Quota Dream Meaning

Quota Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Quota in the dream?

Dreaming that you must make a quota is a symbol of external pressures to perform, and feelings of inadequacy within yourself. The authority figure who establishes the quota for you is a symbol of your own self-criticism and feelings of guilt.

Dreaming of a quota to give to somebody is indicated a premonition that will make you to be overwhelmed or to limit your familiar responsibilities. A quota means opening or conclusion of something that it will challenge you in important matters.

If you dream of a quota that a impaired receives in a bank you will solve the basic necessities of your family defending the work completely.

To dream of a quota that a single mother obtains in an office seeks advice not to be allowed to manipulate for a very talkative relative during the sale of a familiar patrimony.Therefore, the dream about a quota offers omens or advice of great utility to rectify or to close matters of certain complexity. Also, it points out good actions to benefit other people without causing damages to your things.

Dreaming of meeting a quota signifies that you feel the stresses of life and other people weighing you down. For some reason you are worried and anxious about being unable to meet peoples expectations.

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