Scooter Dream Meaning

Scooter Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Scooter in the dream?

To dream of a scooter indicates desires to be free, happiness and willing to enjoy your leisure time in open places. A scooter symbolizes modesty and liberation front of the consumerism.

Dreaming of a scooter parking in front of your company or home advises you to take some free days to rest in front of some beach or national park with your couple; enjoy and liberate your stress.

If you dream of a scooter inside your office you are forced to take some vacations on time to avoid a total exhaustion. Actually, the dream about a scooter is pleasant and positive whenever you have control on the pockets. This type of dream you will be able to classify as omen of something very easy or a piece of cake.

Like most modes of transportation the scooter takes you from one place in your life to another. Scooters emerge as quick, enjoyable and accessible movements in our lives. Though its lack of raw power might reflect the drive of the dreamer; or relates to raw masculine power, sex drive (between legs), phallic.

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