Killing Dream Meaning

Killing Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Killing in the dream?

Killing in dreams serves both a positive and negative connotation depending the context of the dream. Killing in dreams shows the dreamer of ending or killing of aspects of the past that no longer serve a purpose. It’s graphic and vivid style is common when these changes happen drastically or unexpected. Though, the image of killing usually haunts the dreamer as something or someone is trying to kill them.

Different types of dreams can behave like a volume setting in helping you to release or let go of unproductive thoughts. The more dramatic the dream, the more likely you will remember it and explore its meaning. Nightmares are just a sign that something significant that has been repressed will serve you better if you can examine and come to terms with it. When killing is the theme of a dream, you may need to address self defeating behavior and ‘put it to rest.’ See Murder, Attack and Being Chased and Corpse.

Killing someone

Killing someone in dreams generally refer to unspent anger and aggression. You may be trying so hard to hold back your frustrations and inner rage towards something or someone in reality that your subconscious is releasing these strong emotions in your dream as a cathartic experience. The context and motivation behind the killing may also add more nuanced interpretation to the dream. For example, if you kill someone and then run away from the scene of the crime, then it actually means you may not be strong enough to face your problems and be accountable for the negative repercussions of your actions.

Killing someone

The act of being killed in a dream vision, as a general symbol without a clear cause or reason, is a negative symbol associated with bad luck and unwanted outcomes. It is possible you would soon lose a competition or race you are competing in or miss out on an important and lucrative opportunity you were hoping for. In some cases, this symbol is also associated with declining health or worsening financial situation. It would be wise to go canny after seeing this symbol in a dream, taking extra care of yourself and those you love.

Being killed

Witnessing a killing or the aftermath of a murder in your dream, like a madman on a shooting rampage or a stabbing incident in the street, suggests the possibility that you would succumb to sadness because of being a target of someone’s evil intentions and harsh words. Perhaps the murder in your vision reflects the same kind of hate or anger being directed towards you by a person, or even a close friend, who is envious or jealous of you. Alternatively, this vision also suggests the likelihood of witnessing violence that could lead to death in reality.

Witnessing killing

Envisioning yourself partaking in killing someone, perhaps by murdering someone you loathe in real life or a random person with whom you would have a violent altercation, refers to your upcoming participation in questionable activities or shameful pursuits. You would have to prepare yourself for the inevitable backlash when these activities come to light, including your involvement. The gravity of this situation could ruin your reputation and discredit your name, so be careful whom you associate with if you do not want complications.

Participating in killing

A dream wherein you get killed, whether it is by someone you know in reality, a masked figure or a murderous thief with a knife or a gun as a weapon, reveals the extent and lengths your enemies would go just to take you down and destroy your life. There may be a specific rival who despises you to the point of sabotaging your career or ruining your relationships, perhaps as a revenge. As such, this imagery serves as a strong warning to make you more vigilant about malicious people within your social circle.

Getting killed

Being the hero of a dream scenario by killing an armed villain, such as killing someone robbing a bank or neutralizing a terrorist with a ticking bomb, is a sign of good luck. Instead of struggle and suffering, your career and personal affairs would likely flourish and grow more satisfying and fulfilling for you. The violence of the dream means the opposite in reality. Fate is on your side as relationships with your friends, colleagues and family would be harmonious and mutually beneficial so that there is a collaborative and supportive environment.

Killing an armed villain

Slowly and deliberately killing someone, maybe by choking the person or pushing them underwater to slowly die by drowning, reveals the slow and excruciating decline of a real-life relationship. It does not necessarily point to your significant other or spouse, maybe it is a toxic friend or a particularly pessimistic colleague. This is a hint for you to finally sever your bond or end the friendship before you bring out the worst in each other. It may be hard to let go for sentimental reasons, but you would be better off going separate ways.

