Liar Dream Meaning

Liar Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Liar in the dream?

To dream of a liar represents a person or situation that gave you a false impression or made you feel good before embarrassing you. A projection of something being insincere. Feeling about diminished trust, a bad reputation, ethics that have been avoided, or having been deceived. Feelings about expectations having been ruined.

To dream of a liar it represents a nuisance, a concern or a displeasure that it should be identified, to face and to neutralize. A liar symbolizes something false, imprecise or manipulated of people without scruples.

If you dream of a liar well-known for you in the street you will be prepared to identify a person that could deceive or swindle to you.

Dreaming of a liar disguised of priest that sells magazines or books it is expressed a bothersome situation caused by a person that you always considered as special.Over and over, the dream about a liar reiterates to be yourself without to falsify or to hide something incorrect or mistaken carried out. This should not deepen the aversion toward a person, but to identify the quality of a person and to move away from her.

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