Peacock Dream Meaning

Peacock Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Peacock in the dream?

Peacocks are beautiful magnificent symbols that might lead to an inner awakening. Its iridescent colors (masculine energy) that has spread out for you to see its beauty. However it may also be connected to the dreamers image and  vanity – a need to show off its colors to others.

A peacock snatching a snake

Encountering a snake on a road means there are obstacles in your path, whether at work or in your personal life. Snakes are generally negative dream symbols, so be on your guard. Since your brother is carrying a snake in his hand, it seems that he could be the hindrance to your goals. He could have a tendency to be controlling, manipulative or downright vicious whenever his patience runs out. This limits your personal freedom and diminishes your self-esteem. Alternatively, he could introduce you to someone who would become a toxic presence in your life. Fortunately, the peacock symbolizes growth and success. So to be able to drive away the threats and bad energies in your circle, you need to stand up for yourself and refuse to be underestimated or taken advantage of by others.

A peacock snatching a snake

A white dress denotes a momentous event with the possibility of changing the course of your life. This is also why there is an intersection in your vision, meaning you have a big decision to make. Each choice entails various positive and negative repercussions. The presence of the peacock means this choice has something to do with your aspirations. You would soon start chasing your dreams in earnest and you would have to struggle along the way. The peacock’s reluctance to open its feathers means your dream would not come easy, you need to find a more strategic way or be more creative with your methods if you want to have a chance at succeeding.

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