Lampshade Dream Meaning

Lampshade Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Lampshade in the dream?

Just as a lampshade filters the light of a bulb from being too harsh to our eyes, it also focuses it into a useable way. The lampshade is an allegorical symbol for the people around you who protect you from otherwise unpleasant aspects of the world.

To dream of a lampshade represents the manner in which you are being kept informed, reassured, or provided a clear understanding. How your source of insight, inspiration, or reassurance feels.

To dream of a lampshade represents the handling of a situation from necessity, security or comfort for their best use. A lampshade symbolizes the care before some intense or powerful energy, as well as the estrangement of complex or harmful facts.

If you dream of a lampshade very decorated and new you will try to mix into people among other and to avoid to be seen in a fair of your county or parish.

Dreaming of a lampshade of brown color and very used seeks advice to hide your ideas and projects of the bosses of your company.From time to time, the dream about a lampshade cannot stimulation or to go back a desire very thought by financial reasons. This should not make lose your imagination or forces to obtain all the good of the world for you and the family.

Dreaming of a lampshade suggests you are covering or protecting your knowledge and power. Otherwise it signifies you are looking for protection from some a superior controlling force.

Lampshade made of paper

Dreaming of a lampshade made of paper on a desk or table represents the onset of a despondent phase in life where your previous life passions no longer interest you and now nothing excites, motivates, or stimulates you to do anything anymore.

Lampshade made of paper

Sitting at your desk or in a chair under a lampshade symbolizes changes coming your way that would drastically change your personal life including possible marriage, relocation and others.

Sitting under a lampshade

Placing a decorative or new design lampshade over a light bulb signifies your inability to successfully express your sexual fantasies to your partner which suggest that you may need to learn to please your partner.

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