Rabbit Dream Meaning

Rabbit Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Rabbit in the dream?

A rabbit is a rich dream symbol and can combine the idea of sex, magic and its appearance or disappearance in your life. As a symbol of the mystery of life, the rabbit is a symbol of pro-creation, both in terms of children and the re-birth associated with transformation

Seeing a rabbit

Seeing a rabbit in front of you in your dreams is a good sign. It means you will definitely have an overall improvement in your living conditions and a significant increase in your income and assets.

Seeing a rabbit

Dreaming of seeing a white rabbit is a sign of devotion. It means you are living a life surrounded by people who have proven to be trustworthy and have shown themselves to be completely devoted to you and committed to improve your personal well-being.

White rabbit

Seeing yourself eating a rabbit in your dreams is a sign of good fortune. It means you will soon experience an increase of prosperity and wealth in your life.

Eating a rabbit

Dreaming of seeing a black rabbit is an indication of your growing disappointment or becoming deeply dissatisfied with the actions or behaviors you have been currently displaying while interacting with other people.

Black rabbit

Seeing too many rabbits around you in your dreams is a sign of the need to relocate to a larger city or metropolitan area, or it could be a sign of a possible successful marriage. This dream can also mean you are about to experience much success in your business or other projects you are currently involved with.

Too many rabbits around you

If you dream of seeing rabbits surrounding you and you are a married woman, then this dream indicates you will have an addition to the family by either having a baby or adopting a child.

Rabbits for married women

Seeing yourself killing a rabbit in your dreams means you are about to encounter great material loss or you will become deprived of resources, finances, or people needed to be successful in your life.

Killing a rabbit

Dreaming of catching or cornering a rabbit is a sign of redemption. It means you will be able to redeem yourself in front of someone you unintentionally hurt or disappointed because of your lack of concern or carelessness when communicating and interacting with this person.

Catching a rabbit

Seeing a rabbit trying to cross your path in your dreams is a bad sign. It means you will soon have cycles of struggle, loss, failure, or unhappiness coming into your life.

Rabbit crossing your path

Dreaming of seeing yourself chasing and catching rabbits that have escaped from a cage is an indication of facing trivial but annoying problems or issues that are interfering with the progress and success of your work or personal life.

Chasing rabbits escaped from a cage

Seeing someone taking care of rabbits in your dreams is a sign of your secret desire for this person. This desire could stem from your intent to have sex with this person or your desire to start an actual relationship with this person.

Someone taking care of rabbits

Dreaming of seeing a female rabbit with a big litter is a sign of prosperity. It means you are about to have a significant financial gain and even be deemed as wealthy when considering the material assets you have acquired.

Female rabbit with big litter

Dreaming of seeing a rabbit undergo some sort of metamorphosis to transform into the form and image of someone you know means you have obtained some useful information that can adversely impact this person’s life, and now this person is afraid of you one day using this information to your advantage or to further some personal agenda.

Rabbit transforming into someone you know

Seeing rabbits in a dream is a good omen. It suggests an overall improvement in your current living conditions and a significant boost in your material assets. The mud likely represents a tricky or difficult situation which you would fortunately be able to overcome with great success. This experience would give you the wisdom and confidence in order to pursue your goals and passions. Any obstacles or failures you may experience would open up bigger and better opportunities for you. As long as you remain motivated and optimistic, by carrying the luck of the rabbits around, your hard work and perseverance would bear fruit soon enough.

Finding rabbits in mud

Seeing a rabbit in dreams is often a symbol of good luck and fertility. Meanwhile, the white cat symbolizes bad luck and misfortune. In effect, the symbols seem to cancel each other out. The first part of your dream vision is positive enough. The rabbit has the upper hand which means you would be able to overcome whatever problems you may have at the moment. However, your luck would turn once more as illustrated by the rabbit falling into pieces. Doubt, confusion and misunderstanding would once again rule your life. Perhaps your dream vision is ultimately a reminder of how quickly things can go your way or turn against you with a single defining moment. In a sense, kissing the cat can symbolize acceptance of things that are out of your control.

A cat and a rabbit

The frog catching bugs in your dream indicates a heart break. The bugs, in particular, symbolize negative emotions or pessimistic thoughts. This means that the falling out, with a romantic partner or a friend, will be due to external factors that are causing friction in your relationship. The frog transforming into a small turtle means the break up will actually bring you peace. Perhaps the relationship has been very toxic and stressful for you, so cutting that tie will be a relief. Meanwhile, the rabbit you were driving away refers to the unfavorable economic climate nowadays. You are trying to avoid taking any financial risks because you do not want to be saddled with debt or deal with bankruptcy. Perhaps the break up means leaving your current job and the consequences of that will reflect in your financial situation. Overall, there will be lots of changes in your life so it will keep you on your toes.

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