Phone Dream Meaning

Phone Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Phone in the dream?

A phone in general

Dreaming about a phone in general, such as a newer digital device or an antique with a rotary dial, represents forming connections or forging deeper bonds with the people who you saw in the same vision. Phones connect people in real life, and seeing a phone within a dream can be interpreted as the effort you make to create links between yourself and others. The people you connect with may not be physically near you, but nonetheless they will be major players throughout the dream. This also harks back to your experiences in everyday life, as you know whom you are going to call and connect with whenever you pick up the phone.

A phone in general

Envisioning yourself answering a phone in a dream means having lingering thoughts about some unimportant and relatively uninteresting news you may have recently received or heard. You possibly obtained this information through an actual phone conversation, such as with a friend or family member, or saw it on a news program or website.

Dreaming of answering your phone is therefore usually interpreted as a hint to rethink and learn more about this topic to figure out why your subconscious mind is focused on it. It may be more important than you originally thought.

Answering a phone

Having a dream about a phone that is ringing, whether it is a short series of beeps or a persistent noise, is a warning to be more attentive to news or information you receive. It is possible that you can make significant progress or greatly benefit from paying attention and trying to learn as much as you can about this topic, particularly when it could be related to career goals or other dreams you are trying to achieve.

A phone ringing

Seeing yourself using a phone to call and contact someone within a dream represents being given secret or some other confidential information or material. However, just as it is easy to speak too long or say too much when chatting on the phone, this dream portends a betrayal of trust from you, by either purposefully or accidentally spreading this information around. The result of this action would likely depend on the type of information distributed and how sensitive it initially was.

Using a phone to call someone

Having a dream about someone contacting you using a phone, as opposed to other means of communication, indicates a predisposition to being the center of a social circle and involved with the creation or propagation of rumors. Your participation in these activities is likely due to liking the interaction and chatting with others, or you may simply find the matters concerning others to be more interesting or entertaining. However, dreaming about receiving a phone call may be a warning to be more considerate of the thoughts and feelings of the people you are talking about. Perhaps they may discover the origins of the gossip and your contributions to these malicious rumors.

Someone calling you using a phone

Envisioning yourself looking at or observing a phone is a sign that can mean you may soon be deceived or tricked by someone you trust. Just as phones may help disguise a person or their true intentions when information is not shared face-to-face, so does this dream portend being swept up in or becoming unintentionally involved with some disreputable activities you normally would never participate in. This dream may be a warning to carefully consider the information and advice you receive and to listen to your heart and conscience if something does not seem quite right.

Looking at a phone

Finding yourself near a ringing phone, but not answering it or interacting with it, is a positive sign predicting the avoidance of issues or setbacks caused by people who are jealous of you. Ringing phones are a major distraction in real life and in dreams they represent people getting in the way of the plans you want to complete or goals you wish to accomplish. However, not giving in to the noise created by the ringing device indicates successfully outmaneuvering those who would seek your downfall or failure.

Not using a phone

Dreaming about an old phone, such as an antique or an out-dated model, is often associated with lies and betrayal. Using or seeing an old, possibly worn-out phone represents a break in communication which leads to a breach in your relationship with someone close to you, possibly a dear friend or family member. This person may be openly hostile or act nice to your face but actually has something to hide or is insincere.

An old-looking phone

Envisioning yourself trying to use a broken phone, particularly while in dangerous or dire circumstances, predicts experiencing a precarious, possibly volatile situation involving someone you were once close to. It may be that there has been a rift caused by misunderstanding or a more serious division of morals or principles. This dream can therefore be interpreted as a warning that you should make plans or take steps to salvage the relationship before the damage is irreparable.

A broken phone

Dreaming about buying a phone, either a landline or a mobile device, is often interpreted as a sign that you will meet someone who will benefit you in some way. This person you will come into contact with likely has the experience or expertise you require for a project you are working on. With their advice, you should be able to complete your objective faster, more efficiently and with a better outcome.

Buying a phone

Having a dream vision of a phone, for a woman, contains the prediction that female rivals may be devising plans against you. When a phone, or the image thereof, appears in a woman’s dream, it usually symbolizes that her romantic endeavors are in danger of being sabotaged by other parties. This may include direct interference, like preventing a meeting or giving incorrect information, or it may be more discreet, like gossip and rumors. Using the device but having difficulty hearing the other end also points toward unflattering talk which may, in some cases, lead to the dissolving of a romantic relationship if not dealt with quickly.

A phone for a young woman

Having a dream in which you are trying to use a landline phone that has had its cord cut symbolizes a disconnect with reality. Perhaps you experienced some loss you are not quite ready to cope with, or maybe your life in general seems a little out of control. Attempting to use a phone that is out of service could also represent contemplating the concept of death, perhaps due to the recent passing of someone you know or exposure to some gruesome, fatal accident.

