Lego Dream Meaning

Lego Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Lego in the dream?

To dream of Lego represents things in your life that feel good and have taken time to build. Often a symbol for a good friendship that has been formed over time. It may also reflect success or leisure time that you have worked a long time to have.

Lego is a symbol of childhood play, innocence, and creativity.

Dreaming of building with Legos indicates the creativity you felt as a child. The things that you dream of building with Legos are also significant.
If you dream of building an enclosure with your Legos, such as a fence or the walls of a castle, this indicates building a safe space or even a sacred space. This is a manifestation of feminine energy. On the other hand, building a tower or a rocket with your Lego blocks is an aggressive shape, and this is a manifestation of masculine energy.

A lego in a dream represents a block of ideas and desires possible to carry out for own efforts to achieve the goals and the personal objectives. A lego symbolizes to maintain a fixed idea to sum up, to insist in the construction of something useful and necessary.

If you dream of a lego amid the living room of your house you will be able to make the changes that need your house with the help and collaboration of friends and colleagues.

Dreaming of a lego that it is on your worktable is expressed the approval of your ideas to build an assembly line.Now and then, a lego expresses in dreams success and victory in the future in your things after continuous a lot of effort. The things will go much better than now when you have this stimulating and positive dream.

A dream where you play with Lego suggests that you are able to make a strong foundation for yourself out of small pieces.

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