Mother Dream Meaning

Mother Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Mother in the dream?

To dream of your mother represents your intuition or your internal guidance. She reflects your ability to make decisions that will effect you in the future or how well you make choices based on gut instincts. She also reflects how lucky you feel about coincidences or good foresight.

To dream of a mother means protection, dedication and help of your offspring for always. A mother breastfeeding your baby in a dream it symbolizes the subtle fineness of the maternal love and the full happiness in the children.

If you dream of the call of a mother it represents that the attitude that has with your friends near today, is not the correct one. Dreaming with which it undertakes a trip with your mother, independently of the destination it is suggested that you have some concerns and restlessness in your life, and that the answers to clarify your thought will surely find them analyzing your childhood.Frequently, the dream about the mother’s day means jointly, celebration, happiness and family union. Therefore the dream about the mother always expressed positive omens.

The mother represents the nurturing side of the dreamer that connects with the feminine, moon or inner child. Depending on your relationship with your mom she is known to morph in various ways in your dream.  Having arguments, noticing a sick or injured mother mirrors the relationship and inner feelings that are damaged. A mans inner feminine or anima reflects their own inner feelings that can either be healthy or underdeveloped based off of the past relationship.

The mother appearing in a dream signifies how you were taught to express your feelings and sensitivity. While dreaming of the mother can portray how you are adopting or rejecting various aspects that are associated with her, she can also symbolize your ability to mother yourself

Mother in your house

Dreaming about having your mother, who is living apart since long, being present in your house or visiting your house is a positive sign indicating that you are likely to be heading for success and obtain favorable results from any activity, project or endeavor you are currently engaged in or contemplating to initiate soon.

Mother in your house

Having a dream in which you are having a conversation with your mother indicates that you are in for a good time. You are likely to receive some good news or learn about some unexpected but pleasant announcement. It could be related with the activities or projects of your keen interest which consume most of your professional or personal time in your life.

Talking to your mother

A female who had a dream wherein she finds her mother being present with her is likely to come across some pleasant and delightful activities and participating in something that would be genuinely exciting and interesting. It may also suggest a happy and harmonious marriage for those women who are not yet married.

Mother for a female

Having a dream in which you find some one’s mother being sick or about to pass away indicates that unfortunately, you are going to go through some dark and gloomy periods. These periods will be full of suffering in the form of despair, frustration and sadness.

Someone’s mother sick or dying

Having a dream in which you find your mother calling you, points to a possible setback or adverse circumstances for you. There are possibilities of some of your close friends or some near and dear ones deserting you. It could also imply that you may err on certain decision and exercise an incorrect choice or take a wrong turn regarding something that is important enough to be close to your heart.

Mother calling you

Dreaming about seeing your mother crying indicates an approaching bleak period. This period may engulf your life with misfortune, misery or a possible deterioration in health. In some way, it may bring an adverse effect to your overall well-being. It may be about major issues, disagreements or conflicts that may adversely affect your family. It is a wake-up call for you to face the emerging threats to the well-being of your family, identify the threats and initiate actions to counter and eliminate possible adversities.

Mother crying

Dreaming about seeing your mother looking just the same way as in real life reflects that you are in complete control of your household matters as well as with regards to the relationship between you and other family members. It further suggests a relaxed period ahead during which no major changes or concerns are likely to surface for a long time to come.

Mother as she is in real life

Having a dream in which you find your mother scolding you or yourself fighting with your mother presents an ominous sign of an upcoming adverse period. During this period you may witness unfortunate events or become involved in an accident for which you would find yourself to be solely responsible. However, it also implies that possibly everyone concerned is a victim and there is no one in particular who can be singled out as being accountable for what had happened.

Fighting with your mother

Having a dream in which you see your mother at a young age and singing a lullaby indicates that you are too busy with your activities outside your family, unable to spend required time with your family members and not in a position to attend to their needs. It could serve as a wake-up call to start paying attention to the needs of your family members, devote more time to them and make efforts to satisfy their needs.