Killing someone slowly

Being the sole witness of a killing occurring in front of your eyes, like a masked aggressor and murderer slitting someone’s throat or someone you know in reality killing another person in your dream, usually reveals your aggressive or even violent sexual fantasies. These may manifest during intimate moments with your current partner. Perhaps you are not sensitive enough to acknowledge the discomfort or take into account the sexual preferences of your significant partner because you are too focused on your own pleasure.

Being the sole witness of a killing

Committing a mass murder or mass killing, like a mass shooting in a very public and crowded place such as parks, schools or theaters, reveals a lot of pent up anger and aggression. You may be trying so hard to contain negative emotions that they just keep piling up inside of you. These feelings probably stem from a combination of stress from your work responsibilities, personal issues and possible unhappiness. Without an outlet or moments of catharsis, it could lead to a mental and emotional breakdown. You could even lash out on your loved ones.

Committing a mass killing

Killing a stranger in your dream, such as by bashing his head in or plunging a knife into the heart, signifies your own attempts at getting rid of your bad habits and negative personality traits as part of your personal growth and transformation. Your desire to become the best version of yourself likely meant a lot of introspection and strengthening your self-awareness. Once you have identified your areas for improvement, you would then start working on eliminating or improving them. Hence, a successful murder inside this dream denotes a triumphant transformation for yourself.

Killing a stranger

Witnessing your real-world enemy or rival getting killed in a dream, by a criminal, hitman, assassin or someone familiar to you from your social circle, is an auspicious symbol. This violent dream scenario denotes upcoming triumphs and happy occasions. You have much to celebrate in the coming weeks and months, especially since this symbolism usually points to prosperity and accumulation of wealth. Perhaps you would get a hefty bonus for a job well done, or you would win a project instead of your competitors.

Your enemy being killed

Dreaming of randomly killing a man, whether it is a friend, co-worker or a high-profile personality, reflects badly on your conduct and overall lifestyle. Your flawed existence may be marred by questionable choices, including the possibility of committing unlawful acts and criminal activities. Perhaps this is your guilt and shame weighing heavily on you, so you envisioned such a violent scenario. This may be your conscience trying to convince you to turn over a new leaf and repent for your sins and wrongdoings so you can start fresh.

Killing a person

To learn about or receive news about a planned killing or murder, perhaps by overhearing a murder plot or coming across a detailed plan about killing someone, signifies the breakdown of your plans because of someone else’s ineptitude. You could be working hard on a business venture or spearheading an important project, but a colleague or co-worker may commit an error which would jeopardize the entire operation. Alternatively, your personal goals may be sabotaged by a close friend or even your significant other.

Learning about a planned killing

Witnessing a friend commit a planned killing or seeing your friend execute a murder plot, maybe because he or she has been hired to assassinate an influential personality, points to a potentially grave threat not just to your well-being but also the people you love. This threat could manifest as a calamity or a criminal act. Alternatively, this dream symbol can sometimes refer to a nasty trick or prank that a good friend or trusted person would play on you. It may have been done for fun, but you may not take it well.

Your friend committing a planned killing

Learning that your friend is planning to commit a murder or a planned killing, perhaps for their personal gain or as a revenge plot against an enemy, means you may have to be the one to break a particularly bad or devastating news to your colleagues or relatives.

Maybe it has something to do with a failed project, layoffs or the death of a loved one. On the other hand, for females this means finally getting rid of a very persistent and annoying suitor. You may have to be harsh or firm to clearly communicate your message.

Learning about a friend’s planned killing

Seeing or accepting a hefty or sizeable reward for killing a person, perhaps a wanted criminal, or from a powerful individual looking to hire professional killers to take down competitors, denotes financial challenges ahead. A job opportunity may fall through or you may get laid off at work just when you have a lot of bills to pay. As a result, you may contemplate resorting to dishonest sources of income or fraudulent activities to be able to finance your needs and the needs of family members who may be dependent on your monetary support.

Big reward for killing someone

Conspiring to kill someone, perhaps with another hired killer or envisioning yourself and a friend plotting out the murder of a person you hate in reality, reflects a state of desperation. You could be gunning for a goal which is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve with each passing day.

