Rear Ended Dream Meaning

Rear Ended Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Rear Ended in the dream?

To dream of rear ended represents that a problem of your previous work or house again it complicates you the life with new matters. To be rear ended in a dream it could symbolize also somebody that will violate your trust like an unexpected stab in a bar or in a dark alley.

If you dream of rear ended with a truck you should take care of discussions with relatives on private matters or sport topics.

Dreaming of rear ended with a bicycle is omened a contract of beneficial but complex work by the presence of dangers.Repeatedly, this type of dream advises but it can also alert you of tense or complex matters of the daily life. This could alert you of better things in your issues totally.

Any sorts of accidents in your dream donate a slow down or halt in your life’s direction. The fact that you are hit from behind is metaphoric for something “behind you” or perhaps your past has finally caught up on you. People that hit you show that this slow down is out of your control and caused by others.

If you hit someone’s car from behind it suggest going to fact and not paying attention to what is ahead of you.

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