Ramp Dream Meaning

Ramp Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Ramp in the dream?

To dream of a ramp represents feelings about a transition or progress that is smooth. Not having to increase or decrease in stages. No need for “one step at a time” situations. Feeling that progress is quick and doesn’t require waiting for the next stage. Feelings about a method to make progress easily being better. Negatively, a ramp may reflect dependence on an easy method of progress. A method of cheating that is easier to make progress with than being honest.Going up a ramp represents feelings ascension, improvements, increases in status that feels easy. Less effort required than usual to improve or increase some area of your life. Smooth transition to increased confidence. Quick and easy involvement in a situation.Going down a ramp represents feelings of descension, worsening, or decreases in status that is easy. Less effort required than usual to worsen or decrease some area of your life. Smooth transition to reducing some area of your life. Easily or effortlessly transitioning away from a difficult situation. Negatively, it may reflect feelings tjhat it’s easier to leave a situation quickly then to apologize.To dream choosing to use stairs instead of a ramp represents may reflect feelings about wanting to increase or decrease progress in stages instead of doing it too quickly. Not liking easy winning because it doesn’t feel safe. A conservative attitude about improving or reducing a situation. Choosing to earn something instead of getting something too easily.To dream of an off-ramp on the highway represents feelings about the choice to control a situation by reducing the speed. The option to easily reduce haste or excitement in a situation. Choose to easily walk away from a fast paced situation. Choosing to walk away from a situation where you were highly competitive to go do something else.To dream of an on-ramp on the highway represents feelings about the choice to easily get yourself involved in a fast paced situation. Increasing haste or excitement in a situation.Example: A young man dreamed of crashing his car on the off-ramp of a highway. In waking life he was having sex with his friends girlfriend and at the moment he choose to walk away from the affair the friend caught him.Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing an off-ramp. In waking life she was considering how easy it would be to leave a relationship and start a new life.

Dreaming of a ramp going upwards is an auspicious sign that your fortunes are about to improve, and that your attempts to better your life are about to become much easier. Circumstances are about to line up to make your path obvious, and to facilitate the events that must happen to improve your lot in life. Be prepared to take advantage of an unexpected opportunity. On the other hand, dreaming of a ramp going downwards is a warning that a choice facing you in the near future will lead to a slow but inevitable decline in your fortunes.

Going up or down; struggling or with ease can alter the meaning of a ramp in your dream. Ramps help bring us from one section to another in life.

If the ramp is damaged suggests a set back. Going up with ease implies bringing you to the next part in your destination. Types of struggle suggests minor issues that are slowing you down from achieving your goals. Reversing down the ramp brings your nearness to backing out of a situation.

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