Quarter Dream Meaning

Quarter Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Quarter in the dream?

To dream of discovering a coin of a quarter in the floor indicates near luck, arrival of something wonderful by air or saving will as habit in the life. A quarter symbolizes willpower to achieve what wants, to be austere to materialize your desires and to be clear of the objectives that you have intended to materialize.

If you dream of a quarter on your hand you should be careful with your feet, avoiding fallen and with the very open eyes.

Dreaming of a quarter on your worktable is omened the arrival of gifts to your house but they will be small and important packages. Occasionally, if you receive from an unknown person a quarter during a dream it expresses that you are less proud and accept all help that they offer you.

If it is you the one that gives the quarter to somebody is a sign of being conscious for all the opportunities of helping others

To dream of a quarter symbolizes a sense of inadequacy. As the idea of 1/4th, you may be giving too much consideration to only one aspect of a well rounded life. Also explore whether the quarter might be representing your current living arrangement or ‘quarters.’ An idea you might not want to face by day, can be captured in the symbol of a quarter.

A spinning quarter

A clockwise movement in dreams represents an orderly and disciplined way of life. You are likely making consistent progress when it comes to your goals. On the other hand, a quarter alludes to something that is lacking in your life. So in combination with the clockwise motion, it means you are working steadily to fill the gaps or holes which you identified when it comes to your financial status and even in terms of personal relationships. You have a clear plan for your future and you are very much on the right track to success.

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