Maybe because more and more obstacles and hurdles are popping up, or you are losing the support of your bosses or patrons, you could commit desperate acts to advance your interests. However, once this is discovered, you could face severe punishment and risk being blacklisted in your industry.

Conspiring to kill someone

Asking someone to kill or commit a murder on your behalf, as an act of revenge against your foes or purely driven by hate and envy, reveals a dilemma ahead of you in which you would make the wrong choice. In most cases, this means failing or committing a grievous mistake which you would pin the blame on someone else.

Maybe you would get scared of the consequences so you end up pointing fingers, or your motivations may be purely selfish and you would resort to this dishonorable act for self-preservation.

Asking someone to kill a person

To kill a defenseless or innocent person in your dream, perhaps a passerby just minding their own business or an unarmed individual who becomes an unfortunate victim of your violent act, portends a period of misery and suffering for you. The crime you commit in this dream scenario may be a representation of your own tumultuous emotions that you are unable to manage, possibly because you have no one to talk to or you have no way of blowing off steam. So instead of exploding, you may implode and spiral into depression.

Killing an innocent person

Killing someone as a result of defending yourself, such as while fighting back an attacker or a thief trying to steal your belongings, has a positive dream meaning which is associated with personal success. So whatever obstacles and challenges you may face in trying to reach your goals, this dream symbol attests to your strong will and perseverance. You would be able to overcome them all and perhaps even contribute your expertise and knowledge for the improvement of your community and society in general.

Killing someone in self defense

Learning that your friend has committed suicide or was killed by way of suicide, maybe when someone breaks the tragic news to you in the dream or you hear about it from the local news, reveals your strong reservations or hesitations about a major decision you have to make. The way your friend gets killed is an indication of helplessness and hopelessness.

Maybe you are strongly questioning your ability to make a sound judgment. This decision could also be bringing up fears or deep-seated issues that you are not ready to confront.

Your friend killed by suicide

Dreaming that someone is trying to kill you, such as by chasing you with a weapon like a knife or a sniper shooting you from somewhere you cannot pinpoint, is an indication of your increasing boredom in your current relationship. You may be contemplating breaking up with your boyfriend or girlfriend because you are no longer connecting and perhaps your priorities are changing. The more you get to know your partner, the more you want to run away or free yourself from this commitment that has gone stale.

Someone attempting to kill you

Dreaming of killing someone with a sharp knife, perhaps a kitchen knife you grab in the middle of a scuffle or a butcher knife if you envision yourself as a serial killer, means you share a mutual attraction with a potential partner. Even if you are currently in a relationship, you may meet another person you would desire and this person would also be sexually attracted to you. It is up to you whether you do something about it or not, but you have to be willing to face the consequences of your actions.

Killing with a knife

Killing someone through suffocation, maybe using a pillow to suffocate your victim or pulling a bag tightly over the head until they lose consciousness, means you need to meet your partner halfway instead of always waiting for him or her to reach out and draw you out of your shell. You may be prone to shutting yourself off and making your significant other feel left out. Your opposing personalities may make it hard for you to connect and communicate well with each other, so perhaps you both need to make adjustments if you want to make your relationship work.

Killing through suffocation

To kill someone with a gun actually conveys a positive dream meaning in relation to intimacy issues. It could be premeditated or a result of losing your cool during a violent fight, starting off as a verbal altercation which would prompt you to use a handgun.

If you have been having trouble performing sexually, then this dream symbol portends the resolution of your problem.

Maybe someone comes along who would help you perform better in bed or just make you less inhibited. Or if there are any medical reasons for your concern, then you would find a cure or treatment for it.

Killing someone with a gun

Going on a killing spree specifically targeting your friends or relatives, such as during a reunion or an event like wedding which would get your loved ones together in one place, suggests a possible altercation with your friends or family. A momentous occasion may bring out unresolved issues which would lead to a big argument. Perhaps this issue has been bubbling to the surface for a long time and a final trigger would finally bring those grievances out in the open. Alternatively, this can also suggest failure to resolve a personal problem which would make you lash out at your loved ones.

