Lumber Dream Meaning

Lumber Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Lumber in the dream?

Dreaming about lumber is a symbol of natural resources and the ability of the earth to provide for your needs. The exact meaning of this dream symbol depends on the events and actions surrounding the symbol, as well as your emotions in the dream.
For instance, cutting trees down for lumber is likely to signify waste of resources and irresponsible stewardship of something that was not really ours to begin with. However, using lumber to build something useful, especially a shelter or a home, is a positive symbol of creativity, innovation, and healthy use of the earth’s resources to take care of your needs.

To dream of seeing lumber represents a situation you feel you can do something about. Noticing that change or a fresh start is possible. Starting over, re-organizing, or rebuilding. Flexibility or an opportunity to change.

Dreaming of lumber is representative of needing a new beginning and starting from scratch. You have to create a new and stronger foundation in your life.

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