Raven Dream Meaning

Raven Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Raven in the dream?

This bird is a common Archetype or thematic symbol when one must sacrifice the past in order to meet the future. This type of dream commonly coincides with intensive therapy or when you are going through transformation of a spiritual nature. The Crow or Raven can be associated with the ‘one-eyed’ god Odin, making sight or perspective a subject of exploration. Often there is a need to sacrifice the physical for something more spiritual

A raven in general

A raven generally has a negative dream interpretation. The raven could be part of an illustration or alive and flying in your dream scenario, such as in a vast field. This typically means that major catastrophes may be ahead which could alter the course of your life in a negative way. Even worse events may occur if the raven in your dream was cawing or you see a group of ravens circling overhead. You may have to set your affairs in order just in case.

A raven in general

A raven by itself is already a negative dream symbol, so a black raven in a vision is particularly ominous. The black raven could be embroidered on a piece of clothing or it could be a live one you spotted in a dream scenario outdoors. This means that someone in your family, a close friend or even your significant other could get a serious ailment. In worst case scenarios, it could be a life or death situation. On the other hand, if the raven is white, then whoever in your life is suffering from a disease may soon experience marked improvements in their overall health.

A black raven

A dying raven, such as seeing one on the street after it has been shot down or injured, marks positive developments that are about to happen to you, especially when it comes to your social life. Perhaps you have been feeling alone or isolated because you have been struggling to connect with others who share your interests. Thankfully, this dream symbol suggests the beginning of the end of your loneliness. A gathering, party, reunion or other similar social events would introduce you to individuals who would become your best friends or life-long companions.

A dying raven

A raven that appears indifferent or refusing to acknowledge your presence, maybe when it is not glancing your way or it is perched high above with a faraway look, implies adultery or betrayal that would be committed by your significant other. The raven itself represents your partner who is likely acting distant or becoming more aloof with each passing day. This noticeable change in their behavior stems from possible guilt or shame from their adulterous affairs and wrongdoings.

An indifferent raven

A restless raven that is cawing in your dream, such as a raven flying around perching from tree to tree or various electricity lines, means there are dangers and threats lurking in your immediate surroundings that may harm your loved ones, including yourself. So in this scenario, the raven is likely warning you about this impending accident or tragic incident. Alternatively, this also suggests the possibility that your previous misdeeds and wrongdoings could resurface and force you to suffer the consequences of your actions if you do not repent or make amends.

A restless raven

Killing a raven, such as shooting down a raven while hunting or your car crashing and immediately killing a low-flying raven crossing your path, means death. Someone close to you would likely pass away soon. This could be someone who has been suffering from a terminal illness or a rare disease with no known cure. While this may all seem like a hopeless situation, your presence and companionship during this person’s last moments would become a source of great comfort.

Killing a raven

A raven spreading its wings while in flight gliding through the air, or while it is perching somewhere and opening up its full wingspan to show power and authority, points to the possibility of an unavoidable personal injury or a general threat to your well-being. It could be a physical threat, such as a minor accident or catching a contagious disease, or it could be more psychological and emotional like when you get into conflict with a close friend or trusted colleague. This negative circumstance may be partly your fault, especially if you overlook certain details or warning signs.

A raven with a spread wing

Seeing an old raven, such as one which is already weak and slow because of old age, is a harbinger of a major shift or change in your reality. This significant turning point would affect almost all aspects of your life or your overall disposition. Examples of this huge change may be a career change, moving to another place or meeting someone new. For young women who are dating or currently in a committed relationship, this means your constant bickering or personal differences could end in a breakup.

An old raven

Spotting a raven that is flying towards someone else in the dream vision, perhaps a bird trainer calling the raven or a raven swooping towards someone you know in a predatory manner, unfortunately means that this person is about to experience some bad luck. For instance, they could get involved in an accident, be diagnosed with an illness, catch a contagious disease or have a falling out with their romantic partner. In worst case scenarios, this could even mean their untimely demise.

If the person is a stranger to you, then you may encounter them during a tragic moment in their life.

A raven flying toward someone

Watching a raven leave its nest, such as to get food for her newly hatched eggs or to catch a prey for their own consumption, means you may be forced to postpone or abandon your current plan or project. Perhaps you would run out of funds to sustain the project or venture, or it is also possible that there is no way to make this business venture fly for now. This may not be a complete failure, just bad timing, so instead of giving up on it you may just need to shelve it or put it on hold until the right moment comes.

A raven leaving its nest

Looking at a raven that is perched high up on a tree, like a fierce watcher you spotted while out on an expedition or camping trip with your friends, means there are tough battles ahead of you which would test your grit. Whether or not you win the war, or succeed in achieving your goals, depends on your overall ability to persevere. You may fail or lose at some of the challenges and obstacles, but if you keep going, there is a nice fulfilling reward waiting for you at the end of this period of struggle.

A raven high up on a tree

Sensing or literally seeing a raven watching you, as you are walking past where it is perched or as it flies overhead as if spying on you, means you may become an eyewitness of a tragic incident or witness a serious conflict unfolding between your friends who are romantically involved. While it may seem helpful if you get involved, like an arbitrator, this may be a case where meddling may just make matters worse. So try not to get too involved in other people’s business, otherwise you may get more than you bargained for.

A raven watching you

Dreaming that a raven is circling directly above you, even following you around as if tracking and documenting your movements, is a warning that something bad is going to happen to you or a loved one. It could be an accident, a financial catastrophe or a heartbreaking incident. In addition, if the raven happens to be making loud, sharp noises, then it could point to a possible death in the family. This may be your subconscious trying to alert you about someone’s demise so you can spend more time with them before they pass away.

