Rock Star Dream Meaning

Rock Star Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Rock Star in the dream?

A rock star is someone you respect and look up to. Dreaming about a rock star is a dream symbol that indicates the influence this person has on your life.

If the rock star you dream of is someone you actually know, this means that this person is very important to you, that you admire them and would like to emulate them, and that your future path is very much under their influence.
This is an opportunity to examine whether this person is someone whose influence you want to be so powerful over you. Do they have the successful life you want? Do they have loving relationships? Why is it that you admire them so much?

To dream of a rock star represents recognition necessity, popularization of your achievements in the work or to show without prejudices like is yourself. A rock star symbolizes to be without lies and hypocrisy with all the people. Hence, if you dream of a rock star like Elvis Presley that converse with your family you will feel a strong desire of being recognized by your colleagues and friends by that carried out in the community of businesses of your county or parish.

Dreaming of a rock star like Jimi Hendrix that converses with you in the office is omened a work lunch where you will be recognized for the managerial successes in the last two years.In short, this type of dream helps to the popularization or promotion of your work and of your company. All to who you know they will be appreciated by your solidarity and friendship in all moment and absolutely.

Dreaming that you are a rock star suggests you want people to be the center of attention and have others admire you. You feel like if you are not getting enough attention in your waking life.

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