Mouse Trap Dream Meaning

Mouse Trap Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Mouse Trap in the dream?

To dream of a mouse trap represents your decision to do something about a problem. Looking for better way to do something. Feeling that taking action or finding a solution is important. Ingenuity, insight, and creativity. A proactive attitude.

To dream of a mouse trap represents a next decision very complicated that it could to open up or to close the possibilities or the graveness of a problem. A mouse trap symbolizes to look for a better exit or the best way of making something that will give opportunities or difficulties like something contradictory.

If you dream of a mouse trap metallic and golden you will be able to have a pleasant encounter but it will be the beginning from a deceit to your financial and family interests.

Dreaming of a mouse trap rustic wooden is alerted to take all work action or sentimental encounter with caution and with very clear solutions.In addition, the dream about a mouse trap is a warning that you will take calmly and cold blood because it will be very important for your future. The ingeniousness, the perspicacity, and the creativity are good instruments to apply your intelligence in the good development of the premonitions of this dream.

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