your absence or mistakes.

Snakes and spiders

Spiders as dream symbols represent enemies spreading lies about you in real life. Fortunately, this negative imagery is counteracted by the webs which is a metaphor for blessings and pleasantly surprising turn of events. The combination of these symbols suggest reconciliation with your enemies. Dire circumstances could force you to work together for the greater good. You will realize that enemies in one context can be your biggest allies when you are faced with a difficult situation.

Spiders and webs

Although this creepy dream symbol could rouse fear in you, the actual meaning of spiders crawling on your body has more to do with personal growth than anything gruesome. This specifically reveals your naive personality. You are too trusting, hence prone to being manipulated or brainwashed. Someone you trust is gaslighting you and making you doubt yourself when they are the actually influencing your perception of the world. It is high time for you to think for yourself and form opinions by gathering as much information as you can.

Spiders crawling on you

Killing spiders is generally considered a positive symbol according to traditional sources. It often contains a prediction of success or triumph over difficult circumstances. For instance, you may win an argument with someone who does not appreciate your experience or expertise in a certain area. Alternatively, you may be able to dispel some unflattering rumors about yourself that were spread by your enemies.

Killing spiders

Seeing spiders everywhere in your dreamscape is often considered an ill omen in folkloric sources of dream interpretation. This symbol reveals a large negative aura hovering around you in wake life. Those who wish you ill in wake life are probably plotting and scheming at this very moment. Their main tactic is likely related to ruining your reputation through rumors and gossip, and you may deal with some awkward social encounters due to their interference.

Spiders everywhere

Dreaming of being surrounded by black spiders or discovering them in your room or apartment denotes isolation. It could also indicate that someone is working against you so you are feeling abandoned, undervalued or ignored. Perhaps the best solution to this problem would be to re-examine your close surroundings and change the ways you associate with others, or find ways to attract people who will enrich your life when they listen to what you have to say.

Black spiders

The imagery of spiders hanging above or over you indicates the presence of emotional vampires in your life. Being a good listener often makes your the shock absorber or sounding board for your friends. Unfortunately, this also makes you the perfect prey for narcissists. Hence, your subconscious is giving you this symbol as a form of awakening. You have to start prioritizing self-care and stop involuntarily becoming a therapist to toxic friends who do not even ask about your well-being.

Spiders hanging over you

Being attacked by spiders is actually considered a good omen in dreams. Jungian sources suggest this symbol carries a lot of positive energy or reveals a positively charged aura around the dreamer in wake life. In most cases, this symbol is associated with advancement in the workplace, although what constitutes as work could be open to interpretation. Freelancers may land larger clients than before, ans social media influencers may see an uptick in the amount of views their content receives. Of course, traditional benefits, like raises or promotions in typical jobs, are still a possibility as well.

Spiders attacking you

The presence of many spiders in the dreamscape indicates a growing fear of uncertainty. A close friend or mentor could move away which would trigger your anxiety. The multiple spiders could also allude to fake friends. There are certain people in your social sphere who only spend time with you in order to use you or perhaps manipulate you for their selfish interests. They may try to exploit your connections or constantly borrow money from you.

Lots of spiders

Dreaming about a spider landing on your daughter’s body has negative connotations. It indicates that she could be under the influence of an undesirable person. The fact that you saw yourself brushing the spider off only to have it land on you indicates that the influence this person has on your daughter would have similar impact on you as well. However, when you were able to chase it off signifies that you would be successful in getting your daughter out of this person’s clutches. Just make sure that you remain alert towards people currently present in your daughter’s life.

A spider landing on daughter

Dreaming that you have been released from jail or a police station symbolizes gaining freedom from abusive or oppressive relations. You may have been living under the restrictive rules of an individual for a long time, causing you much stress and hardship. However, this symbol suggests you would soon find an opportunity to break free. Unfortunately, the blue spider that follows you around likely represents deep-seated issues you have acquired during your stay with this abusive personality. The emotional damage may have become so much a part of yourself that you begin attracting the same destructive personalities.

Scared of a blue spider

Trying to fight off a spider attack in the dream world often alludes to career growth in reality. In a sense, you are dodging all the obstacles put in the way by your competitors and overcoming the challenges provided by your superiors. As long as you continue to show good work ethic and effort, you are sure to receive admiration and incentives from those around you.

A venomous spider attacking

A black widow spider symbolizes an oppressive and controlling individual. You may have someone in your life, possibly female, who tends to be domineering and this is giving you a lot of stress. In addition, the number three could be an allusion to the past, present and future. This could be a recurring pattern in your life in which you tend to become submissive or passive when faced with a strong and overbearing personality. Perhaps your subconscious is urging you to be more assertive, otherwise people could easily take advantage of you.

