Quarantine Dream Meaning

Quarantine Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Quarantine in the dream?

A quarantine is a frightening and threatening dream symbol which forebodes ill. It signifies the threat of disease, and also the fear that a misfortune will cause you to be isolated and uncared for.

If you dream that you are quarantined, it symbolizes a feeling of betrayal that others abandoned you in your time of need. It also points toward a sense of guilt, that in the midst of your misfortunes you must worry about taking care of others as well and keep them from suffering from your own personal calamity.
If you dream about someone else being quarantined, this is an indication of the same thing about them: they are being isolated in response to a misfortune. You may even be guilty of isolating them. Do not allow your fear of sharing their misfortune to prevent you from sympathizing with them and supporting them.

To dream of quarantine means the necessity of isolation the workers’ of your company for the escape of a radio-active gas.

Dreaming of quarantine for sanitary reasons alerts you a possible epidemic infection in your community soon. The marine sign of quarantine in a dream symbolizes the action of to isolate or to separate people during a time for virus risks or illness.

If you dream of a quarantine of your puppies or mascots it expresses the will of to make cleaning and to disinfect your house for some non prospective reason.No often, the dream about a quarantine should be negative, because the quarantine of a recently given birth to in your dream it suggests harmony and happiness in your family. Therefore, don’t get scared if you dream of a positive quarantine.

You need to get rid of the bad people and things in your life! Look around you, are you the problem or are they? Dreaming of being placed in quarantine implies that you should try and keep away from people before someone gets upset.

If you dream of someone in quarantine or something it means that someone needs you but is scared to request your help.

The idea of quarantine represents taking special care when approaching something that might be ‘infectious’ like runaway feelings or affections. While the dream has little to do with the actual idea that your health is threatened, the action of placing something in quarantine allows you to examine how you enact ‘compulsory isolation’ when you might find more happiness by opening up. You may not be giving free reign to your feelings. Dis-ease can objectify how you are feeling uneasy – or how you might release the tendency to hold back. When your feelings seem beyond your control – the idea of avoiding infection can symbolize your fear of ‘affection’ or intimacy.

If you are being quarantined because you may be a threat to others – the dream can be suggesting that your behavior or thoughts are blocking your development. This type of dream can be a ‘time out’ while you re-examine unproductive thought patterns. You may also need to examine your self esteem to ensure that you are not harboring feelings of inadequacy.

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