Makeup Dream Meaning

Makeup Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Makeup in the dream?

To dream of makeup represents the appearance or impression we present to others. Putting on your best face forward. Trying your best to appear more honest, intelligent, qualified, or experienced. Preparations, getting your story straight, or wanting to make a good impression. Makeup may also reflect a wish to be more interesting to others.

To dream of the makeup of a person indicates the desire or the will of to not hide some personal quality or attribute accepted by others. It could also represent your desire to be more energetic, to lift your self-esteem or to increase your willpower.

If you dream of the makeup that you use while you walk for a park of your city it will check your bills and expenses to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Dreaming of the makeup that a friend show in a party in your home it omens the total payment of an important debt that you had maintained in secret with your family.At times, this type of dream reflects a quality of your personality that you should control but not to hide of the other ones since it is a characteristic good and noble. Not leave to assist your ego and at the same time to always control it with the truth personal.

Makeup is used to cover up the ‘natural appearance.’ Many times a dream that focuses on makeup has a message that relates to not expressing yourself authentically. You may be in a job that is not appropriate or that does not allow you to express your talents and real capabilities.

If you are wearing heavier than normal makeup on the eyes – you may be exploring your ability to see yourself more clearly – or to give definition to your soul expression.

If the dream focuses on lipstick, the message can relate to covering up expression in terms of what you say. Red lipstick that accentuates the mouth can be a message about ‘speaking’ what you are passionate about.

If your cheeks are accentuated, you may need to open to intimacy or feelings that allow you to feel ‘in the pink.’ If you are going somewhere and realize that you have forgotten your makeup, the dream can be coaching you to move forward in a different way that better expresses who you really are

Buying makeup

Buying makeup products suggests a feeling of shame. You are hiding something and you are working hard to lie or cover up the details of this humiliating secret. You are actively implementing a plan for burying this secret and maintaining your untarnished reputation. You could also be thinking of hiring a PR professional to help you get out of future complications. Buying makeup can also reveal insecurities. You do not feel good enough or attractive enough to your partner, so you strive to improve your appearance by whatever means possible. Finally, if you are feeling secure about yourself, then buying makeup simply means you have been watching too many beauty gurus peddling a variety of makeup products which has made this content seep into your subconscious.

Buying makeup

Dreams containing images of kitchen appliances, like the refrigerator from your vision, are often considered the manifestation of stress and anxiety in your everyday life. This dream is likely your subconscious mind letting you know that it is time for a break from the hustle and bustle of your daily schedule. However, you may be reticent to give in to your need for rest and relaxation, as the makeup you saw lying about suggests your ability to work hard and be independent are the traits you admire about yourself. The man who gave you the makeup may represent others who admire this quality about you. Although you may be proud and strong, there is no fault in taking a break sometimes to recharge your batteries.

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