A raven circling above you

A dream involving a raven carrying a snake, such as one it has killed and is taking back to its nest, has a bittersweet dream interpretation. It means you would be able to get what you want, whether it is a material possession or a position you have always wanted to have. Unfortunately, once you achieve it, you may end up regretting your decision to pursue it because it would be more trouble than it is worth. For instance, a luxury item may cost a lot of money to maintain or a certain title at work may mean long hours of unpaid labor.

A raven carrying a snake

Hearing or seeing a raven cawing very loudly, as if with the intention of waking up an entire neighborhood like a warning bell tolling, may reveal you lack of tact. An event or encounter may give you a hard lesson about being more tactful and considerate when communicating with others, especially people you do not know that well. You could accidentally hurt someone with your pointed words without realizing it. So perhaps your mind is telling you to think twice before speaking your mind or it could get you in trouble.

A raven cawing very loudly

Dreaming that a raven is perched right next to you, like a trained pet or a raven which landed beside you in the vision, means you may be spiraling into depression. The proximity of the raven in this type of dream scenario suggests the emotional darkness that threaten to overwhelm you, perhaps because you are very dissatisfied about your career or romantic relationship. Things may not be going according to your plan and you feel like you are slowly losing control over your own life.

A raven next to you

Watching a raven in flight high up on the horizon, soaring above a dense forest or in a mountainous landscape, means you may soon receive some bad news or catch wind of damning information about someone you know in reality. This could also reveal your negativity and pessimism when it comes to your skills and capabilities. You may constantly be underestimating your own ability to achieve your goals. In addition, you may be prone to dwelling on criticisms or constantly anticipating bad feedback even when you have not done anything wrong.

A raven in flight

Dreaming of holding a raven in your hands, such as carrying a tame or trained raven back to its nest, suggests the return of a person you despise or encountering someone who does not merit your time or attention. This unfortunate meeting may only be the beginning of succeeding times you would spend together. This individual could annoy you so much that you would go to great lengths putting a lot of thought and effort into avoiding their presence or cutting them out of your life for good.

Holding a raven in your hands

Befriending a raven, by giving it treats like a pet or mending its wings and helping it fly again, is an auspicious indication that you would be instrumental in exposing or thwarting fraudulent or other illegal activities by someone. Warning bells may ring once you meet this smarmy individual so you would see right through their intentions. However, others may be swayed by their wily ways and charms. So your words of advice and warning may end up saving a lot of people a whole world of trouble.

Befriending a raven

Dreaming that you are trying to catch a raven, perhaps by setting a trap near its nest with the intent of keeping it as part of your bird sanctuary, implies your possible involvement in pointless activities or useless ventures. There may be a lot of tedious tasks involved which would waste a lot of your time and effort with no valuable returns. As such, this could be your subconscious telling you to be a little more circumspect in choosing projects so you can use your time and energy more productively.

Trying to catch a raven

Dreaming of plucking raven’s feathers, such as from a dead raven or even stealthily pulling a feather from a live raven, suggests the possibility of dating and even falling in love with a foreigner or someone who is not originally from the country you currently reside in. In this dream scenario, the feather you plucked from the raven symbolizes the act of connecting with someone at a deeper level despite significant socio-cultural differences and varied backgrounds. Perhaps this romantic affair would be a journey of discovery and enlightenment for the both of you.

Plucking raven’s feathers

Dreaming of a specific color of a raven contains various connotations depending on what color it is. For instance, a green raven or other shades of green points to kindness, generosity and understanding which you would experience from communicating with others. Meanwhile, a white or yellowish raven suggests the rapid decline of your health or the possibility of catching an illness. A pitch black raven also conveys a negative dream meaning which is closely associated with hardships and misfortune due to unforeseen events.

The color of a raven bird

Catching a raven with your bare hands, while jumping and catching it mid-flight or sneakily trapping the raven while distracted, reveals your tendency to get yourself embroiled in arguments and debates with other people, even strangers. Your penchant for stirring up unnecessary trouble could put some strain on your friendships. Some people may even distance themselves from you because of all the toxic energy your create as a result of starting arguments and conflicts during various situations.

Catching a raven with your hands

A deer in dreams generally predicts stability for married dreamers and strong social connections for unmarried dreamers. Meanwhile, a raven portends tragedies or accidents in reality. Having those two symbols in your dream may be an indication of an upcoming upheaval in your life. Perhaps your quiet and peaceful existence would be shattered by a surprising turn of events. Seeing yourself through the eyes of the deer, bathed or shining with bright light, could mean that you would have to journey within yourself during this period of uncertainty. Perhaps years of living comfortably and free of conflict made you soft and incapable of withstanding too much stress and pain. As such, you would have to dig deep in order to find the courage needed to get you through those trying times.

A deer with ravens on its antlers

The image of a group of ravens in flight is an ill omen to perceive in the dream realm. It portends learning some damning or embarrassing information about someone you know, perhaps your boyfriend given his presence and state of shock in the vision. The size and pronounced features, namely the beak, may shed more light on this situation. Perhaps your boyfriend once made an insensitive comment online that would come to light and cause him great trouble, like the past tweets of directors James Gunn or Edgar Wright. The one raven making eye contact and coming toward you is a symbol of bad luck, suggesting you would also be negatively affected by your boyfriend’s behavior. The bird’s transformation into a demon of sorts represents the uncertainty that would grow within you about your relationship with your partner. Perhaps this situation would be the metaphorical straw that breaks the camel’s back, leading to your ultimate separation.

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