Pigeon Dream Meaning

Pigeon Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Pigeon in the dream?

To dream of a pigeon represents peace, tranquility, a tendency to the calm, to the enjoyment of the family, to give excuse and to ask for forgiveness for the made errors. A pigeon symbolizes something maximum, total and correct in the daily actions of people toward other people.

Dreaming of a pigeon messenger that rests in the porch of your home it omens pleasant and encouraging news for you.

If you dream of a pigeon white that fly on a big and empty square you will obtain the help that need in these moments. At first, the dream about a pigeon always relates with the Divine, the nobility and the peace between the men what the time has strengthened. It goes away all links with rumors, news or behavior negative and of loss of humanity and love.

Catching and releasing a pigeon

Your dream of catching a pigeon probably points to your tendency to either believe in rumors or spread gossip. You may secretly find joy in hearing juicy information about others even when you know participating in gossip can have negative consequences, especially for those involved. As such, seeing your grandparents in the same dream calls your rational side because your grandparents represent wisdom. Hence, your subconscious is reminding you to exercise prudence in those situations.

Catching and releasing a pigeon

Birds seen near the head in a dream are often thought to predict death, particularly the passing of the one who was touched by the bird. In this case, however, the act of biting off the head of the bird could be interpreted as a sign that either you would survive whatever was supposed to threaten your life or that your success and personality would ward off any evil spirits with ill intentions. As such, you should continue to live your life to the fullest and not worry so much about your mortality.

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