Kidnapped Dream Meaning

Kidnapped Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Kidnapped in the dream?

To dream of being kidnapped represents issues in your life that trap, restrict, or distract you. A problem or negative thinking pattern may be diverting your concentration or attention away from more important issues or goals. Feeling forced to do something that you don’t want to do. Feeling that everything in your life is going wrong. A moment of extreme stress or pressure. A loss of control and security. Negative influences in your life that may forcing their way into your life and making you feel helpless.

To dream of a kidnapped represents disposition of helping or reject to give aids to something or somebody. A kidnapped symbolizes necessity or graveness of a matter to solve immediately.

Dreaming of a kidnapped that you not identify and bundle of feet and hands is expressed a request of help to you of an unknown person in the street in an accidental way in some days.

If you dream of a kidnapped that you identify and find into the trunk of your car you should discover of the economic state of a near friend that has a personal and family situation very difficult.Generally, the dream about a kidnapped is related with call of help or support to needy people. In this case, don’t stop to carry out the law of to give and to receive for the benefit from all human being.

Being kidnapped

Being kidnapped could reflect your lost opportunity to get something done or be a part of something important. In a sense, you feel personally robbed of a chance at greatness or feeling like a part of history. In other situations, it can also imply that you did try to get involved, but were for some reason or another unsuccessful or unrecognized for your efforts. You may need to wait until the next time for your big moment or find another area in which to specialize.

Being kidnapped

Envisioning yourself as a victim of kidnapping, like being locked up in a dark basement or held hostage while blindfolded, can be construed as the manifestation of your inability to take control of your life. You are either resigning yourself to someone else’s will or you have developed self-destructive habits which are causing a lot of chaos and confusion in your mind. Perhaps observing your surroundings or other symbols present in the vision could help you pinpoint the origin of your disoriented state.

Becoming a victim of kidnapping

Dreaming that you are cooperating and not resisting your kidnapper, maybe while you are being dragged inside a van or led to a dark and unfamiliar building, could signal a deep-seated fear. The fear that pushes you to cooperate in order to avoid getting hurt is likely the same feeling of trepidation and submission you exhibit towards a controlling or dominant presence in your waking life. Since you possess less power and influence, you could easily be bullied by someone of higher stature or considerable clout.

Not resisting own kidnapping

A dream about being kidnapped by someone you know in real life, such as an acquaintance at work, a close relative or your own spouse, could reveal lingering feelings of boredom or weariness, especially when it comes to your work and adult responsibilities. The daily grind could be driving you to apathy or being jaded. As a result, you could be craving for a way out or a chance to start fresh with a clean slate.

Maybe you are even contemplating the possibility of finding a new job or a new career altogether.

Being kidnapped by someone you know

Dreaming that you have been kidnapped and finding yourself in an unfamiliar place, perhaps an abandoned building or a windowless room with no location indicators, strongly suggests compliance to the point of passivity. You likely let others walk all over you even though this equates to the infringement of your freedom and independence. This could be happening because a dominant figure is coercing you to submit to their authority or simply because you want someone to like you so you put up with their demands.

Kidnapped to an unfamiliar place

Kidnapping someone in your dream, such as nabbing a stranger from the streets or locking up someone you know in reality, is usually a manifestation of your escapism or a tendency to evade responsibilities. You are probably someone who tends to ignore criticisms or blame others for your own mistakes. In your head this may help you retain an ideal version of yourself, however this lack of self-awareness may backfire on you since you would not be able to correct your flaws and failings.

You kidnapping someone

Being kidnapped is often thought to be the manifestation of stress or discontent with your current life or lifestyle. It often appears in response to situations where you have little to no control over how circumstances develop. In fact, your frustration may be primarily due to the lack of say you have rather than the actual outcome of events. Being shot, however, could be interpreted as your subconscious trying to shock you into action. It seems there could be some course of action that would allow you to wrestle control from whomever holds it and assert your authority.

Being kidnapped and shot

Dreaming that you managed to escape from your kidnapper means you may soon attain the freedom you crave. It also means that you may feel stifled or overly controlled by certain people in your life, like your parents or teachers. You may think that they are manipulating you into making decisions that they believe are good for you even though you have repeatedly voiced your disagreement. Fortunately, you would find the opportunity to break free soon enough. Perhaps you are about to graduate or you would land a job that would give you more independence.

Being kidnapped and escaping

Kidnapping, as a general dream symbol, is a negative symbol associated with regret and lost opportunities. This could be due either to inappropriate action, such as disrespecting an authority figure, or complete inaction on your part. The idea of kidnapping, then, represents your desire to have a second chance. However, forcibly taking what you want could lead to even worse results than what you have already attained. It might be better to wait until another opportunity comes knocking.


Dreaming about being kidnapped by a stranger usually means that you are distracted and you cannot concentrate on your duties and tasks. However, sometimes our dreams represent our internal desires. Therefore, this symbol can also be interpreted to show that you are thirsty for some adventures that can elevate your mind from your stagnant everyday life. It can predict a new lover who will *kidnap* and take you away from your current situation.

Being kidnapped by a man I didn’t know

Kidnapping is usually associated with a lack of control in reality. Perhaps someone else is calling the shots and preventing you from making important choices about your day to day existence. Alternatively, you may have a set of bad habits that are slowly causing your life to spiral out of control, like failing to budget or forgetting to invest in your health. This vision should be considered a reminder to evaluate the areas of your life that need organization and to take the reins in getting those areas in order.


Kidnapping yourself in child-form during the course of a dream vision is often thought to reflect the vicious cycle of boredom and lack of productivity in reality. In essence, being taken reflects your boredom with your current way of life. You may be hanging out with *cool* people who vape or go clubbing, but the emptiness of these meaningless encounters weighs you down. However, the act of forcing your younger self to get into a car or stay in a room means you do not yet possess the motivation, knowledge or maturity to deal with your situation. Instead of looking at the source of your troubles and formulating a solution, you evade responsibility and stick to the same downward spiral of meaningless interactions and unproductive activities.

Kidnapping yourself as a child

Being kidnapped by a stranger in the dream realm can have two different interpretations depending on your circumstances. Edgar Cayce’s work on dreams suggests that this symbol is the manifestation of your inability to concentrate and follow through on important tasks. In a sense, your attention is *kidnapped* by other, less important matters. Freudian theory, however, suggests this is a reflection of your unconscious mind’s desire for adventure and excitement, perhaps in the form of a job that takes you overseas or a lover who sweeps you off your feet.

Kidnapped by a stranger

Witnessing an act of kidnapping, especially involving a stranger, alludes to your avoidance of bandwagons. You do not want to be swayed by popular opinions and prefer doing your own research in order to form your own position about different issues. There are people pressuring you to agree with them or join their side. In addition, this may also reveal your dislike of popular perception or popular culture. You preferences in music and art are often obscure or acquired taste.

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