Masochism Dream Meaning

Masochism Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Masochism in the dream?

To dream of the masochism means complexity of conflict next, diverse stages of a successful personal project or the necessary preparation for a radical change in the life. The masochism toward a friend in your dream symbolizes sexual pleasure with pain or tendency to the homosexuality.

If you dreams of the masochism toward the woman it will be seen in a project of work so successful that it will be almost mystic or magic.

Dreaming of the masochism the beginning of a complex but victorious change is expressed to create your own company of delivery transports to home.Not often, this dream is premonition of necessity of change or variation in your way of acting in your work and with the family.

If it is not clear in taking this type of dream as an advice it could cause a personal damage irreversibly.

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