Milking Dream Meaning

Milking Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Milking in the dream?

To dream of milking a goat or a cow is a powerful dream symbol for receiving sustenance from someone or something else, and a reminder to be kind and respectful in how you do this. In real life, of course, milking a dairy animal is beneficial to both you and the animal, as it relieves the pain and discomfort from overfull udders, and provides you with a wonderful source of nutrition.
In a dream, the same action indicates a deep connection with the sources from which you draw your strength, and a holistic integration in the fabric of life. This is a beneficial sign and should be taken as encouragement to continue on the path you are on.

If you dream that you are milking a cow suggests milking someone or something. Milking can also represent that you are the one being milked.

If you watch somebody else milk the cow means that you are the one being taken for a ride.

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