Killing relatives or friends

Killing someone who is serving in the military, maybe a soldier you have not actually met in reality but you encounter in a battlefield in the dream or a military man whom you know in the real world, predicts the death of a soldier in the line of duty. You could learn about the death in the news, if it someone you do not know personally, or a loved one could break this tragic news to you especially if you have someone in the family serving in the military. This heroic death could inspire you to be more patriotic.

Killing someone serving in the military

Managing to stay alive or surviving an attempted killing, perhaps because you played dead until the attacker left or someone rescues you before you got killed, is a testament to your courage and fearlessness. You probably give off an air of strength and confidence which deter potential assailants from attacking you. This is a useful skill, so you may benefit from staying fit and strong so you actually have the ability to defend yourself in case someone gets the nerve to assault you.

Surviving an attempted killing

Abruptly waking up while you were dreaming about a killing in progress, perhaps just as the murderer approaches to kill you or while you are hiding in a closet and watching a loved one die in front of your eyes, reveals a crippling fear of something. Perhaps you are constantly afraid that criminals would threaten you in various situations, such as invading your house or mugging you on the street. Unfortunately, this fear may just attract trouble as crooked criminals would see you as an easy target.

Waking up during a dream about killing

Envisioning yourself killing someone using a saber or a samurai sword, such as dreaming of being an assassin out on a murder contract or being a knight during the medieval era brandishing your sword to defend someone, represents financial losses. You may have to subsist on a tight budget after you are forced into bankruptcy due to very bad investments or as a result of being laid off from you job. An emergency could also drain your emergency fund and savings, so you would have to borrow some money.

Killing somebody with a saber

Killing your own wife in a dream vision, perhaps while you are in a heated argument or because you caught her cheating on you, portends a loss of power. The death of your wife means you would lose a big part of you, like your cushy job or privileged position. This fall from grace may occur because of a controversy which would tarnish your reputation or perhaps a younger and more assertive person could take your place, leaving you in the sideline. Alternatively, there may be parts of you that you want to improve or totally get rid of in order to become a better person and this part is symbolized by your wife in the dream.

Killing your wife

To be killed by your wife in a dream vision, maybe by pushing you down the stairs or suffocating you in your sleep, denotes upcoming misfortunes and trouble that would fall upon your household. Your lack of strong partnership or maybe an ongoing power struggle between you and your wife may lead to financial ruin if you do not cooperate. For instance, one of you may be spendthrift or not very financially savvy, so this could prove to be problematic, especially if you have a lot of bills to pay.

Being killed by your wife

Killing a pig or a piglet in your dream, such as for a feast or as a sacrifice for a religious ritual, suggests upcoming blessings. A pig oftentimes represents filth and greed, so killing it in a dream vision suggests overcoming temptations and leading a healthy and productive life. This imagery also represents happiness and contentment. Because you do not focus on worldly things, you are more at peace and focused on more important aspects of existence and putting your loved ones on top of your list of priorities.

Killing a pig or a piglet

Killing poultry, such as chicken, geese or ducks, signifies happiness. You could be slaughtering these for a hearty meal you are preparing, to sell them in the market for profit or use to barter for something else. The animals are essentially sacrifices that happen all around, whether you know about it or not, that would pave the way to your success. You are likely surrounded by generous and supportive people because you yourself readily help people in need. As such, your good deeds would be rewarded.

Killing chickens, geese or ducks

Killing a mighty beast like a tiger or leopard, after being attacked in the wild or to protect its prey from getting killed, represents an upcoming vacancy in your life. This could be an actual vacancy, like a job opening up which could lead to your promotion or a better unit opens up for you to occupy in your apartment building. The good news is that even if this vacancy means a hole in your life, like a friend or loved one who leaves, this would eventually be occupied by a new blessing.

Killing a tiger or leopard

Killing a donkey, a camel or a horse, suggests the development of an addiction. Since those animals are often used for transport because of their strength and endurance, this suggests that you would succumb to destructive habits that would leave you incapacitated or unable to attend to your daily duties and responsibilities. You could become an alcoholic due to problems and stresses, or you may binge on unhealthy foods and snacks that would could lead to disease or ailments.

