Scarecrow Dream Meaning

Scarecrow Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Scarecrow in the dream?

A scarecrow is a totem of death and fear, but it simultaneously holds the opposite symbolism of hope and prosperity. The exact meaning of the dream symbol depends on whether you are the crow or the farmer, in the dream. Scarecrows are meant to frighten away crows from the crops, which is why they are often eerie and frightening. They are pseudo-human creations, which puts them in the same category as dolls.
They are symbols of death because they carry the reminder of the fear of starvation, if the crows eat the harvest. On the other hand, they are symbols of harvest and plenty. The exact connotation of this symbol will depend on the other symbols surrounding this one, and the emotions you dream of experiencing in connection to it as well.

To dream of a scarecrow symbolizes fear, fright or something that causes great anguish to be not very common or rare. The dream about a scarecrow offers insecurity in the emotional but it is protective and very sure when fixing conflicts, difficulties and human miseries.

Dreaming of a scarecrow that rotates their straw arms continually is sign of protection to the investments carried out by you in areas of new products and services.

If you dream of a scarecrow that rotates their head you will be able to approve your ability tests in your company.In such a manner, this dream communicates adventure and passion to your life, as well as care and orientation to succeed important. A scarecrow can deceive to all less to you to settle down or to impose a necessary discipline to have good affections in the life.

Being a scarecrow

Finding that you are a scarecrow and moving about freely as though you were living in the dream realm may allude to having a big head or a large ego in wake life. You probably think very highly of yourself and your abilities, possibly because of early successes in the early stages of your development. However, your tendency to believe only you have the right answer could lead to major challenges in the future, as there are many others in this world who are smarter, stronger or wiser than yourself.

If you do nothing to curb your lack of humility, not only would you find yourself put in your place the hard way, you may lose the companionship of friends and loved ones along the way.

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