Receiving Dream Meaning

Receiving Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Receiving in the dream?

To dream of receiving something represents feelings about accepting something happening, accepting something being done for you on its own, or noticing something happening you were expecting to happen. Feelings of accepting something you deserve. Accepting something happening that you weren’t expecting. Feelings about something arriving in your life. New ideas, power, abilities, or an experience being given to you. Feelings about a date or event that changes your life arriving. Feelings about a gift or a favor. A desire for something to happen on it’s own.Negatively, receiving something may represents feelings about accepting a problem or feeling that problem is being given to you. Accepting a lie, unproven assumptions, inferior conditions, or something you don’t want. Something happening in your life that you weren’t expecting. Feelings of accepting something you don’t deserve. Being given problems you don’t deserve. Disliking feeling the need to accept something. Feelings about gifts or favors you don’t like.To dream that you don’t receive something represents feelings of disappointment, not having something done for you, that you are not special, delays, or unexpected problems. Feeling that something is not going to happen for you. A gift or favor that doesn’t happen. A new idea, power, ability, or experience is not going to be given you. Feelings about something being rightfully yours not being given to you.Example: An older woman dreamed of receiving an amaryllis plant as a gift that multiplied into to many plants to fit her apartment. In waking life she had retired. The symbol for receiving the amaryllis plant in this case may have reflected her feelings about deserving to enjoy retirement.Example 2: A woman dreamed of wanting to receive flowers from her ex-boyfriend. In waking life she was still in love with her ex-boyfriend. The symbolism for wanting to receive flowers in this case may represent the dreamer’s feelings about wanting her ex-boyfriend to show her that he likes her all on his own.

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