Mother young and singing a lullaby

Dreaming about becoming a mother implies an ominous sign for a woman suggesting that her relationship with her boyfriend or her engagement to her fiance may be in a jeopardy, heading for a bad time with the things taking a turn for the worse.

Becoming a mother

Having a dream in which you see your mother passing away amounts to a forewarning that your mother is likely to be facing serious health-related issues or becoming sick in the days to come.

Losing your mother

Having a dream in which you see your living mother to be dead or passing away implies that you are heading for tough times which would involve laborious tasks and time-consuming activities or projects in which you are involved or are going to start in future. It may also mean that you are heading for some disappointment and setbacks, misfortune or losses of some kind.

Mother dead

Having a dream in which you see your departed mother is indicative of a period which is likely to bring along joy, happiness and prosperity. Your life would greatly benefit from the upcoming changes which would be brought about during this period.

Deceased mother

Having a dream in which you see yourself living together with your mother who may be alive or has passed away, denotes a positive sign of happiness and contentment. Moreover, it could contain a forecast of a sizable success in something that you have already undertaken or likely to start in the future.

Living together with your mother

Dreaming about seeing your mother if you are a male, indicates that you could start flying higher in your professional life during the approaching period of time. During this period you might find yourself assuming more responsibilities, you could become more ambitious and goal-driven and be credited with some major accomplishments as a result.

Mother for a male

Having a dream in which you see your mother to be a healthy person and in a very good shape represents a positive sign which suggests that those around you will extend their help and support as and when you need it. This dream speaks of your ability to get help and support from them when needed.

Healthy mother

Having a dream in which you find your mother to be experiencing hardships or being in a stressful situation indicates possibilities of certain complications suddenly developing. Your goals and plans that you have established for yourself may not be achieved due to your inability to overcome these complications.

Mother in distress

Dreaming that you are crying to a mother, whether it is your real-life mother or someone else’s mother, reveals your need for moral support and acceptance. You could be feeling inadequate and insecure especially when it comes to relationships and social skills. You feel as though you are not a good enough person to deserve love or loyalty and so you seek validation from your loved ones. Alternatively, you may be feeling rejected or neglected so the tears in the dream represent sadness and frustration about your unrequited love.

Crying to a mother

Having a dream where your mother is dead or has passed away is highly symbolic of what is to come in the future. In many cases, this symbol is seen on the eve of great trials and tribulations. In essence, it reflects a desire for help or assistance in times of need. While you may have to go through some challenging situations, this symbol is also associated with happy endings and positive resolutions.

Mother who is dead

The presence of a mother-in-law in the dream world, whether or not you have such a person in your life in reality, is an indicator of pressure and stress in waking world. It means you feel you are being intimidated or bullied into acting a certain way or performing certain actions against your will. It is possible you even resent this man, woman or people for putting you in this position. It may be a good idea to avoid these individuals if they cause such negative emotions.

Mother in law

A narcissist mother, especially if she is as self-centered in reality, is an ominous dream symbol about her impending death. Your subconscious is urging you to reach out and make amends because she will soon pass away, either due to natural causes or through tragic means. There could be an accident or a violent incident that would claim her life. Your conscience is encouraging you to be the bigger person and put personal grudges behind you so you can form a healthier mother-child relationship.

Narcissist mother

Envisioning your dead mother alive once again in your dream means the only way to sort out your current problems is to take the advice of your deceased mom or to follow in her footsteps. Channeling your mother’s wisdom and character will give you clarity and provide you with guidance about your next steps. Alternatively, seeing your mother alive and well in the dreamscape is a testament to her enduring legacy. Every day you are reminded by her strong influence in your life.