Killing a donkey, a camel or a horse

Killing a sheep or a deer in a dream, to process its meat for selling in the market or by shooting it with a rifle while out hunting, signifies health concerns or a possible accident. The innocent quality of sheep and deer symbolizes your own delicate and fragile characteristics. So you may enter a period where your immune system may be weak so you would easily catch contagious diseases. Your mortality may also become heightened as you figure in a potentially life-threatening accident, like a car crash or getting injured while outdoors.

Killing a sheep or a deer

Killing a turtle in dreams, whether by accidentally crushing the turtle with a heavy object or deliberately killing this slow-moving animal for food, portends grief. A very close friend or family member may pass away, leaving you to mourn their death. This could also predict the death of a pet who is very dear to you. This death may be unexpected which makes your grief more intense and the mourning would be longer than usual as you adjust to a life without their comforting and loving presence.

Killing a turtle

Killing a sparrow, whether it is an act of euthanasia to end the bird’s suffering from a serious injury or shooting it down for sport, predicts problems between you and your wife sometime in the future. Sparrows are often depicted as harbingers of good luck as well as symbols of love, so the death of a sparrow in dream visions can point to bad luck, misfortune and even heartbreak. You could forget to value your relationship, focusing on work and worldly things instead, and this would slowly erode your marriage and partnership overtime.

Killing a sparrow bird

Committing suicide by plunging a knife into your heart, or slitting your wrists with a knife as you slowly bleed out, is actually an auspicious dream symbol of happiness and good luck. Death often points to a transformation, so perhaps your suicide actually points to a conscious and concerted effort to improve yourself and become the person you can be proud of. It is a realization of your true potential, not just as a professional or in terms of your career, but as a person first and foremost.

Killing yourself with a knife

Dreaming that someone is trying or attempting to kill you, with a sharp knife or some other deadly weapon, reveals your increasing dissatisfaction with your current relationship. It is possible that you know each other too well and there is no more surprise or excitement to keep you interested.

Maybe the more you learn about your partner, the clearer it is to you that you are not compatible enough to sustain a long-term relationship or that you have vastly different priorities. You may even be thinking of breaking up with him or her.

Someone is trying to kill me

Killing yourself or committing suicide is actually a hopeful dream symbol signifying transformation. What you are symbolically killing are parts of yourself which you deem undesirable. These qualities are the things that are keeping you from pursuing your goals with full focus and confidence. So even just the attempt of killing yourself already shows your determination to polish your personality and bring out the best parts that would help you become more successful and accomplished.

Killing myself

To dream about being killing by someone can be interpreted as a warning that you are about to be won by your adversary or personal rivals. This enemy is blocking you from advancing in your appointed route. This person may be keeping a hatred toward you for a former sin or transgression.

Killing by someone

Envisioning that your friend is killing you during a dream vision is highly ominous. It should be regarded as a warning for your future interactions with this individual, as they may be on the edge of snapping and lashing out at you. One off-color comment or thoughtless tweet could make them snap, and their aggression would be aimed entirely at you. In the best case scenarios, this could play out as a series of angry, ranting messages online or through text, but in bad cases, your once friend may try to make things physical. They could show up at your house and try to start a real fight, leading to even more troubling circumstances if the situation does not deescalate quickly.

My friend killing me

This symbol carries two possible interpretations, but both are equally unfortunate. The first interpretation of killing children while dreaming suggests you have sociopathic tendencies or another mental problem. This issue may be causing you difficulty in reality by making it difficult to connect with others or maintain social conventions even under the best circumstances. In this case, you should immediately seek help from a therapist or counselor. The second meaning for this symbol suggests you are finally reaping what you sow when it comes to how you have treated your body over the years. Decades of cigarette smoking or alcohol abuse may catch up to you, leading to a diagnosis of cancer or something equally threatening. Alternatively, younger people who see this may be dappling in such activities, like vaping or weed, that could affect them negatively later in life.

