Platform Dream Meaning

Platform Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Platform in the dream?

To dream of a platform represents thoughts about an outlet to express or present yourself. Opportunity to speak about an issue seriously when you previous couldn’t. Situations that make you feel like you have an opportunity to be listen to or noticed. Using an outlet or opportunity to encourage thinking about something is important to notice all the time. An opportunity or capability to feel that changing or discussing something is important to notice all the time. Using a situation or moment as a means to get attention, state a case, or be important. Feeling more important than people in the current moment. Using something to be notice that ever single thing you are doing is important. Feeling secure being important enough to be listened to. Negatively, dreaming about a platform represents feeling that an opportunity is being used to draw attention or encourage discussion in ways that you don’t want to. Feeling that an issue is permanently being used by a partner to discuss options or changes that you don’t like.Example: A young man remembered dreaming of seeing platforms over an abyss. In waking lived he currently felt that his family didn’t care about him beyond being a child while having estranged relationships with his parents. He felt he was an observer in life rather than a participant. The platforms over an abyss appearing in his dreams in childhood may have reflected his feelings about the emptiness of his family life while still feeling a sense of supported in childhood to matter or express himself.Example 2: A man dreamed of a blue dragon sitting on a platform on the ocean. In waking life he was arguing with his girlfriend who had recently had a miscarriage. The platform may have represented his feelings about his girlfriends miscarriage giving her an opportunity to discuss breaking up or not having children because the pregnancy was encouraging stress in their relationship.

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