Key Chain Dream Meaning

Key Chain Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Key Chain in the dream?

The key chain is a symbol of great power. It has been said that the power of any man can be measured by the number of keys that he holds. However, it must also be said that just because a man holds a large number of keys does not mean that he always uses them to his advantages in the way that he should.
While one key represents safety and power, a key chain full of keys represents more than that. It represents trust, responsibility and perseverance.

If you dream about being in possession of a keychain full of many keys it symbolizes the responsibilities that you have and the trust that others have in you. It means that you should fully use the keys of your office to your own advantage and protect that trust that others have given you.

Dreaming of a key chain left on a table demonstrates your capacity to take to the adjustment and development a complex circumstance that it has been abandoned. A key chain means possibility or opportunity privileged and without obligations.

If you dream of a key chain hung to a wall you will be able to know the reasons of some uncertain opinions in the work.

To dream of a key chain represents the purchase of something that will give a lot of prosperity or to open up a matter that will give fortune. Consequently, this type of dream has the omen of openings, solutions or very good acquisitions for the life. It should not be managed it with easiness or with too much trust but with intelligence and wisdom.

You adapt to everything and everyone. You camouflage so people would respect you and treat you on like if you are one of them.

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