Smile Dream Meaning

Smile Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Smile in the dream?

To dream of a smile represents peace and acceptance for you in your private matters and publics. A smile symbolizes happiness for the life or for a positive situation.

Dreaming of a smile that an unknown person offers you is expressed the arrival in your life of a person or an opportunity very interesting and exciting.

If you dream of a smile given by a child you will be able to receive the commercial approval that you waited months ago.However, if you dream of a smile offered by an evil person you will be able to have problem in your company or a great shame inside your family. On the other hand, it could reflect your own weaknesses that could take it to the failure or the insolvency.

Dead mother smiling

Seeing your deceased mother smiling at you is a good omen about the current state of your life. It means you are doing well and you are making her proud even when she is no longer with you physically. In Islamic dream interpretation, the presence of the dreamer’s dead mom connotes disapproval. In this case, the pleasant aura of this specter of your dead parent is validation for your efforts.

If you are planning to wed or make a major decision, then take this as a sign that you are on the right track.

Dead mother smiling

The vivid image of an apparently dead person smiling at you could cause feelings of discomfort or worry. However, according to the works of Cayce and Miller, such an image is actually a sign of good fortune. This symbol tends to mean you would get along well with those who are close to you. For instance, there may be reduced fighting in your household or a less competitive atmosphere at your school or place of work.

A dead person smiling

Trying to leave or escape a building refers to your rebellious nature. Authority figures in your life are trying to steer you into specific paths which they think would result in a better future for you and your cousins. However, you have other ideas and plans for yourself. So in this scenario, you are trying to stand up to your elders and other individuals who are advising you to pick a certain course, job or opportunity instead of following your passions. Similarly, the winged creature or female in the vision is the one you are most afraid of. In reality this is someone you look up to and possibly hold in high esteem. She could be the reason why you cannot fully decide to go your own way because you are afraid of disappointing her.

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