Dead mother being alive

A dream involving a vision of your living mother as dead or dying is an allusion to the introduction of a difficult task. Your boss could assign a particularly tricky task to you or perhaps a passion project would require tedious work and countless hours to finish. This morbid imagery also depicts disappointments and personal losses. All this bad luck will not only ruin your mood, it will also make you lash out on your loved ones. You need to learn how to regulate your emotions in order to avoid damaging valuable relationships.

Alive mother dead

Envisioning your dearly departed mother calling out to you in a dream is usually considered a good symbol according to the work in dream interpretation done by Miller. It suggests that something good is about to happen in your life. In a sense, your mother is letting you know things would turn out for the best, even if you have recently been feeling down and desolate.

If you could not actually hear your mother’s words, the blessing in your life may come as a surprise.

If you could make out some of her message, however, it could point toward a topic or area in your life where you would see such improvement.

Dead mother calling you

Your dearly departed mother’s words to you should be considered a sign of solace or happiness, as such a sign is usually followed by good outcomes or surprise blessings. In a sense, your mother is letting you know that even if things seem hard right now there is a light at the end of that tunnel.

If you were able to pick up on any of the words or phrases your mother said, it could give clarity to the message she is trying to send from beyond.

Dead mother talking

Seeing your already deceased mother pass away once more is surely a traumatic and memorable image to perceive while you are sleeping. In most cases, this symbol suggests a need to look carefully at the way you are acting in reality. This could be related to how you present yourself to others or to how you treat those around you. In either case, careless comments or harsh words may come back to haunt you if you do not heed this warning.

Dead mother dying again

The image of your living mother falling victim to an illness or dying in some tragedy is an allegory for some great hurdle you would have to overcome in the near future. You may be given a difficult task from your boss or teacher that would require you to do tedious busywork, such as detailed research or analysis. Alternatively, this symbol is sometimes thought to predict disappointment or bad luck. Such a situation would really dampen your mood and leave you feeling like there is little to look forward to in the world.

Mother dying

Seeing your dead mother in an ill or unwell state often means you need to reconsider your words or actions in wake life. Your behavior may be unintentionally hurting someone close to you, especially if you are expressing controversial opinions in a harsh or one-sided manner. It would be wise to question your own thinking and perhaps reconsider your responses in future discussions.

Dead mother sick

If you see a sick parent in a dream, whether it is your mother or your father, then it could be indicative of stressful problems or unresolved issues which you could be currently facing. This burden may have been passed down to you by your relatives and is causing you a lot of worry and anxiety so overwhelming that even in a subconscious state of mind it still weights heavily on you.

Having to carry sick mother

A dream wherein you see yourself rushing up the stairs symbolizes that you are presently chasing after your goals. Although it’s necessary to pursue your ambitions, perhaps you are making certain mistakes or omissions in the process. You need to be more careful regarding what your plans are to actually achieve your objectives and make sure you don’t leave your loved ones behind. Perhaps you too feel that you are making a few blunders here and there and your guilty conscience has manifested itself in this dream. The notion that you were seeking your mother’s approval and she felt otherwise signifies that you may have hurt your loved ones and are aware about the fact. Just make sure you take into account the feelings of the people you love while striving for your success.

Mother sitting in bed and being condescending

Witnessing your mother drive the car off the cliff in this dream means she is about to reach her limits culminating in a possible emotional breakdown. You may have noticed her increasingly erratic behavior in the waking world likely due to the piling up of stress from her daily duties and responsibilities, at work or at home. She may end up projecting her frustrations onto you and other members of the family, causing disagreements and possible discord. To cope with the stressful environment, you may turn to your peers for some solace. However, the ghost of your mother manifesting at the end on this vision refers to persisting unresolved issues which you cannot escape. Some issues need to be confronted and properly resolved for you to have a more peaceful existence.