Killing children

Envisioning that someone is trying to kill you in a dream vision does not actually portend being on someone’s hit list in reality. Rather, Sigmund Freud and his research would suggest that this vision reflects some subconscious level or boredom or melancholy, often in regards to romantic relationships.

If you are currently seeing someone and hope to continue doing so, you may want to change things up or try something new before the spark is gone forever.

Someone trying to kill you

To see people attempting to kill you is an indication of peer pressure. Friends or family members may try to change you, so you will fit into their expectations or standards. You may resent these constant criticisms and judgment, so your subconscious is projecting this frustration in your REM sleep. On the other hand, traditional dream analysis interprets an attempt to cut your life short as a symbol of transformation. You want to turn your life around by getting rid of your bad habits or you want to assimilate into your community to enjoy the benefits of having social connections.

People trying to kill you

To kill someone in order to protect a family member symbolizes tough love. In dream analysis, killing someone reveals repressed anger and aggression which is manifested in the dreamscape as a cathartic experience. It can also mean that you want to get rid of a bad habit. With the added layer of protecting family, this symbol indicates a desire to teach someone you love a valuable lesson. You may decide to cut off a family member because they are relying too much on you.

Killing someone to protect family

There are two parts to this dream analysis. The first part, killing a person, indicates unspent anger and aggression which could manifest as real-world violence if you get triggered. The second part, hiding the dead body, points to hiding certain aspects of your personality according to Freud. Combined, these symbols reveal self-loathing or a lack of self-acceptance. Your inability to express yourself for fear of judgment may be the cause of the growing resentment inside you.

Killing someone and hiding the body

Killing people violently or indiscriminately while you are in REM sleep may be a sign of lingering anger or frustration from reality seeping into your unconscious mind. Your mind is conjuring this involuntary image as a response to the stress of trying to maintain a cool or calm outer appearance. In a sense, it is the manifestation of your agitation from situations that you cannot control or problems you are unable to solve. In order to avoid seeing visions like this, you should find outlets for your anger while you are awake, like meditation, boxing or painting.

Killing people

Dreaming that you have killed someone in the dream world and are keeping it a secret may mean you feel threatened in reality. You could be worried for your own sake or for the sake of your family and friends. In a sense, the gravity of your crime in this vision reflects the concern and apprehension you feel in wake life. Your fear of getting caught suggests you are possibly willing to go to extremes to protect what is yours, perhaps even involving something illegal or unethical. While you may be tempted to commit a crime to protect yourself and your loved ones in future situations, it would be better to consult professionals or ask authorities for help. You could get in more trouble or find yourself in worse danger otherwise.

Killing father in law

This vision contains images of both shedding blood and having blood shed. It suggests that part of the key issues portrayed through the symbols of this vision find their source in you, the dreamer. Specifically, dreaming about being cut with a razor by a family friend points toward problems at home, perhaps with your parents or older relatives. Perhaps you have annoyed or ruffled the feathers of your family members by acting badly or expressing opposing viewpoints in a less than kind and understanding manner.

If you do nothing to restore the peace in your household, the stress and ill feelings held within you could eat away at you slowly, causing negative effects to your physical health and mental well-being. It would be better to let bygones be bygones than to let animosity stew and fester.

A family friend trying to kill

Envisioning yourself killing someone is an allusion to unspent anger and aggression. Your non-confrontational nature prompts your mind to release your frustrations into this dream as a cathartic experience. In addition, your fear of being caught by the police further illustrates your inability to face up to your problems or a tendency to avoid accountability. This is your subconscious telling you to be more assertive and face the consequences of your actions. On the other hand, watching too much true crime shows may be pushing this procedural scenario into your subconscious and subsequently your dream. Even though you may not have violent tendencies, cases of murders committed could be sparking your curiosity. Perhaps placing yourself in their shoes would help your understand the motivation behind their bad decisions or it simply makes you feel better about your own life choices.

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