Quartz Dream Meaning

Quartz Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Quartz in the dream?

Quartz is a beautiful crystal rock, symbolic of light and powerful energy. Dreaming that you are holding a quartz rock indicates that you have a latent power to accomplish something important. This power is related to understanding and interpersonal connection. Intuition also plays a large part in this dream symbol.

This mineral for its special properties is described as premonition of something not very common to being observed during a dream.

Dreaming of quartz in form of gem means magic, chastity or neutral to cause harmony in the people.

If you dream of quartz in form of gem amethyst you will be able to materialize a desire that it will give harmony to the family.

To dream of quartz in form of gem agate expressed the wisdom and force of your advice given to colleagues and friends about personal matters.In fact, the dream about quartz in form of rock or gem it points out the best route for go away of ruptures, mistakes or bad of any type. The presence of this mineral in a premonition was highly valued by the old Egyptian, Persian and Roman.

Quartz symbolizes unity and completeness. You are self sufficient on your own. On the other hand, you may have found that soul mate that you were looking for and you do not care to have any other people in your life.

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