Mother disappearing after a car accident

Dreaming about a stranger impersonating your mother has negative connotations. It signifies troubled times in your waking life, indicating the presence of people who may position themselves to be close to you but in actuality are trying to take advantage of you. The notion that you saw this person murdering your grandfather further reinforces the possible threat you may face soon. Make sure you steer clear of malicious individuals who might harm you when you least expect it. Since you felt personal connection with this person in the dream, it is an indication that someone who is close to you would attempt to cause problems.

Someone pretending to be mother

Seeing your deceased mother in the dream world can give you significant insights into resolving an issue you may be dealing with in reality. In general, this is a positive vision pointing to a satisfying resolution to your problems, possibly through the generosity and aid from your peers and loved ones. Her presence also means that you already have the skill and capability to confront any obstacles, you just need to look within yourself to find the answers. Perhaps the key is in the life lessons you acquired from her or an enlightening experience you had in the past.

Dead mother returning to the house

Dreaming about your deceased mother means you may be feeling rudderless or aimless. Perhaps the loss of your mother made your outlook on life pessimistic and uninspired. This dream alludes to a period of enlightenment which would trigger a personal transformation. In addition, a shop window symbolizes aspirations. As such, seeing your mother in the window display reveals how much you want to emulate your mother. As indicated by the white clothes and bright light, you would find the strength you need from the memory and legacy your mother left behind.

Deceased mother in a shop window

Dreaming about your deceased mother usually means there is a lesson you need to learn. Her pronouncement that she does not love you likely means you are harboring some guilt or regret.

Maybe you have done something in the past that you have come to regret. Perhaps you are not proud of the way you handled things toward the end of your mother’s life. Whatever the case may be, it seems you are still trying to run away or distance yourself from your past instead of dealing with those issues head on or letting them go.

Deceased mother rejecting

The call from your deceased mother reveals problems brewing within your household. You may be unaware of issues happening around you or involving your loved ones. A rumbling house alludes to conflict and disagreements which could damage your relationships with certain family members. So the call to check on the house may be your mind’s way of telling you to pay more attention to your personal connections to avoid complications and misunderstandings.

Deceased mother calling for help

Dreaming about your mother is usually considered to have positive symbolism. However, dreaming about a mother who is sick and suffering from dementia negates the optimism of this sign. It portends a period of gloom and unhappiness which is about to enter your waking life. The notion of you running around and looking for help indicates that you would try your best to alleviate the problems which surround you but your efforts would remain unsuccessful. It would be helpful if you try to overcome your fears and apprehensions. Instead of focusing on your shortcomings, make sure you concentrate on the positive aspects of your life. This would help you stay strong and not be swayed by any calamities appearing in your path.

Sick mother being assaulted and taken away

According to your dream, it seems you are still mourning the death of your mother in a very intense way. Your dream could mean that, wherever she may be now, she is happy and at peace, still looking out for you, while your attempts to prove everyone else she is still alive could mean that you should accept her passing even though you try to bring her back to life in your subconscious states. What your dream could be trying to tell you is to move on with your life and keep in mind that your mother is in a better place while you still have a future full of opportunities ahead of you. You obviously miss your mother but you must agree with the fact that she is no longer here, although she will always remain with you through the memories you cherish so much.

Deceased mother alive and beautiful

Seeing your deceased mother in a dream often gives significant insight into how to resolve an issue you may be dealing with in reality. The symbol of fainting could be an indication of future health issues or injuries due to some behavior you are currently engaged in. This is supported by the idea that you suddenly woke up and began counting the months. Rather than a specific day or season, this seems to suggest that it is only a matter of time before your current lifestyle catches up with you and wreaks havoc on your body. Therefore, you could be right in your feeling that your dearly departed mother was trying to tell you something. You may need to be more proactive rather than reactive with how you deal with your health, including such behavior as eating right, seeing a doctor regularly and avoiding habits that may have a negative impact on your well-being in the future.