A cut-off phone

Dreaming about trying to contact someone via a phone and being successful in this matter is a positive sign indicating reconnecting with someone you have fallen out of touch with. This may be an old schoolmate you haven’t spoken to in some time or a distant family member you used to be close to. Being unsuccessful in contacting someone on the phone, however, does not have the exact opposite meaning. Rather, it points to self-deprecating feelings or behavior. You may think you are unlucky when in reality there is nothing wrong or very few problems in your life.

Trying to reach someone by a phone

Envisioning yourself trying to receive documents via a phone fax machine in a dream represents the hard work as well as time and effort you have recently put into projects you have been assigned or goals you are working on. This might point toward those efforts being recognized or rewarded. Additionally, dreaming of trying to send documents using what looked like a phone fax machine portends experiencing some difficulties or roadblocks, but successfully overcoming them by quickly adapting to the new situation or utilizing some quick-thinking to solve the problem.

Using a phone as a fax

A melting phone indicates involvement with a particularly volatile situation with a former friend or colleague. A past misunderstanding will resurface as your paths cross once more. A chance encounter at a coffee shop or a social gathering will lead to an emotional confrontation during which you will both resort to personal attacks. This serves as a warning for you to make the necessary steps to resolve your differences before things get heated and you find yourselves in a very nasty altercation.

Phone melting

Having your phone stolen during the course of a dream vision may reflect a sudden and painful separation from someone you care about in wake life. There are a few possibilities, but none of them would turn out particularly well. For instance, you could get into a major fight with your significant other over an unplanned pregnancy or a misinterpreted text message. Another example suggests you could be thrown in jail and have no contact with the outside world whatsoever. This situation would be just as frustrating and challenging for you as it would be your loved ones.

Phone stolen

Looking at your boyfriend’s phone while you are dreaming may reveal some deep, subconscious mistrust in the relationship between the two of you. However, this vision also suggests your concerns may have some basis. For instance, if you suspect your boyfriend has not been faithful, it may be because he has cheated in the past or has been elusive about his whereabouts on the weekend. Alternatively, if you think he has lied to you about something, it could be because you have received conflicting information from him and others. This vision might be a warning from your subconscious to be more cautious and discerning when it comes to your heart.

Going into the boyfriend’s phone

Taking photos with a smartphone or some other cellular device may reflect your subconscious tendency to over-analyze situations in wake life. This vision should rouse some feelings of concern or worry about this behavior, as obsessive reflection could point toward other issues, like depression or anxiety. You should stay away from situations that cause you to question yourself and others with such intensity to avoid triggering unhappy sensations.

Taking pictures with phone

A cell phone is a metaphor for communication, so the state of this gadget as well as the overall context of the dream will provide more meaning to the dream reading. For instance, if the cell phone is lost, it means you are having trouble communicating with your loved ones.

If the cell phone is damaged, a misunderstanding may cause a rift in your relationships and lead to more conflict. This symbol also reveals an open mind. It is possible that you are embracing new ideas and perspectives to gain a broader understanding of the world.

Cell phone

Talking to someone who is already deceased over the phone suggests that a close friend or family member is in trouble in reality. They may soon reach out to you if they recognize that they have a problem, but it is more likely that you would have to use your intuition and figure out who is in need of your services.

A dead person calling you on the phone

Losing your phone during the course of a dream vision is often thought by modern day dream interpreters to represent a connection that is withering away and dying. For instance, there may be an old friend or co-worker you have not contacted in awhile. The lack of effort put into maintaining this relationship may be an indicator of how you feel about it.

If, however, you do wish to stay on good terms with this individual, you may want to make plans to catch up or even just send a quick message asking how they are doing.

Losing phone

The pitch black room is a projection of your fears and insecurities which could be holding you back. It likely points to your lack of knowledge about or experience in socializing with the opposite sex. In contrast, the smartphone symbolizes an opportunity for you to break free and widen your understanding of the world around you. It is hovering above the hands of the girl you like to illustrate the message that you have the power to make the first move in order to get to know her better, or at least meet new friends. This is your subconscious showing a way for you to have the courage to get out of your comfort zone and overcome episodic shyness.

A phone glowing in a dark room

Looking closely at the photo of your ex reveals your sentimental nature. The recent breakup may have triggered memories of the good times you shared, hence he manifested in you dream. It could also mean that you are dwelling on the past and perhaps entertaining thoughts of getting back together with him. However, the degree of scrutiny you placed upon his image could be a reflection of the careful considerations you are currently undertaking before deciding to move on.

Boyfriend’s picture on the phone

Seeing attractive women in a dream vision is often interpreted as a positive symbol. It predicts experiencing a joyous or exciting event in the near future. Alternatively, you may see some success in your ongoing projects or discover a new venture that becomes quite lucrative.

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