Rainbow Dream Meaning

Rainbow Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Rainbow in the dream?

To dream of a rainbow represents harmonization. There are psychological, emotional, or situational corrections occurring. A symbol that can have both positive or negative consequences depending on the state of your mind and your life. Positively you may experience new confidence or find justice in some area of your life. Negatively, you may experience unpleasant situations or bad karma. A rainbow is a sign that negativity in some manner is being confronted or fixed.

To dream of the beautiful vision of a rainbow represents hope, tolerance and victory of yours principles before the challenges and threats of the life. It can symbolize wealth, creativity, prestige or fame among other images.

Dreaming of a rainbow while you walk for a forest is omened the arrival of wonderful days for you with the family and friends. Also, if you dream of a rainbow while you are sat down in the porch of your house you will have a family encounter with somebody that symbolizes your earthly identity as American and your spiritual identity as Christian.

Maybe, to dream of a rainbow of colors intense alerts of an dialogue complex with your workers with view to incorporate an union to your company in some days. Don’t worry for this reason and assume the rainbow like a suggestion to dialogue with flexibility with your people without intermediary.

A rainbow in your dream indicates good luck, happiness, freedom and prosperity. Rainbows connect to your life and personal relations you have with others.

If you see a white light rainbow suggests you have a good spiritual foundation.

If you see rainbow hair it represents new growth pertaining to thoughts and higher consciousness.

To dream of rainbow water is a positive omen relating to your colorful personality and current emotional state of mind.

Representing wishes and the promise of well-being, you may dream of a rainbow as a symbol of hope. The more ‘tangible’ the rainbow appears in the dream, the more it reflects how you are currently achieving your ambitions.

Drawing a house, rainbow and garden

Drawing in the dream world is connected with the concepts of idealization and focusing more on a fantasy future rather than a likely present. It is also considered a warning that your confidence in the way things work may be shaken due to your misplaced trust. The objects your drew shed a little more light on what you may be putting too much faith in. For instance, the blue house, the rainbow and the garden landscape all suggest a belief in having good luck or increasing your wealth or possessions. While this may be possible, the degree to which you would be able to do so at your current trajectory is possibly overambitious. This vision could be suggesting that instead of placing faith in less sure methods, like lotteries, it may be better to focus on improving your skill set or reassessing your spending habits, which are more likely to yield good results.

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