Quay Dream Meaning

Quay Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Quay in the dream?

If you dream of a quay, this is a sign that you will soon have an opportunity to embark on a voyage, either through a change of plans or through a discovery and revelation about a deep desire of your heart. This image is symbolic of standing right on the brink, in the moment immediately before you make a big decision.

If you dream of getting on a boat from a quay, this indicates that you have begun, or will soon begin, a series of events that will take you far from your current circumstances and change your life radically.
If you dream of standing on an empty quay, this indicates frustration about your circumstances, and a feeling that there is no way to change things for the better. It also indicates a resolution to wait for an opportunity to improve things. Be prepared to take advantage of opportunities, even ones that do not look particularly promising in the beginning.

To dream of a quay of a port or river indicates sure trip, melancholic behavior for the distant family or I want of knowing something new and distant. A quay symbolizes that unknowable, the adventure or to face the new thing generally.

If you dream of a quay lluminated and modern you will receive an invitation to know the products and services of your colleagues of Germany in Hamburg.

Dreaming of a quay of the type of the existent in Southern Asia is omened a magnificent business between your company and one similar in Singapore the next year.At the moment this kind of dream expresses prosperous and advanced businesses or commercial contacts but separated by the sea and the earth. However, if in the dream a quay is appreciated in the middle of cloudy and restless waters alert of fear in making important decisions.

Having a dream To see many ships docked at the quay, signifies fulfillment of your wishes.

To dream that you are on a quay, suggests that you are moving forward into a new phase of your life.

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