Leaving Dream Meaning

Leaving Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Leaving in the dream?

To dream of yourself leaving a place represents feelings about choosing to do something different or feeling that it’s time to “move on” in a situation. It may reflect feelings about being finished with a current objective or idea.

Since we usually dream about what we are not facing, a dream of leaving can be a message about letting go or moving on when we really don’t want to. The dream can be coaxing us to explore the idea of moving on

Someone leaving you behind

To be left behind by your companions in the dream world means you find it difficult to fit in. This particular dream symbol reveals your fear of rejection or is a metaphor for your past experiences of getting rejected. You could be forcing yourself on people who have different interests than you. You just need to find like-minded people to avoid further rejections. It is also possible that you project characteristics which people find unlikable and a healthy level of self-awareness well help you improve your socialization skills.

Someone leaving you behind

If someone in your dream leaves without a proper goodbye, it means that someone in your life could fall seriously ill without any warning. Fortunately, this prophetic dream symbol does not end in death. It will, however, incapacitate your loved one for an extended period which can take its toll on their finances. You must tune into their aura to sense which person’s immune system is weak and prone to contracting communicable diseases.

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