Resuscitate Dream Meaning

Resuscitate Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Resuscitate in the dream?

Resuscitation is a dream symbol of disintegration of some important aspect in your life, and your need to spend effort and time bringing it back to life.

If you dream that something needs to be resuscitated, this indicates damage that is occurring to something unnoticed or unseen, to the point of choking life out of it. Perhaps a relationship has problems which have become catastrophic. Perhaps you are beginning to feel unhappiness in your job.
You may even have not yet identified the root cause of your problem. Dreaming that you are resuscitating something signifies the effort you are putting into these important aspects of your life, and is a beneficial and hopeful symbol, but also indicates that the situation will become very dire if you do not put this effort in.

Experiencing revival in your dream means that you need someone to resuscitate you in your life. You feel overwhelmed and troubled by life.

If you resuscitate someone it suggests that you could help others. You have a very good ability sharing your knowledge to assist people.

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