Three widow spiders

A white spider in a dream could be a metaphor for something unpleasant you see in yourself and try to fight off, that being the reason why you shook off the spider and attempted to kill it, but you are still unable to understand how exactly you can change into a better version of yourself. The spider acts as a wake-up call to make you realize that this change is necessary and you should reflect on your behavior before something negative happens as a consequence of the way you have been acting so far.

Being bitten by a white spider

Dreaming about having a spider web wrapped around your head and trying to break free from it could mean that you are feeling very preoccupied with something that is having a detrimental effect on your daily life or relationships with other people. In order to fix that, you should wait for the right moment and make an effort to deal with whatever internal conflict or outside issue you may be having at the moment.

A spider web around the head

In general, spiders in dreams represent individuals who are energy vampires in reality. They tend to dwell on negative aspects and drag down everyone’s mood. In that context, the man with the head of a spider likely represents an influential personality who may be a bad influence at work or in your social circle. This personality may be cunning and manipulative, spinning a web of lies to get others to trust him or ingratiate himself to a group. Perhaps the wisdom and experience of your mother would be crucial in helping you get out of a sticky situation involving this individual.

A man with a spider head spreading disease

The red or brown spider in your dream represents an overbearing individual in your life. Just as the spider caught you eavesdropping on a conversation, the person this spider symbolizes may be constantly hovering, monitoring your behavior and trying to control your actions. Perhaps this is a loved one who has good intentions, unfortunately this person may also tend to go overboard to the point of being oppressive. Meanwhile, those tiny cats or kittens represent your own curiosity and innocence. As such, the two dreams may be connected because you are trying to preserve your freedom and child-like wonder despite an autocratic presence. Ultimately, both of you may have the same objective of bringing out your full potential. Perhaps it is just a matter of reconciling your differences to achieve a shared goal.

A black widow spider and protecting kittens

Dreaming of a spider on the wall is a harbinger of misfortune, as it predicts being unable to solve the problems that are plaguing you in reality. Just as a crab has a hard outer shell, so does the image of the spider turning into a crab reflect the difficulty you would have getting to the root of the problem. While the actual source of your troubles is unclear, it is possibly related to your boyfriend. It is possible that he is either part of the problem you need to fix or that he is completely unaware of the issues you both face, such as money problems or relationship troubles. You may need to have a frank conversation with him about listening and exploring all your options when it comes to decision making.

A spider that looks like a crab

The presence of a spider in your dream means there is someone in your life who is sucking all your energy. Either this person is feeding off your weakness and insecurity to bolster their own ego, or it could also be possible that this person is taking credit for your hard work.

If it is a thread of weed instead of web that the spider is hanging on to, then it means you feel rejected and overshadowed. You need to stand up for yourself or else you are just validating this person’s sense of entitlement.

A spider in the room

A spider generally represents a person who drains you of your energy or feeds on your weakness to feel good. So, finding a spider on your window means you better be careful because an unscrupulous individual will do whatever it takes to snatch a great opportunity from you. This person could smear your credibility and reputation or badmouth you around your friends. Get your guards up and choose your friends wisely because you do not want to be kicked out of your social group.

A hairy spider on the window

Seeing a white spider coming out of your own vagina represents succumbing to the negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself. Perhaps you think you are not good enough for a certain person or prize, and beating yourself up over and over again is only causing you more grief and heartache, as is seen in the growing spider that emerged. Perhaps the spider running away can be interpreted as a sign that you could get away from such thoughts and start working towards building your self-confidence and self-esteem.

A white spider coming out of vagina

Envisioning that your mother was bitten by a spider may reveal your subconscious feeling that she is being taken advantage of in reality. Your perception may be based on her traits or personality rather than any overt evidence of foul play. For example, the gray spiders that fall out of the box and fight could mean your mother is overly kind or forgiving. Perhaps others in her circle use this knowledge to obtain favors or information from her. The best thing you could do in this situation is to be on the lookout and caution her against certain individuals with less than good intentions.

Mother bitten by spiders

The setting of this vision, your grandparent’s former residence, is likely a manifestation of your desire to return to a simpler time when things felt more sure and stable. The black widow on the spider web suggests you are currently carrying a weight on your shoulder that has been there for some time. Perhaps your financial situation has been weighing heavily on your mind for awhile, or maybe you have been wishing to repair a now soured relationship with someone else. In either case, killing the spider is synonymous with overcoming whatever is bothering you. You may even get help from some of your friends as you did in the vision.

Killing a black widow spider

Seeing spiders everywhere you look in your dream, especially when you are actually afraid of them in reality, is symbolic of the negative energy surrounding you in wake life. There is probably a black cloud looming over you, likely due to others scheming behind your back. It would be wise to watch your back and carefully monitor the actions of those whose intentions are not clear.

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