Deceased mother needing to go to hospital

To witness your mother getting attacked or beaten up in a dream means you are experiencing or about to have some misunderstanding with her in reality. You both feel passionately about something and you would end up arguing your side while trying to discredit the other. While this may start as a friendly debate, it may escalate to something more hurtful if both of you are unable to control your tempers. This is a word of warning from your subconscious so you do not inadvertently damage your relationship with your mother.

Mother attacked by football players

Seeing your or someone else’s mother having sex with a man, especially a stranger, means you think your mother has changed and this has affected your relationship with her. In addition, sex implies union and a merging of values, so you could be noticing your mother being more assertive and having more qualities normally associated with men. Depending on your current interpersonal dynamics, this could be a good thing or it could mean a more imbalanced and confrontational relationship, especially if you are hiding secrets from each other.

Sex with a mother at a construction site

Seeing your mother sick in a dream means you are struggling with a difficult problem or a stressful issue. This problem has probably been passed down to you by your relatives. You are the one carrying this burden and that is why you are the one driving in the dream. You need to push through and show a brave front because there are people depending on you to keep things together. No matter how much you are suffering, you cannot afford to buckle.

Driving with sick mother

The eyes as the windows to the soul is a saying with significant dream associations. In your case, the recent passing of your mother has stirred up your thirst for truth. Specifically, the circumstances behind her death which may be vague or perhaps even suspicious are the questions keeping you up at night, and subsequently causing disturbances in your dream world. This can also be your mind telling you to open your own eyes and accept the truth that is right in front of you. Living in denial would not help you live a good and meaningful life.

Deceased mother staring back

Being chased generally points towards the rise of some powerful rival or contender inside your circles of friends. This person may be a complete stranger or newcomer to your social circle, or they might be someone whom you thought very little of before this change in the situation. Considering this individual took the shape of your mother’s ex in your vision, it seems you may soon be overwhelmed and intimidated by this person’s presence, as you might have been by someone who once had influence over your mom. The empty houses you run to represent dreams that have not materialized or panned out the way you may have hoped. Perhaps the rival within your group has discouraged or sabotaged you in some way. The factory symbolizes the troubles you are having, so the explosion could indicate a sudden and violent culmination of events, possibly a fight or confrontation with this man or woman. You may need to have a lot of courage and self-confidence in order to get through this ordeal and return to a normal state.

Being harassed by mother’s ex husband

Freudian interpretations of seeing and talking with your mother in a dreamscape suggest you may be about to get some good news or hear some pleasant announcement in the near future. The thinning hair you noticed could reveal that this change may not be good for everyone involved, however. For instance, you may be happy to learn that your rival in love has made a fool of herself, not only ruining her chances with your love interest but perhaps boosting your image in their eyes as well. Alternatively, you could come into some money through the passing of a relative or the selling of a once precious item.

Mother sitting in the street

When children see their parents yelling at or scolding them in the dream world, particularly mothers, it often means they are expecting to face adversity in wake life. This may be a subconscious understanding which you have reached based on clues around you, but it is possible that you are well aware of the troubles your are about to encounter. The image of your mother looking through your phone points towards trickery and deceit. Someone may try to get the upper hand in a disagreement through underhanded means. With your knowledge that such an event may take place, however, you are in a position to avoid the deception and maneuver yourself into a more advantageous position.

Aggressive mother

Seeing your dearly departed mother is usually considered an auspicious symbol, as it is associated with periods of joy and happiness. However, giving her slices of cooked pork, according to religious sources, means that this happy time may be overshadowed by troubles with your health. For instance, you may partake in a delightful party or wedding celebration but be unable to enjoy the food offerings due to an allergy.

Feeding deceased mother

The two symbols in this vision are naturally opposed to each other, as seeing your mother in a busy, flustered state represents complications and failures, while a newborn baby is the manifestation of new beginnings and opportunity. However, when seen together, these particular symbols could allude to something new being born from the ashes of something old. As the old adage goes *when God closes a door he sometimes opens a window.* Perhaps you need to be looking for a silver lining in a currently challenging situation.

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