Saluting Dream Meaning

Saluting Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Saluting in the dream?

Saluting Dream Meaning: To dream of being saluting somebody represents the feelings of giving the step to or to respect the authority of something or of somebody. To show respect to a sacred place or an old person is ways to interpret this dream respectfully.

If you dream of which you are saluting to a military in a way formal or correct you will be called to an important appointment in a company of electronic equipments that it wants to have your experience.

To dream of saluting represents feelings of yielding to or respecting authority. Respectfully showing someone that are important.

Negatively, dreaming about saluting may reflect feelings of being forced to respect someone arrogant. Accepting a subordinate role, your status, or where you stand in life. Resignation to abusers of power. Feeling embarrassed that you need to show an “total asshole” respect.

To dream of seeing former dictators like Hitler or Saddam Hussein saluting may reflect feelings about confronting a powerful negative controlling influence in your life that cares about withholding power from you. Feeling good facing your worst problem once and for all. Feeling taunted by a tyrannical force in your life. Alternatively, it may be a sign that you have serious issues with total control.

Example: A man once dreamed that he was weeping with anger and guilt as he slowly raised his hand inch by inch in a Nazi salute. In waking life this man was living in Nazi Germany and felt frustrated and distraught about having to respect the Nazi regime as they turned Germany into police state.

Saluting a Chief of State

Dreaming of which you are saluting a Chief of State in a way very informal it is alerted on a problem that will force you to change work position and even of company.At the same time, this dream is as an advice or a warning for arrogant, very immodest people or with bad habits of social behavior.

Maybe, to accept a position subordinate, humble or simple it will allow you to arrive to where you never thought.

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